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October 18, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Do you have a separate Bible study time in your homeschool? As my children get older, I like to set aside time in the morning during our homeschool day for Bible study. This can look like many different things, and we switch it up often. We can read together from the Bible, or work on scripture memorization, character studies or missionary studies. Some days we will just read from some fun Bible devotions or we will pick a specific theme or subject matter in the Bible to study together.

FREE Bible Study Journaling Pages text with image of folded praying hands

If you are wanting to incorporate some more Bible Study into your homeschool and you don’t want to purchase a curriculum, there are tons of free resources available to you. I have found some great journaling pages that can help your children work on studying the Bible on their own time, or together with you. Journaling pages are amazing for children and even moms that may get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Many of these are for basic Bible study, but we have also created some wonderful themed/unit study type of journaling pages as well. You can print these out to use for Bible time, and can even create a Bible Study notebook for your children. This would be a great keepsake to look back on.

FREE Bible Study Journaling Pages:

Bible Journaling PagesThe Littlest Way

Bible Study Plan and Bible Study Journal for Kids – Purposeful and Meaningful

How to Study the Bible Printable Bible Study Journaling PageWildly Anchored

SOAP Bible Study Method Printable Journaling Pages Jo Ditt Designs

The Intentional Bible Study Journal SOAP Bible Study PrintablesSheri Graham

The Intentional Bible Study Journal Resources

Printable Bible Journaling PagesThe Housewife Modern

Printable Bible Study Guide for KidsKid Min Mama

Bible Study Journal PrintableTransformed Lovely

Bible Study PrintablesArabah Joy

The Ultimate Guide to Bible Verse Mapping with FREE WorksheetThe Systems Mama

How to do a Scripture Word Study With Your Kids Printable Ben and Me

Free Scripture Word Study pages

We have created lots of FREEBible printable units like notebooks, research journals and more!

Authors of the New Testament Notebooking Research Journal – This notebooking research journal will have your children learn the author and dates written of each of the 27 books of the New Testament. There is also space to record a key verse and the main themes of each book in the New Testament.

Authors of the Old Testament Notebooking Research Journal –  This research journal covers the 39 books of the Old Testament and will have your children taking a closer look at the men who recorded God’s words. By recording the names of the authors and the dates each book were written they will get a chance to dig deeper into the Bible.

Bible Study Journal Questions From the Gospels for Teens – this free unit study includes 52 questions that were asked in the Gospels. This is a great study for teens to do independently, or to work through together during family Bible time.

Old Testament Bible Stories Reading Comprehension Unit – This 30 page reading comprehension unit  includes two Old Testament stories, rewritten for first graders. It can easily be used with younger or older children and makes for a great way to spend Bible time with your younger children and engage them with what you are reading.

Old Testament Kings – A Biblical Notebooking Adventure – This notebooking adventure will have your children learning about the Kings of the Old Testament. There are charts for: United Kingdom of Israel (Before Division), 20 Kings of Judah (and Benjamin), 19 Kings of Israel (Ten Northern Tribes) and notebooking pages to record what you have learned.

Old Testament Kings workbook cover

You may also be interested in learning about the Biblical Feasts in the Bible with this in depth study guide:

Learning About Biblical Feasts – A Study Guide to the Feasts of the Bible for Children & Families


FREE Bible Study Journaling Pages text with image of folded praying hands

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