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Easy-to-Make Robot Car for Kids


All you need is a motor, battery pack, and switch to make your very own simple first robot project for kids. I always thought things like this are beyond reach as a kid, but your kids can totally make their own robot. They will love it. This is a great introduction to making real full […]

Cool Coin and Water Science Experiment


Looking for an easy, no-mess science experiment? This water and coin experiment is fast and there is no mess or clean-up that follows. It is a win-win for mom and kids. You probably have all the materials you need already in your home and kitchen. Your child can do this experiment entirely on their own […]

Classroom Makeover: Free Posters Delivered to You

Classroom Makeover: Free Posters Delivered to You!

Is it time to spiff up your homeschool classroom? Check out our list of organizations that will ship educational posters to you for free! Pass It On Pass It On is an organization that aims to share uplifting messages hoping to “encourage people to bring out the best in themselves.” They are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian […]

Encouraging STEM for Your Homeschool Preschool


These five items will encourage STEM education in preschoolers. We can start building a foundation for STEM while our kids are young learners. This post shares various stem activities for preschool, ideas for STEM, STEM learning exercises, STEM toys and STEM printables for your preschool and kindergarten. These tools for long-term learning in areas of […]

FREE Science Activity and Mayflower Craft


Are you looking for some unique activities to do with your homeschool for November? This cool Mayflower craft and engaging science activity will be a great monthly theme for your homeschool teach about our history during this time. The craft may be slightly advanced for little ones, but they will have fun learning with the […]

FREE Science Lab Notebooks and Printables


Do your children prefer notebooking and unit studies instead of the traditional textbook? Maybe you are looking to customize and create your own Science unit, if so, then these printables will come in quite handy!If you like to create notebooks for each of your subjects, especially if you go the unit study and delight-directed method […]

How to Use The Scientific Method Printable Pack


Understanding the scientific method can get complicated if the right tools aren’t in place. There are many possible things to forget, it can get frustrating for teachers and students. Why not give anxious students a head start with these How to Use the Scientific Method worksheets? It’s a comprehensive guide to the scientific method in […]

FREE Science Activity Mars e-Book


The InSight mission to Mars makes its landing on November 28, 2018. How cool is that? Don’t miss out on Apologia Science’s 20+ page e-Book that’s packed with science information and activities for all ages to celebrate this landing. This freebie e-book is perfect for homeschool, co-op, classroom, or family fun. The e-book includes student pages […]

FREE Learning about Ponds Unit Study


This fun and free multiple age Pond Unit Study and lapbook is all you will need to study ponds in your homeschool. Depending on where you live, you might have a pond near you that will be freezing up in the next couple of months or so. How fun and beautiful is that? It would […]

FREE Elementary + Middle School Science Packet


I really needed some super cute notebooking pages for ecology, biology, astronomy, and botany for my 6th and 9th graders this year. My younger daughter is covering a huge span of science topics using Beautiful Feet Book’s History of Science while my oldest is enjoying Biology from Sabbath Mood this year. I love both of […]