Exclusive FREEBIE: Homeschool Art Book – $19.99 Value (Limited Time Only)

August 12, 2018

Carrie Fernandez


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My husband is an artist and both of our girls have inherited the artistic gene. Me, well…I am an outsider and can barely draw a stick figure. I am always looking for easy arts and crafts projects for my 4th grader as she is thrives with hands-on activities and loves being creative. This exclusive freebie brings the best of both worlds – art AND outdoor activities. 

Some children live outside and you only see them when it is time to eat, whereas other kids have to be shoved out the door. Here in Florida it is HOT a lot of the year, so when things get cooler I like for my kids to head outdoors. I am excited that this art book will help them to get creative and artistic OUTSIDE (less mess too!).

Art Experiences Outdoors is an e-book with twenty four simple and super fun “big ideas” for getting your creative kid outside and busy making. It is normally $19.99 but now through 8/17 you can get it for FREE!
Being creative and teaching your kiddos to think outside the box doesn’t have to mean fancy art lessons, an hour of prep time, or sitting quietly at table. What if I told you that “art class” could be as simple as a prompt or “big idea” from you and a single art material.

Each of the twenty five projects in this book provide you with a single “big idea.”  Each big idea is meant to inspire a project that your child can do collaboratively with you, a group of kids, or on their own. 

Each project can be done in a an afternoon but you’ll find that these ideas are things your kids will return to over and over. Simple ideas that inspire your kids to create and recreate incorporating their own ideas means hours of engagement beyond the initial lesson.

I am thrilled that the supply list is simple and I actually have EVERYTHING on hand. Your children will enjoy making creations of beautiful art using nature and materials right outside your door! If you prefer to work indoors, many of the activities can also be completed inside, but if you can skip the mess, why not!

Art Experiences Outdoors is normally $19.99, but you can get it for absolutely FREE now through 8/17. THIS OFFER HAS ENDED.


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