How to Plan Awesome Field Trips

September 24, 2019

Shannan Swindler

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Homeschooling is about so much more than academics. Yes, academics are very important, but learning should be fun and memorable. We want our children to look back on homeschooling with fond memories and as an experience that they are grateful for. Field trips are a fantastic way to be intentional about making fun homeschool memories for your family.

The experience of going somewhere and seeing things in person can also help your children retain what they’ve learned on a deeper level.

Here are some tips to help you plan awesome field trips for your family:

image of zebra furn with text overlay. Feild Trip Planner: HOw to Plan an Awesome Day Out from

Start by making a list of field trips you would like to go on this year.

  • Think about places near you that you haven’t visited or that are worth seeing again. It can be easy to overlook the treasures that are surrounding us.
  • Consider topics you’ll be covering in science, history, or read-alouds. Would a field trip to a zoo, aquarium, historical landmark, or museum add to your studies?
  • Are you planning a vacation anywhere this coming year or plan on visiting family? Do a quick search of the area or places you may pass along the way and add in some field trips to your trip too.

Research Possible Field Trips

Now that you have a list of field trips you would like to take, make phone calls or go to the destination’s website and research.

  • Find out if they offer discounts for homeschoolers. If so, do you need to have a certain size of group? I don’t know if they still do, but years ago when our family went on vacation to California we were able to get a homeschool discount to Legoland. It’s definitely worth checking.
  • Some places offer special classes for field trips. The classes may come with an additional cost, but the experience might be worth it. One time we went on an aquarium field trip with a group and my children were able to dissect a squid.
  • Many museums and zoos have special exhibits that are only available to see only for a few months. Oftentimes these special exhibits are interactive too. You can usually find out what exhibits are currently available or coming soon on their websites. 
  • Call and ask if there is a better time of the day or week to visit. Zoos often have feeding schedules or animal talks that are fun to see. You also might be able to find out if there is a day that isn’t as busy.


Now that you’ve made your list and done your research, go on field trips with your family and make awesome memories together. Don’t forget to take pictures too!

Here is an excellent field trip planner perfect for families and co-ops!

40 Page Field Trip Planner for Families & Groups book cover


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