Free Opposites Worksheets and Activities for Preschoolers

May 8, 2018

Sara Dennis

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Opposites are fun basic concepts to teach with toddlers and preschoolers. There are fun activities you can use when you’re teaching opposites plus there are some amazing opposites worksheets.

Boys playing with puzzles and text overlay free opposites worksheets and activities for preschoolers

Opposites Worksheets and Activities

Opposites are often taught naturally to toddlers and preschoolers. For kids that struggle understanding what opposites are, there are many worksheets and activities to help solidify these new concepts.

When to Teach Opposites

You can start teaching young children the opposite concept by using opposite words. There are fun opposites activities you can do with toddlers to help them understand the idea. However, typically kids will understand the concept by the time they are four years old.

The opposite concept can be hard for toddlers to understand, so the best way to start is by reading a book about opposites to start the discussion. Then go around the house to find the opposites of different things.

For instance, find something short and then look for something tall. Talk about the difference between dark and light, up and down, in and out, happy and sad.

Apply the lessons to real life and eventually, your little one will start to understand what opposites are. Don’t worry if your toddler doesn’t understand the concept right away. Keep working at matching opposite pairs and eventually, they will understand.

How to Teach Opposite Concepts

Keep working with the opposite concept with your children. Learning what opposite means will help teach your kids how to compare and describe the world around them. It will help to develop their English skills and also develop their vocabulary skills.

In addition, teaching kids the concept of opposites also teaches kids higher-order thinking skills. They have to play with the concept, make connections, and move from concrete to abstract ideas.

Opposites for Preschoolers Worksheets

As kids get older, it’s fun to do some opposites practice with printable worksheets. The worksheets give kids a chance to match opposite adjectives and opposite verbs. Kids get to learn how to match the correct words. It’s a useful skill as kids grow.

Printable Opposites Worksheets

Huge List of Opposites Worksheets – You’ll find a lovely collection of opposite worksheets for you to use with your children. The first group includes easier worksheets for young kids. The next grouping includes different words to challenge older kids. 

Opposite Word Printable Worksheets – Here’s three different pages of printable English worksheets on the concept of opposites. These are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Opposite Printables – You’ll find a couple of free worksheets for you to use with your kids. These are simple worksheets and great for young kids just learning about the concept of opposites.

Printables for Teaching Opposites

These printables for teaching opposites include free worksheets for different opposite activities. You’ll find flashcards, mix and match printables, little books, and more. These printable activities are a fun way to teach preschool and elementary students the opposite concept.

Opposite Worksheet Preschool Puzzles

Free Printable Opposites Puzzles for Preschoolers – You’ll find a wonderful selection of opposite puzzles here. Kids will love solving the puzzles. For instance, they’ll match a happy face with a sad face as they connect opposite pairs.

Owl Opposites Mix and Match Printables – These are fun printables for your young children. Kids match each piece with its opposite.

Flash Cards to Teach Opposites

Owl Opposites Flash Cards – These owl opposite flashcards are super cute and a great way to teach your child how to understand the concept of opposites.

Printable Opposite Cards – You’ll find wonderful printable opposite cards for your preschooler. These are perfect for playing the memory game.

Opposites for Preschoolers

Opposites Puzzles for Preschool – These hands-on puzzles are fun for preschoolers to solve. They’ll match different words such as clean/dirty, fast/slow, and day/night. These are great words for kids to start working with opposites.

My Little Book of Opposites – This is a fun cut and paste activity book for you to print out for your children. It will help them understand opposite meanings while they complete the activities.

Rainbow Opposites Matching Puzzle – This is a rainbow opposites puzzle for kids to practice matching opposites. Since the printable page is black and white you can encourage your kids to color the puzzle as they match the pieces.

Preschool Opposites Games

Opposites Board Game – Your preschoolers will love playing this opposites board game. Print the game, grab some dice, and move the pieces around the game board.

The Opposite Game – Play the Opposite Game with your young kids. You can play memory with these pieces and Go Fish with these cards. Teaching opposites can be fun for all involved!

Opposites Games and Books

These games and books are a fun addition to any home preschool. You can use these in addition to worksheets to help your children have fun while they are learning about opposites.

Opposites Matching Flash Cards – 50 matching flash cards for learning opposites. Master opposites with these fun cards to play in a variety of different matching games. They come in a nice box for storage.

Opposites Board Book – This adorable board book is a great addition to your homeschool library to teach toddlers about opposites. 

Eric Carle Opposites – For the Eric Carle fans, you will love this book on opposites with favorite characters from his books. 

Fun to Know Opposites Puzzle Game – This fun game will have your children building the puzzles to make the matches of the opposites. It is great for independent learning. 

Opposites Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for some fun activities to enjoy with your kids? You’ll find a lovely collection of activities from playing ‘true and false’, following an opposite foot trail, and celebrating Opposite Day.

10 Fun Ways to Use Opposite Flashcards – You’ll find an opposite printable activity pack to download with 10 different activities. Name the opposites, match opposites, play “true or false”, solve multiple-choice, and so on. Instructions are included to complete the activities.

Create an Opposite Foot Trail – Make your kids an opposite foot trail to follow. It’s a great way to teach the opposite concept and doesn’t require a large time investment. Plus you can use the foot trail with both readers and pre-readers.

Fun Ways to Celebrate Opposite Day – Have you ever heard of Opposite Day? The official day is January 25th, but you can celebrate at other times of the year. It’s a fun day to enjoy some opposites activities such as wearing your clothing backward, completing an opposite scavenger hunt, singing the alphabet backward, and more!

In Conclusion: 

Teaching your children about opposites is an important concept no matter if your child is a preschooler or in the 3rd grade. We hope that these free printables and activities will give you some great opportunities to have fun learning these new concepts with your little ones.

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