Learning About Landforms FREE Resources and Printables

Learning About Landforms

Learning about landforms can be a lot of fun and a great addition to an Earth Science or Geography study.If you are learning about landforms in your homeschool, you will want to check out these awesome free resources and printables!Teaching Land and Water Forms to Preschoolers from Pinay HomeschoolerLandforms and Bodies of Water Printables and Activities […]

Flower Arranging: A Montessori Practical Life Activity


I have always enjoyed beautiful flower arrangements, but I have never enjoyed the price. That is why learning to make your own flower arrangements is a very important life skill to learn.My little ones have always loved gathering flowers from our yard and decorating our kitchen table with them. Teaching your children how to arrange […]

Hands-On Explorations of the Pythagorean Theorem


The pythagorean theorem can sometimes be a hard concept for middle school students to understand. Math can be tricky to understand and even trickier to teach at times. This is why hands on methods are so important to try, even in the upper grades! Hands on activities activate more regions of the brain, which in […]

FREE Make Way for Ducklings Literature Packet


Make Way for Ducklings is such a classic book that your little ones will love. One of my favorite parts of homeschooling the little years is all of the sweet picture books that we get to read together. Make Way for Ducklings is a classic that is loved by all. I love finding good books […]

FREE Bag Making Basics Online Class


If you are teaching sewing or home-ec in your homeschool you will love this free mini class on creating your very own bags.Bag Making Basics is a great way to learn how to sew. Your teens will love creating a one of kind item that is also useful. This free class offers easy-to-follow instructions for […]

Story Writing Ideas for Kids with FREE Printables


My kids have made a lot of sour faces through the years, but none more often than when I said the words, “Write a paper about it.” It could be mental laziness, but usually a child resists creative writing because he doesn’t know where to start. These free printables are going to help your student organize […]

Why Starting a Business With Your Kids Should Be a Priority with FREE Printable Pack


College has its place, but it’s not without its drawbacks such as the time it takes to complete and the years of debt that often follow. If we can manage to get our children to understand the value of tenacity, hard work, and marketable skills, we can set them on the road to self-sufficiency that may not even need […]

Time Management Organizing Challenge


Managing time effectively is crucial to daily success. As our schedules and homes get a little out of control, you begin to realize just how much time management needs to be priority. However, what might work for one person may fail for someone else.  So why not try this one time Four Week Wait-No-More Organizing […]