Tips to Homeschool for Free, or Pretty Close to It

August 14, 2019

Brooke Poston

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It’s Back to School time, but there are some slackers out there- like me- that need a little extra time to bask in the “no public school for us” glory. I’m just joking, friends! For real though, I’m totally not slacking. We never start school before Labor Day because that schedule just works for our family. 

So if you’re behind in your homeschool planning, new to homeschooling, or considering homeschooling, this post is for you. 

Are you ready for a HUGE homeschool myth to be totally busted? Here we go…
If you’re under the misconception that homeschooling is expensive, you’re totally wrong.

So many people think that they can’t afford to homeschool, but you totally can. You don’t need a bunch of stuff to homeschool and you can homeschool for free or pretty darn close to it. 

So, what’s the trick? How do you homeschool without all the big expenses? 

Better yet, how do you homeschool for FREE?

Tips to Help Your Homeschool for Free text with image of helping her son draw

The first thing you need to understand is that children are natural learners. They may not always want to learn the things we want them to, but daily, sometimes hourly, they are asking questions and seeking answers that require them to comprehend and understand how and why things work. 

How do we answer these daily questions? Search engines, blogs, videos, documentaries, books, experts, libraries, experiences, dictionaries. Think about all of these things that you have right at your fingertips, available to answer the most inquisitive questions!

This is the same concept that we are going to use to prove that homeschooling can be affordable. 

You don’t have to have big boxed curriculums, lesson plans, DVDs, or even subscriptions. We have so many opportunities in the world around that can help us to educate our children. 

Tips for Homeschooling for Free, or Pretty Close to It


There are so many curriculums, printables, and resources that bloggers offer for free/cheap every day. A simple Google search for “homeschool bloggers” or “homeschool printables” would bring up a number of resources for you to explore.

This is great because most of these authors are moms, just like you, who have/are homeschooling their children. They have a great desire to see you succeed and understand right where you are! 

I also have a great resource for homeschoolers where you can get a variety of new resources from homeschool bloggers for FREE, delivered right into your inbox each month! 

Local Library

Your local library is like a treasure trove of amazing, and free, information. Look for homeschooling books, materials, ideas, and help to craft your perfect homeschool year!

Local Teachers

You would be surprised at how many teachers are willing to help with crafting, creating, or expanding the lesson plans that you create. So many teachers just want to see a child have a good education and succeed, and many of them applaud homeschooling. 

Consult a local teacher for tips on crafting your own lessons, curriculums, or even a hand in finding resources!


Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video– all of these offer great documentaries and learning series that you can weave into your homeschool routine. Use these to your advantage! 

These are great ways to explain and explore methods that seems a little complicated, or that you may need to focus on a little more. It’s also a great opportunity for visual learners and a break up from the mundane!

Sign up through Rakuten to save $5 on a Hulu account! 

Local Experts

I talk a little about this when we chat about Homeschoolers being Socialized. But, the people of your community become your personal fishbowl of folks that have a vast variety of knowledge, gifts, and skills that you may not understand. 

Reach out to the local farmer, beekeeper, author, business owner, politician, for a lesson or field trip. So many are willing to share their knowledge with their community members in hopes to keep their legacies alive!


Books are your best friend. Remember your local library, but create your own home library that you can pull and learn from. There are some great educational books out there that the whole family will love and enjoy. 

We love Volume Libraries, ChildCraft Books, Websters Dictionaries, and Children’s Encyclopedia.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, New Edition (c) 2016The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, New Edition (c) 2016Usborne CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA New Edition SoftCover w QR & Internet LinksUsborne CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA New Edition SoftCover w QR & Internet LinksWebster's Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students, Second EditionWebster's Dictionary & Thesaurus for Students, Second EditionChildren's Illustrated ThesaurusChildren's Illustrated ThesaurusChildcraft - The How and Why Library - 1987 Edition (World Book Inc., CHILDCRAFT The How and Why Library - 15 Volume Set, Volume 1-15)Childcraft - The How and Why Library - 1987 Edition (World Book Inc., CHILDCRAFT The How and Why Library - 15 Volume Set, Volume 1-15)


Facebook Communities

Look, people can be weird, and you’re likely to come across some doozies. But don’t let that discourage you. There are so many groups out there that love to engage with other homeschool families. You’ll find locals, other countries/cultures, pen-pals, and so much more encouragement and ideas!

Don’t forget to search for communities that are specifically for homeschooling for free or cheap. Most of the members in these know their stuff and love sharing!

There are also many Facebook groups that are for buying/selling used curriculum and books. There are tons of great bargains available with a little searching!

Local Homeschool Groups

Even if you don’t think that there are, there is likely some sort of local homeschool group that you can join or be a part of. Search out co-ops, and ask around. These type of communities are usually free and provide some sort of activity or lesson for homeschoolers to enjoy.

This is a great opportunity to have your children involved with other homeschool kids, you to meet some homeschool moms, have more opportunities for field trips and more!

You’ll be surprised at how many families are willing and eager to share or sell used curriculum! Save on those shipping expenses by buying from local homeschoolers.

Local Activities

Your kids don’t have to miss out on those expensive school trips because you’ll still have so many other things to do! Most schools allow homeschool children to participate in sports, and many towns have organizations/co-ops that put together homeschool teams and trips.

Also, check with local places for tours and discounts for homeschooled families. Court Houses, Museums, Activity places, and classes usually have discounts available!

You can find a great list of homeschool electives on The Fervent Mama!

Electives and Extracurriculars for Homeschoolers

Now that I’ve told you that homeschooling does not have to be expensive and even helped you with some tips on how homeschooling can be done on a budget- maybe you’ll be a little more confident in your homeschool decisions!

But know that you do have to be willing to work super hard if you want to see those kiddos thrive without all the “in the box” learning.

Happy schooling, mama!

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