Fire Safety Printables & Activities for Fire Safety Week

September 26, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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It’s important to teach children about fire safety. October is Fire Safety Month, with Fire Safety Week being during the week of October 9th. As we head into Fire Safety Week, plan to use some fire safety worksheets to teach your kids what to do in case of a fire emergency.

fire extinguisher on blank wall with overlay - Printables & Activities for Fire Safety Week

Fire Safety Worksheets and Printables

Over the years, I have seen an increase in house fires around Christmastime when people are busy with family obligations and outings with friends. They forget to turn off the lights on their tree or don’t realize their tree needs water.

Teaching your children the importance of fire safety should be something you can add to life skills and can be taught at any age. In schools it is usually taught as early as preschool.

What is Fire Safety Week?

Fire Safety Week, also called Fire Prevention Week is a week long national health observance that begins on October 9th each year. It was originally created by President Calvin Coolidge to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire which began on October 8, 1871.

This fire caused devastating damage, destroyed 2,000 acres of land, over 17,000 structures and left 100,000 people homeless and 250 dead. During Fire Prevention Week, fire fighters provide education to help decrease casualties caused by fires.

Teachers and parents use lesson plans and activities to teach kids fire safety tips and fire prevention tips.

Fire Safety Printables

Use these fire safety printables to create a unit study to use during the month of October and Fire Safety Week. You’ll discover all sorts of free worksheets on fire prevention and fire safety printables that you can use with kids of all ages.

Preschool Fire Safety

Put Out the Fire Beginning Sounds File Folder Game – These printable activities will help you teach your little ones how to put out a fire as they are working on letter sounds.

Firefighter Cutting Strips (Montessori-Inspired Instant Download) – Talk about how fire fighters are community helpers while practicing fine motor skills.

Fire Safety Preschool Printable Activity Pack – 11 pages of fire safety fun for preschoolers.

Fire Safety Worksheets for PreK & Kindergarten – Learn about fire safety, what to do in case of fire, stop drop and roll, when to call 911 and more with these printables.

Fire Trucks and Fireman Printables

Fire Truck Do-a-Dot Printable (Montessori-Inspired Instant Download) -This is a fun do-a-dot activity with a fire truck theme and tracing sheets.

Free Fire Truck Printables – Discuss fire trucks while doing these fun fine motor skill fire truck themed activities.

Fireman Preschool Printables – These fireman preschool printables are perfect to use for a fire fighter theme unit study.

Counting at the Fire Station Printable Book -Practice counting with this fun themed fire station printable book.

Firefighter Letter vs. Word Sorting – Put out the fire with this fun firefighter word and letter sorting activity.

Fire Safety Printables

Firefighter Alphabet Game – Practice upper and lower case letters while putting out fires with a fire extinguisher and fire hydrant.

Fire Safety Picture-Word Cards – Learn about the dangers of fire and fire safety words with these picture cards.

Fire Safety Bingo Game – Games like this fire safety bingo are a great way to teach about fire safety.

PreK, 1st Firefighter Worksheets – There are over 50 printables to help teach your kids fire safety.

Printable Fire Safety Worksheet PDFs

Fire Safety for Primary Learners – Free fire safety lapbook download.

Printable Fire Safety I Spy Games for Kids – Teach about fire safety with a fun I Spy printable game.

Fire Safety Week Coloring Activities – These coloring pages are a fun addition to a fire unit in your homeschool.

Fire Fighter and Fire Safety Printables

Free Fire Safety Puzzle – This puzzle is a great visual reminder of stop, drop, and roll.

Preschool Firefighter Activities for Your Homeschooler – Find out how to teach fire safety in a fun way to your little ones with these great activities.

Fire Safety Worksheets for Kindergarten – These fire safety worksheets even include letter paper so that you can have your kids write to fire fighters and thank them for their service to the community.

Fire & Firefighting Vocabulary Copywork – This copywork book will teach your children about 25 fire themed and fire fighting vocabulary words that they need to know.  Instant Download of this FREE printable is available for you at the bottom of this page.

Fire Safety Printable Downloads

Montessori-Inspired Fire Safety Unit with Free Printables and Activities – These hands-on activities are a great way to get your kids involved in learning about fire safety.

Free Fire Safety Math Game – Practice math skills and learn fire safety at the same time.

Printable Worksheets to Teach Fire Safety

Fire Safety Checklist and Scavenger Hunt – This is a great checklist to get your whole family involved in learning about a fire escape plan, escape routes in your home, a meeting place in case of fire. You can also set up a schedule to check smoke detectors and smoke alarms.

Printable Family Fire Safety Plan – Learn about fire safety and how to have a plan for your family with this printable resource.

Free Printables All About Firefighting – Learn all about the career of firefighting and why these community helpers are so important.

Fire Safety Activities

Fire Prevention Week Activities – There are some great activities to involve your family in fire prevention week.

Free Fire Safety Songs and Educational Videos – Here are some fun songs and videos to include in your fire safety lessons at home.

3 Easy Activities for Fire Safety for Kids – Easy and fun activities for little ones about fire safety.

Stop, Drop and Roll Your Way to Fire Safety – Practice the important lesson of stop, drop and roll with these ideas.

Fire Prevention Activities

Lessons About Fire: An Experiment With Candles – This science experiment is a great addition to learning about the science behind fire.

Fire Safety Activities for Kids – Practice fire safety with these activities and then build your own fire breathing dragon craft.

Fire Safety Call 911 In An Emergency Craftivity – Talk about the importance of calling 911 while creating this fun number craft.

Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers

Fire Safety Theme Process Art – Explain how to stop, drop and roll, while creating some fun fire safety themed process art work.

Bubbly Fires Science Activity – This is a super fun science activity that will teach your children about chemical reactions while making safe bubbly fires.

Fire Finger Painting Activity – These community helper centers include a hands-on fire finger painting activity.

5 Firefighters Handprint and Rhyme – Create a firefighter handprint craft while learning a fun rhyme about what firefighters do to put out fires.

Historic Fires

Add in a little history for your older students with this Historic Fires Notebooking Research Journal. They will learn about 40 historical fires that were started by man and by natural causes, as well as the history and facts behind them.

Books for Fire Safety Week

These are some great books to read aloud to your kids during fire safety week.

Stop, Drop, and Roll! – Learn about what to do if fire gets on your clothes with this book that teaches all about stop, drop and roll.

Plan and Prepare! – This book will teach your kids about the 4 rules of fire safety, as well as a plan in case there is a fire.

No Dragons for Tea: Fire Safety for Kids – A cute story about a little girl teaching a fire breathing dragon about fire safety.

Dial 911 –  This sing along picture book will help your kids to remember how to call 911 in case of a fire emergency.

FREE Fire & Firefighting Vocabulary Copywork

Instant Download: FREE Fires & Firefighting Vocabulary Copywork

Final Thoughts:

We hope that these free fire safety printables will be a great addition to your next unit study on fire safety. They should help to spark good conversations about fires in a safe, and non scary way for your whole family to get involved.

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