Preschool Art Projects Series Using Different Art Mediums: Crayons

May 10, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Crayons are great for coloring pages for little ones, but you can do so much more with them than just color! There are so many amazing crafts you can make with crayons.

Multicolored crayons on a white background.


During this series we will explore different art projects that can be done using different mediums.

This week we will be having fun with crayons! Here are some of my favorites:

Crayon Resistant Painting from Teaching 2&3 Year Olds – this is really cool and kids love seeing their drawings come through the paint!

Nature Leaf Rubbings from Hands On As We Grow – this is a classic favorite especially for nature lovers!

Leaf rubbings! Very cool to watch come to life!
Baked Crayon Mess from Messy Preschoolers – This is a crazy, fun mess that kids love to play and create with!

Crayon Stained Glass from Activity Mama – add old crayons to waxed paper to create a stained glass masterpiece.

Crayons on Construction Cars from When You Never Expect Two – this is the cutest and most creative idea!

Abstract Art with Crayons – from Crafty Crafted – use old crayon shavings to create an abstract art masterpiece.

Melted Crayon Dot Art from Pieces by Polly – this is a great Pointillism art project using crayons. This is a great step-by-step tutorial.

Fun Crayon Wands from Kids Activities Blog – create these fun crayon “wands” by recycling old, broken crayons.

diy crayon wands

Crayon Painting with Preschoolers from Kids Activities Blog – these are bright and beautiful!

preschool art project

If your kids just want to color try these websites for fun coloring pages:
Coloring Book Fun – over 10,000 coloring pages – lots of fun, themed and educational coloring pages
DTLK Coloring pages by theme and holidays
Colouring Pages – this website has tons of character and children’s movie coloring pages. My kids love these!

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