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February 9, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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There are quite a number of languages found in the world of Star Wars and in the different films. If you are a big fan you may want to learn about the Star Wars language and the written language and alphabet that is used in the Star Wars films.

Star Wars Language Resources & Printable Activities with picture of Star Wars ship in background

Star Wars Languages

Did you know there are many different Star Wars languages in the Star Wars universe? You may be familiar with the different written symbols that make up the Star Wars alphabet.

There are also noises and sounds for the different characters, creatures, droids and alien dialogue.

If your kids love Star Wars and science fiction, they may be interested in learning about some of the different languages that can be found in the movies. 

What is the Star Wars language called?

The main language spoken is known as Galactic Basic Standard, shortened to Basic. This is the lingua franca of the Star Wars Universe. Galactic Basic Standard is the language that is the most similar to our English Language.

This language was constructed by the human languages and languages spoken by the Duros and Bothan species.

C3-PO is also able to speak this language, as well as Yoda. Though the way Yoda speaks is using the word order backwards.

Galactic Basic has a different name in it’s written form. It is called Aurebesh and uses the Aurebesh Alphabet script. 

What other Star Wars Languages are there?

There are many different Star Wars languages in the Star Wars Universe. Different species have their own languages and forms of communication and different aliens have their alien languages.

There are too many to list, but here are some of the most common Star Wars languages you would hear while watching the movies.


This is a primitive dialect spoken from the Ewoks that lived on the forest moon of Endor. This Ewok language was first introduced in Return of the Jedi, and C3-P0 was the only one who was able to understand them, and translate the language into Galactic Basic.


It is the language of the Hutts and mostly spoken by criminals and bad guys in the Galaxy. This language was mostly spoken in Tatooine who was ran by the Hutts. It was also introduced in Return of the Jedi with the famous Jabba the Hutt. 

Han Solo was able to understand the language and what was being said to him as he was a smuggler and dealt with the Hutts and criminals.

Anakin Skywalker could also speak and understand the language in The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.


This is the Wookiee tongues that you hear in the original trilogy spoken by Chewbacca. It is made up of wookie growls and cries. It was very difficult for humans to speak, but anyone who spoke Basic could understand everything that Wookiees said.

Princess Leia Organa was  learning how to speak this language in A New Hope

Droid Languages

Droids speak in a language of beeps and shrills known as Astromech Binary. Many Astromech droids spoke binary, but BB-8 uses a more advanced droid speak.

C-3PO was a protocol droid and protocol droids are known for being able to speak over 6 million different languages!

All throughout the movies, it seems like the humans that are around the droids can understand exactly what they are saying. They don’t speak droid speak or binary, but they do seem to understand it just fine. It must be because they are with them all the time.

Sith Language

The Sith language was a mystical language of the Sith Order. It was a very secret language known as the Old Tongue.

This language first appeared in a comic book in 1990, and again in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. You can hear this language chanted in the Rise of Skywallker movie and some episodes of The Clone Wars.

Dark Sith lord Sidious and his apprentice Darth Vader both spoke this secret language.

It is written in complex hieroglyphics.

Star Wars Language Activities and Printables

Your kids might be interested in learning how to write their name in Aurebesh, or use the Star Wars written language for craft projects. They will have a lot of fun writing and playing with the different Star Wars languages with these free printables. 


Aurebesh is the galactic version of the English alphabet. The Aurebesh alphabet has 26 letters just like our alphabet does. The name of this alphabet comes from the first two letters called Aurek and Besh. Similar to Alpha Beta. Once you see the letters you will start to recognize them as the written language of Star Wars.

If you have ever been to Disneyland or Disney World you can see these letters around Star Wars rides and merchandise. They are all over walls and signs on Batuu, in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Aurebesh Translators & Printables

Aurebesh Translator – This is a fun website to use when you want to write something in Aurebesh. Type in the English word you want translated and the symbols for the word will appear for you to copy.

Printable Guide to Batuu Phrases – This printable guide will help you learn and understand the Galactic Basic phrases that are spoken in Galaxy’s Edge. There is even a chart of the alphabet written in Aurebesh and in English.

Aurebesh Alphabet Worksheet – Print this worksheet out and practice writing out the words after you play the Aurebesh Alphabet Online Game.

Aurebesh Stencils – Would your kids enjoy crafting and creating items with Aurebesh? These printable stencils can be used to decorate and paint things with Aurebesh alphabet. 

Aurebesh Trainer – This online trainer will help you learn how to read in Aurebesh. It will give you a word written in Aurebesh then you use the chart provided to type the answer into the box and it will let you know if you got it correct.

Other Star Wars Language Resources

Learn the Mandalorian Script – Mandalorian is the written script of the Mando’a language and is very pretty. This chart shows you the letters and numbers in Mandalorian so you can practice writing it yourself. 

Star Wars Language Translator – This fun translator can be used to translate in Yoda speak, the Sith Language, Huttese, Mandalorian and more. 

Ancient Sith Language Chart – Print out a chart of what the ancient Sith language looks like along with vowel pronunciations.

Sith Language Old Tongue Chart – Learn more about the Sith Language and see what the letters look like on an old, weathered chart.

18 Free Star Wars Fonts – Did you know that you could download Star Wars fonts to your computer to use to write with and for arts and crafts projects? There are 18 different fonts to choose from and your kids will think they are really cool.

In Conclusion

Learning the Star Wars Languages is something that will definitely impress your friends. If you have Star Wars fans in your family, you can incorporate learning the languages into your homeschool for fun, perhaps on Star Wars Day! 

Star Wars Worksheets and Crafts

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