Printable Charts for Preschoolers

September 27, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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My oldest child went to our church preschool, but when we decided to homeschool I couldn’t wait until our younger children were ready to start preschool. I filled our dining room/homeschool room wall with charts for preschoolers. From letters to numbers to a routine chart, I had everything covered.

Unfortunately back then, there really weren’t that many printable options out there, so I created most of them myself. Nowadays you can find just about anything you need on the internet. And we’ve got some pretty great homeschool blogger friends with some amazing resources to help you out too.

preschoolers at a table with overlay - Printable Charts for Preschoolers

Most of the time, you just need some simple charts for your preschoolers. They will be working on the alphabet, shapes, colors, and numbers to start with – so don’t overwhelm them. Once they know their shapes, for instance, you can switch that chart out with something different.

And of course, you don’t want to forget about the months of the year, days of the week, and weather charts for morning time! These are perfect to use as you introduce these concepts, then as they become more familiar with them you can let them participate by putting up the new calendar dates, days of the week, and the weather outside.

Using charts with your preschooler is a great way to help them see what they’re learning. They can also use them as a reference while working on papers! Check out these printable charts for your little ones.

Alphabet Anchor Charts | Emily Education

Preschool Charts – Colors, Shapes, Numbers | Preschool Mom

Alphabet Chart Freebie | No Prep Teacher (TpT)

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FREE ABC Flashcards & ABC Chart | Littles Love Learning

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FREE Butterfly Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture | Mrs. Thompson’s Treasures (TpT)

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Feelings and Emotions Chart for Kids | Fun with Mama

Numbers Chart 1-20 | Guru Parents

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FREE Printable Farm Animal Reward Charts for Toddlers

farm animal reward chart

Want more? Check out this list of FREE Printable Charts and Posters for Preschool and Kindergarten

Free Printable Charts and Posters text with an image of a little boy wearing a tie-dye t-shirt

Teachers Pay Teachers isn’t just for teachers. I love finding hidden gems on there to supplement or fill in the gaps of our lessons. And every once in a while, you can find them absolutely FREE! Check these preschool charts out for your little learners.

Free Printable Color Chart for Preschool | Lilybelle’s Fun Art Creative Resources

Routine Chart for Toddlers and Homeschool Preschool | The Stay at Home Teacher – Kaitlyn Renfro

Toddler / Preschool Learning Charts | Love2bMrsB

Preschool / Kindergarten Weather Chart | Forecastic Productions

Preschool Learning Charts/ Circle Time Charts | Mrs Marshall Preschool Teacher

Free Preschool Weather Chart | Not Your Speech Teacher

What’s Different Comparison Chart for Preschool and Kindergarten | Oh Miss Jill

Pre School Chart | MsLuTeaching

Basic Shape Chart | Mothering Three Little Birds

ABC Phonics Family Reference Chart | Nellie Edge Kindergarten

Get your kids started on chores with these FREE printable chore charts.

sample chore charts to motivate your children

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preschoolers at a table with overlay - Printable Charts for Preschoolers

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