Homeschooling Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

There are so many free homeschooling resources available. We will try and post the best ones here for you. Free curriculum, free printables, free homeschooling downloads, and anything else we find for free that homeschoolers will love!

FREE Montessori Materials for Elementary Grades


If you are incorporating Montessori learning in your homeschool this year, then these free Montessori elementary resources for Montessori elementary homeschoolers is just what you need. The resources are specific for ages 6-9 and 9-12 Montessori elementary kids. I am so glad that resources like this are listed out in one place to help us […]

FREE Colorful and Motivating Reading Journal for Kids


Motivating your kids to read can be fun with this free homeschool colorful reading journal. These totally awesome journal pages include 3 covers and 4 logs. It is best to use different types of forms for kids when completing a reading journal. It keeps them intrigued and wanting to complete them. What is cool about these journals […]

17+ FREE Fun and Creative Homeschool Planning Pages


Grab these 17+ fun and creative homeschool planning pages for your school year. Whether you are starting a little late or need some extra help with planning, these resources will help you get through your whole homeschooling year. The pages are full of ways to organize, set out your child’s goals, establish your homeschooling goals, […]

Awesome List of FREE Printable Board Games


If your kids love board games, then check out this awesome list of free printable board games. Game night has been such a hit at my house. We have had families come over and it is so fun. Don’t miss out on these free printable board games including educational games, cooperative games, games just for […]

Low Prep Fraction Coloring Pages with Twinderella


If you plan on teaching fractions this year, then grab this simple and low-prep set of fraction coloring pages for the story, Twinderella, from Corey Rosen Schwartz. Twinderella is a super cute retelling of the classic fairy tale that weaves real life fractions. This is a new and engaging way to introduce kids to fractions can make […]

Your Very Own Simple Cursive Program- FREE PDF


Learn how to create your own surprisingly simple cursive writing program. If you are among the rest of us that believe handwriting is still important to teach, then this post is for you. Mom Delights shares with us some crucial research that we all need to know, including the fact that handwritten work increases retention, comprehension, […]

A-Z FREE Online Montessori Materials


This list of sites with free Montessori downloads is absolutely what you need to create professional-looking Montessori materials for your homeschool. These links are great for preparing Montessori activities for all ages, even if they weren’t designed specifically as Montessori printables. All you really need to prepare for these is paper or cardstock, printer and […]