Awesome Resources for Preschool Learning ‘Like the Big Kids’.

September 15, 2020

Shannan Swindler

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image collage of preschoolers learning with text overlay. 20 Awesome Resources to Help Preschoolers Learn \'Like the Big Kids\'Awesome resources to help your preschoolers ‘learn like the big kids’.

If there are older siblings in the house, it’s inevitable that the preschoolers learn (or want to learn) the way the big kids do. These resources and tips will help you have fun with your preschooler and help them learn at their level while feeling like a big kid.

Music for Preschool Learning

Preschoolers love making music! Studies have even shown that learning with music increases brain development. Make it fun by adding musical instruments and fun songs.

More resources about using music in preschool learning


Games and activities that work on gross motor skills are what it’s all about for active preschoolers to learn and have fun doing it. Having fun together as a family is what makes it special. Go on walks, ride bikes, play hoops or soccer, or whatever your preschooler’s favorite sport is. Just have fun! Dance, go to the park, climb a rock wall, go swimming. There are tons of ideas! For more family fun, grab the  65 Ways To Have Fun With Your Kids At Home at the end of this post.

Read Alouds

Eventually, your preschooler will slow down, right? And when they do it‘s time for hanging out on the couch and reading together. Before you switch on the TV or hand over your phone so they can use some fun educational apps, spend 10-15 minutes reading out loud together. Make it a special time with fun healthy snacks and your preschooler will learn that reading and being together if so much fun.

Science Fun

Does it fizz? Does it change color or squish between your fingers and toes? Does it have anything to do with dinosaurs, sharks, or superheroes of any kind? Your preschooler will love it! But, they will be equally inspired by nature walks, looking at seashells, and watching ants on the sidewalk. Help them explore by providing the opportunity to listen to their questions. Ask a preschooler how or why they think something happens the way it does or how to solve a problem. Their answers will amaze you.

Art for Preschool Learning

Messy art, picture study, crafts… you name it and your preschooler will want to do it! Preschoolers love to create, be imaginative, and express themselves. Art is the perfect way to let them explore and learn about the world around them with hands-on activities and projects.

Weekly Preschool Learning Themes

Preschoolers love themes. Sometimes it can be hard to pull all the resources together for each week. One idea is to choose a few of the themes for a month (or longer) and then grab a box or bag for each idea and put a few items in it to support that idea. For example, if it’s Dinosaur Week, grab 2 handfuls of dinosaur toys, 3 dino books, print a few dino coloring pages, and hunt down a dino cookie cutter set that you can use with playdough or real cookie dough, and there you have it! Dinosaur week is sorted and ready to use a couple of times throughout the year.

These kinds of theme ideas work great for caregivers or relatives that enjoy time with your preschooler too. Put the box of activities together and have a fun day out enjoying learning with friends & family.

There are so many ways to have fun learning and helping your preschooler learn ‘like the big kids’.

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