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November 20, 2019

Stacey Jones

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A wonderful way to learn about different countries and cultures around the world is by studying people. We especially love studying different missionaries who have spent their lives in God’s service with the help of these Missionary Study Pages.

Missionary Study Pages

By including studying missionaries in your homeschool, you can cover many different subjects and topics:

  • Geography – by studying the country / continents they were born in and the country / continent they went to serve in
  • History – studying missionaries who lived in the past and the culture and traditions of different countries back then to the ones today
  • History – complete timelines of the missionaries service, how they prepared for their service and their life while on the mission field
  • Science – study the landscape, plants and the animals in the country the missionaries served in
  • Religion – study the religion in the countries the missionaries went to
  • Languages – many missionaries had to learn new languages to be able to communicate

Missionary Study Pages 

With printables for 49 different missionaries, these fantastic Missionary Study Pages are a great way to record what you have learned and studied.

Missionary Study Pages

This pack includes four pages of recording for each of the 49 missionaries. Information included is:

  • Birth and death of the missionary
  • Their country of ministry and service
  • How they prepared for their service
  • The difficulties they faced
  • Mapping skills of the areas that they missionaries served in
  • Learning about the flag of the country they served in
  • The religious beliefs of the country they served in
  • How God worked in the missionary’s lives
  • What we can learn from the missionary
  • Timeline of major events in the missionary’s life

To download your free copy of these Missionary Study Pages, pop on over to Simple Living. Creative Learning. We enjoy reading the Christian Heroes Now and Then series, though any books about each of the respective missionaries can be used with these study pages.

Here is a mission organization we recommend:

Oakseed Ministries assists indigenous ministries who serve abandoned children and the poor in the developing world’s largest cities, bringing the good news of Jesus in word and action. 

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