Free Construction Printables and Construction Crafts

June 27, 2017

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Do your kids go crazy over those gigantic trucks you see on construction sites? You know what I mean. They try to press their faces to the car window and start bouncing and calling out the names of the vehicles they see. If that is them, I think they’ll love these Free Construction and Building Themed Printables and Crafts.

We created a free construction printable pack that we think your early learners will love. You can find the download at the bottom of this post. 

Free Construction and Building Themed Printables and Crafts

World of Construction

Our city is growing like crazy. Everywhere you look it’s a construction area. There are new roads being added, new shopping malls being built, and a Costco is literally going in my backyard. With growth comes lots of changes and lots of big, noisy trucks! I don’t love it, but my little ones think these big trucks are very fascinating.

There are so many ways you can incorporate construction-themed resources into your day. From sensory activities and dramatic play to cute construction worksheets and building activities, there is a ton of fun just waiting to be had!

If your little learners love big work trucks like my little boys did, they will enjoy all these fun construction activities and free printables.

Construction Printables

These free construction printables go great with any type of big truck, community helper or construction themed activities. So, give your kid a hard hat and some building blocks and print off some themed packs like the free one we have at the bottom of the post and get ready for a great time!

Road Construction Notebooking Printables – If your kids love big trucks they are going to enjoy these notebooking, handwriting and coloring pages.

Construction Worker Pretend Play Prompt – Printable writing prompts perfect for pretend play. Your kids can be construction workers and write out work orders to be completed. 

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Printable Pack – This printable activity pack goes along perfectly with the Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site story book. 

Construction Vehicles Printable Pack – Learn about the different types of construction vehicles in this activity packet. 

Construction Printables

Tools Pre-K Tot Pack – Teach your kids about the different types of tools with this fun themed printable pack.

Construction Movement Cards – Let your kids act out their favorite construction trucks with these movement activities.

Under Construction Scissor Cutting Practice Sheets – Practice fine motor skills with these construction themed cutting practice sheets

Construction Scene Contraction Cards – Work on learning different contractions with these construction themed cards. What a fun way to practice language arts!

Construction Equipment and Truck Bingo – This printable bingo game is a great way for your kids to learn and recognize the different big trucks they may see around town.

Construction Printable Pack

Download our Free Construction Printable Pack for Early Learners for some construction themed learning fun! It would be neat to use it for a construction party activity too! Scroll to the bottom of this post to get access. 
Construction equipment and worksheets

Construction Crafts

Construction Worker Craft – Cute printable construction worker. Cut him out, glue him together and paint or color. 

Digger Craft – Printable digger to cut, assemble and decorate.

Bulldozer Craft – Realistic bulldozer to practice cut and paste and painting skills. 

Cement Truck Craft – Print, cut, paste and color a real cement mixing truck. 

Back Hoe Craft – Create another realistic piece of construction equipment with this simple printable craft. 

Dump Truck Craft – Dump trucks are favorite trucks for little ones. They will have fun assembling and painting this truck.

Build a Truck Preschool Activity – This is another fun cut and paste activity that uses shapes to build a truck.

Construction Sensory Bins and Hands-On Play

Construction Site Play Dough Invitation to Play – Have your kids create their very own construction site with playdough and a few materials you leave them to play with. You will be amazed at their creativity.

Construction Sensory Bin Using Kinetic Sand – Super easy construction sensory bin that uses kinetic sand and play trucks. 

Construction Preschool Activities

Ooblek Construction Site Sensory Play – Create a construction site with ooey, gooey, oobleck. Your kids will love this messy play.

Trucks and Oats Sensory Play – Use dried oatmeal to replicate sand and small rocks for this construction truck themed sensory bin. 

How to Make Dirt Play Dough – Dirt playdough is the perfect medium for construction sensory play. Learn how to make your own dirt playdough with suggestions and ideas. 

Construction Workers

Learn more about construction workers as community helpers in this post: Ways to Learn About Community Helpers: Construction Workers – Construction workers are everywhere. Teach your kids about these important community helpers with lots of free resources. 

Construction Printables Free PDF 

If you have a little one obsessed with construction trucks, hard hats, cement mixers and tools, they will love this learning activity pack with a construction theme. There’s letter matching, construction counting, and more to help you teach a variety of skills. 

Construction equipment and worksheets

How to Download Construction Printables

To get access to this free Construction Printables pack, sign into the subscriber library using the password found in all our emails. Not yet a subscriber? No worries – sign up below to get access now!


In Conclusion

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about learning is using preschool themes. To put together a construction theme learning center, all you need is to incorporate some construction books and teach important skills with some of the resources we listed in this post.

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