Free Printable Plant and Animal Cells Worksheets

June 24, 2022

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Are you studying plants and animals for science? Learning about plant and animal cells can be fun when you throw in extra activities and plant and animal cells worksheets. Explore the free printable worksheets below with topics ranging from parts of a cell, to plant or animal cell coloring science worksheets.

Free Printable Plant and Animal Cells Worksheets

Plant and Animal Cells Worksheets

When you are teaching your students facts about plant and animal cells, it’s helpful to print some plant and animal cells worksheets. Below you will find printables to label the parts of an animal cell, name the parts of a plant cell, learn cell vocabulary, and more. 

Animal Cells Worksheets

Each free animal cells worksheet is another step in exploring science through thinking skills and fine motor skills. All the plant and animal cell worksheets go great alongside your lessons for labeling parts of animal cells, coloring animal cell diagrams, naming the animal cell parts, and more.

Animal Cell Diagram

Worksheets of animal cell diagrams help your students to visually see what the animal cell looks like and identify visually the parts that make up the animal cell.

Blank, Labeled, and Coloring Animal Cell Diagram – Grab these three free diagrams. One is labeled for studying and reference, the second is labeled but needs to be colored in, and the third is blank to test your student’s knowledge.

Labeled Animal Cell Diagram – Use this animal cell diagram (labeled) to help children visualize the animal cell and the animal cell processes with the cell membrane, Cytosol, Cytoskeleton, nucleus, Ribosomes, ad more.

Animal Cell Diagram – Is your student learning cursive writing at home? This animal cell diagram is labeled in cursive writing for your students who are learning about animal cells.

anatomy of an animal cell

Label the Parts of an Animal Cell

Printable Label and Color the Parts Animal Cell – This animal cell handout is perfect for students studying the different parts of the cell including the SER (Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum), Golgi Bodies, and more.

Label the Animal Cell Worksheets – Grab these set of cell diagrams for students to label themselves and as topics of discussion during your animal cell lesson plans.

Parts of an Animal Cell Worksheets

Fill-in-the-Blank Cell Parts Activity – Answer these fill-in-the-blank cell questions interactively online or print them as a worksheet for young scientists to review during lesson time.

Cell Organelle Study Chart – Grab this cell organelles study chart to view as a page or to cut in pieces/rectangle strips to put in a Ziplock for memory practice.

Animal Cell Organelles Coloring Pages

Cell Coloring Page and More – Add these cell coloring worksheets to an animal cell lesson journal or add it to help remember important details/ facts on a notebooking page.

Animal Cell Label and Color (Level 1) – Your students can demonstrate their knowledge of the animal cell with this coloring page and labeling activity.

Name the Parts of an Animal Cell

Printable Animal Cell Naming Worksheets – These free printable animal cell worksheets provide your children opportunities to name the various parts of an animal cell with a diagram ad blank lines.

Identify Animal Cell Parts Worksheets – Check out this animal cell diagram to identify and name the six main parts of the cell and describe their functions.

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Plant Cell Worksheets

Plant cells have unique structures that separate them from other cells like a cell wall, plastids, and vacuoles. Without plant cells, there won’t be plants, without plants living things as we know it, we wouldn’t survive because of the oxygen they and food source they provide. Check out these botany worksheets to add to your daily lessons. 

Whether you are using a curriculum like Apologia Botany or just creating your own science lessons, these plant cell resources can help you when you are learning about plants.

Plant Cell Diagram

Plant Cell Parts Color Poster – This free plant cell parts poster is in full color to give a basic illustration of a plant cell including labels for the nucleus, chloroplast, cytoplasm, membrane, cell wall, vacuole, and mitochondrion.

Learning About Plant Cells Diagram Printable – If you are looking for a fun way to study plant cells, this plant cell diagram free printable in this cell pack to define the parts and more.

anatomy of a plant cell

Label the Parts of a Plant Cell

Plant Cell Labeling Worksheet – Your older kids can learn to identify and name each of the parts of a plant cell with a free reference chart and cheat sheet.

Label the Plant Cell Parts – This label-the-parts-of-a-plant-cell worksheet helps students remember all the parts and organelles of a plant cell in a simple way.

Name the Parts of a Plant Cell

Name the Parts Animal Cell Worksheet – Your students can practice naming the twelve major plant cell parts like organelles to test their comprehension.

Identify Plant Cell Parts Worksheets – Check out this plant cell diagram to identify and name the six main parts of the cell and describe their functions.

Parts of a Plant Cell Worksheets

Plant Cell Worksheets and Answer Key – This instant download will introduce your children to plant cells with blank plant cell diagrams, word bank, cell organelles descriptions, and an answer key.

8 Plant Cell Worksheets – This free pack of 8 plant cells worksheets ad 7 human cells worksheets has fun interactive activities to reinforce learning of plant cells lesson plans.

Plant Cell Organelles Coloring Pages

Plant Cell Organelles Coloring Page – Help your students review the parts and organelles of a plant cell with this practice printable worksheet. (Scroll down for the free cell organelle worksheet.)

Coloring Worksheet for Plant Cells – Explore plant cells with this awesome plat cell coloring worksheet with close-up details of different plant parts with their function.

Plant and Animal Cells Worksheets

Learning about plant cells and animal cells side-by-side allows students to visually identify the differences and to compare the differences between each of the cell types.

Use these worksheets to help your students compare and identify key differences between plant and animal cells.

Worksheets to Label Plant and Animal Cells

Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets and Printables – These plant and animal cell worksheet diagrams are scientifically accurate, so are a great way to help young scientists get a clear idea of what a cell looks like.

Plant Cell and Animal Cell Diagram Labeling Quiz – After your plant cell and animal cell lessons, this quiz will be perfect for reviewing and testing the knowledge they have learned about the cell differences by labeling the diagrams.

Build Your Own Plant and Animal Cell Worksheets – Need an interesting way for students to practice naming and labeling plant cell and animal cell parts? Young scientists can color cell parts, cut and paste them into the right cell, and compare the different cells.

Cell Vocabulary

Match Cell Vocabulary to Description Worksheet – This free worksheet tasks students to match the cell parts or organelles vocabulary to its description. (Scroll down to see the free worksheet)

Cell Organelles Definitions and Functions Diagram – Check out this cell organelles structure and functions with diagrams and definitions to help develop cell vocabulary words.

Interactive Cell Vocabulary Worksheet – Your students will enjoy this interactive drag and drop activity to identify the schematic diagrams of typical plant cells and animal cells.

Plant cell vs Animal cell

Animal Cell vs. Plant Cell Worksheet – Scroll down the page for a Plant Cell vs. Animal Cell differences t-chart printable for middle school students.

26 Page Plant ad Animal Cell Printables – You won’t want to miss this free resource full of various plat cell vs. animal cell activities like a vocabulary flipbook, fill-in-the-blank, flash cards, cell poster ideas, Venn Diagrams, and more.

Interactive Notetaking Cell Diagrams – Use these cell diagrams to make interactive notetaking activities with animal cells ad plant cells. These interactive notetaking items help students distinguish between plant cells and animal cells.

In Conclusion

You don’t necessarily need a science textbook to teach your children about plant and animal cells. There are so many free resources and printable plant and animal cells worksheets you can use to plan your own unit studies.

I will leave you with a joke your kids will find funny as they learn about plant cell and animal cell differences:

An animal cell and plant cell go out together, the animal cell says to the plant cell, “I feel like there’s a wall between us.”

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