Free Heart Coloring Pages to Print and Color

February 1, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Heart coloring pages are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day, really. Show someone how much you love them with thoughtful heart coloring sheets. Heart designs vary and there are so many ways to use them.

heart coloring pages

Heart Coloring Pages

Our printable heart coloring pages are great for Valentine’s Day activities or a variety of other crafts. You can print just one page or as many hearts as you’d like to color. Our heart coloring sheets can be used as a Valentine’s Day cards printable or even as notes for Mother’s Day.

Printable Heart Coloring Pages

Scroll down to view all of our printable heart pages that you can color. You can make a free Valentine’s Day craft using these cute coloring sheets. These heart pictures are using simple line drawings, so they can be colored any way you like. We also have some butterfly coloring pages.

Be sure to grab the free download with all the heart coloring sheets at the end of this post.

Doodle Heart to Color

Encourage your kids to use a variety of different colors when coloring this doodle heart. It’s so much fun to see how varying the way you color the heart allows you to get a variety of different designs. So print out several sheets and let your children go!

heart doodle coloring sheet
Scroll to the bottom to download our heart mandala to color.

Love Hearts Picture to Color

If you’re looking for different ways to show a heart as a symbol of love, then you’ll want to print out this simple heart with the word LOVE drawn into the heart itself. It’s also a fun printable to use when decorating for a Valentine’s Day party.

love heart coloring page
Scroll to the bottom to download LOVE made into a heart to color.

Heart-shape with Mini-hearts

Imagine using small hearts to create a larger heart! That’s exactly what this heart theme coloring page does. It may be challenging for younger kids, but it’s a great way to keep older kids busy for hours.

mini heart shapes for coloring
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart collage coloring sheet.

Patterned Heart Coloring Page

The simple stripe pattern on this heart is perfect for young kids, plus it will improve their fine motor skills. Give your kids markers or crayons to get started, and let them decorate this fun coloring page.

lined heart pattern coloring page
Scroll to the bottom to download this big heart with horizontal lines.

Simple Hearts Outline Page to Color

If you’re looking for a pretty heart to add to a heart theme coloring book, then this simple hearts outline is the way to go. Kids of all ages will love the unique style as they color both the larger and smaller heart.

simple heart outlines for coloring
Scroll to the bottom to download this double hearts coloring printable.

Love Heart with Angel Wings

A fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day is to print out this line art heart for kids to decorate and give to their mom. Kids can make a homemade Mother’s Day card that she’ll love! It has an angel wing heart over the word love. Be sure to encourage the kids to take their time and color within the lines!

heart with wings and love coloring page
Scroll to the bottom to download a heart with wings and the word LOVE.

Four Hearts Outlined

Take a look at this printable picture and the cute hearts on the page. It’s a great starting point for a group offree printable heart coloring pages or some heart templates to hang in a classroom.

4 heart outlines
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart page for coloring.

Love Cloud with Dangling Hearts

If you’re looking for some more fun ideas, check out this amazing love cloud with dangling hearts. Encourage the small children in your life to color the page for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Encourage kids to spend a long time coloring the sheet and color each small heart a different color.

love cloud with hearts
 Scroll to the bottom to download this LOVE cloud with dangling hearts.

Heart Outline with an Arrow Coloring Sheet

There are many kinds of ways to draw traditional hearts, and one of them is with an arrow through the center of the heart. This cute heart uses simple lines so that kids of all ages can color just the outline, or they can color the entire heart. It’s completely up to them!

heart outline with an arrow
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart with an arrow page.

Double Interlocking Heart Outlines

Another fun way to color these free printable hearts is to pull out watercolors for everyone to use. And these large hearts that interlock are perfect for kids to experiment and play around with color until they have a page they adore.

double interlocking hearts
Scroll to the bottom to download this interlocking hearts template.

Heart Coloring Pages

We’ve got even more hearts for you to print and color! If you are looking for a 3-dimensional heart that you can get creative coloring, check the one out below. There’s also a fun heart that has the word LOVE inside it.

