Free Printable Valentine’s Day I Spy Pages (Easy-Hard)

February 1, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for a fun free printable game to give your kids on Valentines Day? What you need is a Valentine’s Day I Spy game! These are printable activities that kids of all ages love to complete.

Valentine's Day I Spy Pages

Valentine’s Day I Spy

The Valentine I Spy game free printable is a fun activity for children to enjoy on February 14th. The idea is that kids search the worksheet for specific objects. Once they find the items, they can then color or circle them. Often there is more than one item on the sheet, so kids need to count until they are able to find all of the items on the printable.

Kids can race to see who can finish the worksheet first or take their time and make sure they count accurately.

Easy I Spy Valentine's Page
Easy Valentine’s Day I Spy Page – Download at the bottom of this post.

Valentine’s Day I Spy Game for Kids

You’ll find that a free printable I Spy game for Valentine’s Day is fun for kids of all ages. You can print up the worksheets for a classroom party or a large group. The printables are also fabulous to play at club meetings too.

While the I Spy Game is fun in large groups, it’s just as fun for individuals or small groups as well. Kids will spend many happy hours searching for the various images on the pages until the kids have found all of them.

How Do You Play Valentine’s Day I Spy?

A free printable I Spy game for Valentine’s Day has a large group of images on the page that are related to Valentine’s Day, such as teddy bears, milkshakes, and hearts. The images are mixed up in a random order, so kids are required to carefully study the page in order to find everything.

Underneath the group of images is a list of the objects that kids need to find. Often the lists include pictures next to the words making it easy for young children to complete the printable by themselves.

Kids circle or color the objects as they find them on the free printables. Many worksheets include places for kids to write the number of objects they find if there are several images of the same item hidden on the page.

Children can race to see who can find all the objects the fastest while counting accurately. Or you can skip the race and have a small treat available for any child who finishes the worksheet and finds the correct number of items on the page.

Be sure to hand each child a magnifying glass to use as they solve this sweet holiday activity. The magnifying glass guarantees that children will have a great time!

Valentine's Day I Spy Page
Valentine’s Day I Spy Page – Download at the bottom of this post.

How to Make Your Valentine’s Day I Spy Game Reusable

Kids love I Spy Games and want to play them again and again, especially on a rainy day. Instead of printing the sheets over and over again, you can make your Valentine’s Day game reusable by laminating it or sliding it inside a page protector.

Once the sheets are protected, have the kids mark on the page using wet or dry erase markers instead of crayons. This way, you can wipe the sheet clean using a paper towel or cloth after the kids are finished playing. Store your free printable I Spy game for Valentine’s Day in a three-ring binder to pull out again next year!

More Valentine’s Day Printables

Benefits of I Spy Games for Kids

The best part is that I spy worksheets improve memory skills, fine motor skills, and early math skills. In addition, the games develop visual discrimination skills in a fun way.

Visual Discrimination

Visual discrimination skills are a key skill for children to develop. This is the skill of recognizing differences between objects and classifying them. It’s a critical skill younger kids need to develop so they can tell the difference between various letters, such as p, q, and g.

A Valentine I Spy game free printable develops these skills by requiring kids to look for one specific type of object in a larger group of objects. For instance, kids will be looking for hearts on a page with letters, hearts, frogs, and other fun pictures. Plus, they’ll need to find a mailman or tell the difference between a frog and a sloth.

Builds Memory Skills

The free printable I Spy Game for Valentine’s Day also requires children to remember what objects they find as they search. How many frogs have they counted? Have they counted this frog twice?

As kids work through the different levels of difficulty playing the various Valentine’s Day I Spy games, they will improve their memory skills while playing a fun game.

Fine Motor Skills

The fun free printable Valentine’s Day I Spy game is a great way to improve your kids’ fine motor skills with a fabulous Valentine’s Day activity. Pull out the craft supplies and encourage your kids to decorate the color worksheet as they find each item.

It’s a lot of fun for younger and older kids alike!

The process of gluing, coloring, and drawing works the fine muscles in your children’s hands and increases their dexterity in a fun way. Even middle school and high school kids will have so much fun decorating these fun Valentine’s Day printables with the various crafting supplies.

Builds Numeracy and Counting Skills

And if that wasn’t enough, the Valentine’s Day I Spy counting worksheet also develops young children’s counting skills. Kids count how many balloons, cars, and presents they can find on the sheet. Then they will need to write the correct answers next to the appropriate picture.

A Valentines Day I Spy counting activity is the perfect addition to your printable games. Just print up the games and pull them out on gloomy days during the winter months. Your kids will be happy playing a game while you know that your kids are building their numeracy and counting skills!

Free Printable Valentine I Spy Activity

So if you’re looking for Valentine’s Day activities, you can’t go wrong with this free printable Valentine I Spy activity. It includes five different black-and-white worksheets at various difficulty levels. You can print up an easy version for your youngest children and a hard version for your older kids.

Kids will search for and count how many frogs, milkshakes, hearts, candy boxes, and other items they can find. Kids can use crayons and other crafting supplies to color, circle, or decorate the worksheet as they search for and find the various items.

And rest assured. You don’t need to spend your valuable time counting all of these objects. The answer sheet is included in the pdf file download!

Valentine’s Day I Spy Printable PDF

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