100 TV-Free Play Activities for Kids


Has spring break hit your homeschool yet? People keep asking me that, and I’m wondering, “Spring break? What’s that?” We’re racing to the finish line and aren’t stopping until we reach it! Nevertheless, these 100 TV-free play activities are terrific for keeping kids busy during down time whether it be for spring break or afternoon […]

Veterinary Printables and Pretend Play

veteranarian play

Do you have a child that loves animals and loves to play doctor with them?My kids always love playing with their stuffed animals and pretending to care for them when they are hurt. Playing veterinarian is a great way to encourage hands-on imaginative play with your little ones. This can also help them learn about […]

Record Keeping for the Not-So-Organized Mom


When starting out, homeschooling is usually fun from one end to the other. Lesson plans, grading, worksheets, record keeping, etc – you name it – and it was fun. If you’ve been at it for a good while, (especially for my sanguine friends out there), have you found the fun ebbed away? If you find yourself overwhelmed […]

FREE Insect Preschool Printable Mini Packet


If you have children that are spooked by bugs, you can introduce them in a gentle way with this fun packet!This mini pack includes 15 pages of different activities to introduce your kids to bugs!Alphabet MazeBug PatternsClip Counting Cards 1-12Flash CardsHandwritingPhonics PracticeEarly ReaderGrab this free printable packet with detailed directions and ideas HERE. Need An […]

FREE Nature Prints for Your Homeschool


Nature prints make for some lovely art work as well as great identification of plants and animals. They also will look great in a homeschool room or home!If you are looking to brighten up your home with some nature, you will love these pretty nature prints. There are tons of free images from the public domain […]

Are you making the most of your family time?


It seems a little ironic that our family relationships — such an important part of our lives — receive so little strategic planning. Yet the pace of life pulls us in so many directions….Sad to say, our families often get “the leftovers” of our time and attention. But we can change that! Whether you’re struggling […]