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Cool 3D Heart Page to Color

Be sure to print out several of these free coloring pages that include a cool 3D heart. Older kids especially will enjoy experimenting with different color choices to see how the colors affect the appearance of the heart.

3D heart coloring page
Scroll to the bottom to download this 3D heart page to color.

Heart with Lines for Coloring

This heart with lines is slightly more complicated than the previous heart with lines making it more interesting for older elementary kids to color. You can even print several of these Valentine’s day coloring pages. This will give kids of all ages the chance to play around with different color schemes until they find the perfect one.

heart with lines to color
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart with lines.

Heart with Shapes Outline

This large heart with shapes inside the outline includes intricate designs that preteens and teenagers will love. They can use different shades of the same color or even two distinct colors. Each approach will give a different look to the coloring page.

heart with shapes outline
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart with a border.

Love Inside a Heart Coloring Page

Don’t forget to download and print this adorable Love Heart coloring page on regular paper size. They may wish to color LOVE in pink and the heart in red or use nontraditional and vivid colors such as yellow and blue. Either way, print off several of these free heart coloring pages so each child can have their own sheet.

love inside a heart
Scroll to the bottom to download this hear twith the word LOVE.

Double Heart Outline Coloring Page

Depending on how you look at this printable sheet, you’ll see either two hearts or three hearts. The printable sheets make wonderful heart templates if you’re looking to hang hearts of different sizes. They also give you a wonderful opportunity to have kids draw something they love inside the double heart.

double heart outline
Scroll to the bottom to download this double heart outline.

Heart Coloring Page with Lattice

A heart with a lattice outline is a beautiful heart for Valentine’s Day. Kids can use the heart as a template for cards to give to family and friends.

heart with lattice
Scroll to the bottom to download this lattice heart outline.

Big Hearts with Nested Little Hearts

You won’t find a broken heart in this group of nested hearts. This coloring page is perfect for kids of all ages. Older kids can create an intricate design in the middle of the hearts, while toddlers will enjoy scribbling on the sheet.

big heart iwth little hearts inside it
Scroll to the bottom to download this triple heart outline.

Simple Heart Outline

This simple heart outline is a simple and beautiful heart to print out and color. You can use it as a template to cut out red and pink hearts to string as a garland. Or you can use the heart to decorate your home for a Valentine’s Day party.

simple heart outline
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart bubble.

Cool Heart Shaped from an Arrow

Instead of drawing an arrow through the center of this heart, this arrow is drawn as part of the outline. You’ll find that it’s a brilliant heart to print out for kids of all ages to color.

heart shape with arrow
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart outline made out of an arrow.

Big Heart with Little Hearts Coloring Sheet

You’ll find that this simple heart has three little hearts drawn into its outline. Hand everyone crayons or markers and have fun coloring this heart. Remind them that they can draw something they love in the middle of the heart as well.

one big heartwith little hearts outlines
Scroll to the bottom to download this big heart template with little hearts.

Heart Pattern Page to Color

How many hearts can you color at one time? Find out with this intricate heart pattern page. Kids will love coloring hearts in a variety of colors. They can even use one color for the hearts and a second color for the background.

hearts pattern
Scroll to the bottom to download this coloring page full of hearts.

Heart Pattern with a Frame

This heart pattern includes a frame in the middle of the page. Print out several of these free printables so the kids in your life can draw various things they love. If they complete enough pages, they’ll have a book!

hearts frame
Scroll to the bottom to download this heart frame coloring sheet.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Are you looking for some Valentine’s Day coloring pages that aren’t just hearts? You’ll find all sorts of love-themed pages you can print!

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

Heart Templates

If you’d prefer simple heart templates that you can color or cut, don’t miss our free download of 30 different patterns and outlines.

heart templates

Heart Coloring Pages PDF

Download all the heart coloring printables you saw in this post by clicking the Instant Download link underneath the image. It will open the file for you to save to your computer.

heart coloring pages to print

Click to Download >>> Heart Coloring Pages PDF

In Conclusion

Using free printable coloring pages with various themes can make a great homemade gifts for parents. You can get really creative with heart coloring pages – from notes and cards to homemade Valentine’s cards. We hope you enjoy these pretty hearts to color.

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