Free Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

February 9, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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My favorite way to celebrate holidays in our homeschool is by crafting with my kids. It is a great way to discuss the holiday that you are learning about while spending some quality time with your children. Free Valentine’s Day crafts are some of my favorite crafts to do. They don’t cost a thing and make adorable gifts.

Valentine\'s Day Crafts for Kids text with image of hanging felt hearts

Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

I have three girls who love to decorate our home for every holiday. Valentine’s Day is a fun one because red, white and pink is so pretty and looks great in our house. We love all the fun heart shapes and lots of hearts everywhere!

Little girls love to create, so we made a lot of crafts when they were younger. These would be proudly displayed on the wall, the fridge, a bulletin board or wherever we could hang them up.

My husband even made us a board with clips on it so we could change out their art work with each holiday. Many of these creations would get tossed when the holiday was over, or given away to family as gifts. 

Holiday Crafts

As my girls have gotten older they like to make DIY crafts that can be used as holiday decorations too. Handicrafts are great for decorating with for holidays. They are a nicer quality and last for a long time and can be used over and over again. We really enjoy these “non disposable” crafts and decor.

Free Valentine’s Day Crafts

If you are looking for some fun valentine’s day crafts to do with your children you will love this list of creative ideas. I have included fun ideas, simple crafts, and more complex handicrafts for older kids. There is truly something for kids of all ages in this list.

Simple and Easy Crafts for Valentine’s Day

The best types of craft projects are those that are simple and easy. There is a time and a place for crafts that take skill and effort, but during the busy holidays we prefer kids crafts that are easy to put together.

Valentine’s Day Heart Crafts

Heart Tissue Paper by Number Craft – This is a great way to help your kids reinforce number recognition by gluing the tissue paper colors by number.

Tree with Paper Hearts – Pretty fun and simple holiday craft.

Straw Heart Necklace – Make a heart necklace with this simple threading activity craft for little ones.

Easy Mosaic Heart Craft – Create a mosaic heart in this easy cut and paste craft.

Easy Heart Suncatcher – Easy craft for toddler who like to use glue.

Heart Coloring Pages – Print some pretty heart coloring sheets to color. 

heart coloring pages

Heart Valentine’s Crafts

DIY Heart Stamp Crafts – Find out how to make your own heart shaped stampers with foam hearts.

Cardboard Lacing Hearts – Practice lacing skills with these cute homemade heart shaped lacing cards.

Pipe Cleaner Valentine Heart Ring – Pipe cleaner crafts are so much fun to create things out of like this cute heart ring.

Heart Lady Bug Valentine’s Craft – Create a cute lady bug out of tons of heart shapes.

Heart Templates – These are great for Valentine’s Day crafts. 

heart templates

Valentines’s Love Crafts

Heart Bible Craft and Bible Love Verses Printable – Focus on God’s love with this simple Bible themed craft and printable Bible verses.

Fingerprint Love Bugs – Fingerprint crafts are always a hit. Make some cute lovebugs with fingerprint stamps and coffee filters.

Paper Doily Valentine Craft

Easy Doily Valentine’s Crafts – Your kids will have a great time making cute animals out of paper doilies.

Puzzle Piece Valentine’s Craft – This puzzle piece heart craft will also be great to hang up for Autism Awareness.

Jeweled Heart Suncatchers – If you like using recycled materials in your crafts you are going to love this heart suncatcher made from milk jugs.

Free Valentine\'s Day Crafts for Kids

Free Valentine Printables Crafts

Learn Create Love has some adorable printable easy crafts that always turn out great! They have simple instructions and all you need to do is use the free printable template, cut them out and paint. You can use watercolors, chalk, markers, tempera paint and even acrylic paint. Even my older kids enjoy making these because the end result is very nice.

Valentine Heart Fox Craft – This is the cutest craft that comes with a heart shaped printable template so that you can make different types of heart shaped animals.

Crayon and Watercolor Hearts – A white crayon and some watercolor paint can create some sweet messages for this homemade valentine craft.

Hanging Heart Mobile Craft – This hanging heart mobile will make the cutest valentine decor for your home.

Printable Valentine Heart Pets – More adorable heart shaped animal crafts.

Lovely Owl Craft – Looking for a craft that doubles as a homemade valentine card? This owl craft is perfect for that.

Cereal Box Conversation Hearts – Use a cereal box to create some large conversation hearts to hang up or hand out as valentines.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Kids love to color cute coloring pages. Why not print some fun Valentine’s Day coloring pages

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Valentine’s Crafts that Use Paper Plates

Paper plate crafts are some of my favorite crafts to do because you can easily have these supplies on hand at home. They are great craft option for little hands to put together. Most of them just require paper plates, glue sticks and construction paper.

Valentine’s Day Fish – Create an adorable kissy fish with heart shapes.

Paper Plate Lovebirds – These lovebirds are so cute and would make a pretty wall hanging.

Valentine Paper Plate Heart Wreath – This craft is a simple way to make a cute heart wreath for your home decor.

Snail Heart Suncatcher Craft – Create a cute valentine themed snail from a paper plate with a heart shape suncatcher in the middle.

Valentine Bird Craft – Paper plates cut in half make the cutest themed birds for your kids to play with.

Free Valentine\'s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day Handicrafts and Decor

As my girls have gotten older we have enjoyed finding valentine crafts that can dual purpose as home decor. These handicrafts will look beautiful hanging up for the holiday. Your teens will love all the crafty ideas.

How to Make Needlefelt Hearts – Needle felting is gaining in popularity, but it can seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This craft tutorial will teach you and your kids how to create some simple needlefelt hearts.

Handmade Beeswax Sheet Heart Candle – Beeswax sheets are a great way to get your kids into candle-making without all the mess. These heart candles will look adorable as a centerpiece.

Easy Decoupage Heart Art – Create a beautiful hanging heart with the art of decoupage.

Heart Votive Craft – These mod podge candle holders look so pretty lit up.

Simple Scandinavian Woven Heart – Create a Scandinavian heart with felt using a simple weaving technique.

Valentine’s Day I Spy Coloring Pages

Your kids will have fun with these free Valentine’s Day I Spy Pages! These free I Spy Worksheets use objects that reflect Valentines’ Day. 

Valentine's Day I Spy Pages

Yarn Wrapped Hearts – Even your little ones can participate in this handicraft wrapping yarn around a heart shape.

Beginning Sewing Project DIY Heart Crown – Are you practicing some sewing skills in your homeschool? This beginner project making a heart crown will be a great start.

Cross Stitch Heart for Kids – Cross stitch fans will love this simple beginner cross stitch heart project for kids.

Flannel Heart Handwarmer Tutorial – Here is another beginner sewing project making simple flannel stuffed heart shapes.

DIY Valentine’s Felt Handwarmers – This handsewn project will have your kids creating some cute felt handwarmers for gifts.

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day can get expensive if you need to purchase cards for homeschool groups and co-ops along with candy and treats. I like being creative and having my kids make their own cards, or finding free ones to print out. You’ll love this list of free printable Valentine cards.

Over 50 Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards – Huge list of 0ver 50 printable valentines to choose from

5 Ideas For Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Your Homeschool – Check out these creative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in your homeschool.

Free Valentine’s Day STEM Projects – STEM projects are great for kids that like to investigate, create and build things. If you are looking for some fun things to do this season, you will love these themed activities.

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