Mother’s Day Messages for Cards, Notes, Letters & More

March 15, 2022

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Mother’s Day is coming and if you’re looking for a touching Mother’s Day message, we’ve got you covered. From unique Mother’s Day sentiments to Mother’s Day text messages, check out the list below. Be sure to download our free printable stationary found at the bottom of this post. You can use it to write your Mother’s Day message on!

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What Should I Write for Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day has become a popular holiday in the United States, far removed from its humble beginnings. In fact, Anna Jarvis denounced the commercialization of the holiday in her lifetime. While you may still purchase flowers, cards, and candies for your mother, don’t forget about a personal touch. This is how the holiday was originally supposed to function.

Personal Messages for Mother’s Day Cards

So, either write a heartfelt handwritten note or include a personal Mother’s Day message on your store-bought card. The best way to show your love for your mother’s love is to make it personal. Yes, she really does want to hear from you! Let her know the best things about her and how she did a great job raising her favorite child! Seriously, find a unique way to communicate your affection to your mom this year.

But don’t stop with a card for Mother’s Day. Pair a heartfelt sentiment with a gift that you know your mom will love. Whether that is flowers, a subscription box for moms, chocolates, or handmade Mother’s Day gifts, use this holiday to show mom how much you appreciate her role in your life. Plus, if you can visit your mom in person on Mother’s Day, give her a big hug too!

What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card

It’s the perfect time of year to let mom know she’s the perfect mother. Celebrate the hard work and a lot of patience that goes into this role!

But sometimes it can be hard to know how exactly to put your love and respect for your mom in writing. That’s why we’ve gathered dozens of ideas for you. Don’t forget to let your mom know what she means to you. Include a memory in your Mother’s Day message.

What to Write to Your Mom

If you are wondering what to write in a card to mom, consider talking about her influence as a role model in your life. What aspects do you appreciate from this strong woman in your life? Talk about her role as the greatest teacher in your life.

Include your own memories of growing up with a good mother. While the hardest thing about early motherhood can be the sleepless nights, the challenges later on occur as your biggest cheerleader watches you grow and fly the nest. Encourage your mom this year to let her know that you’re a better person because of her.

Check the ideas below to find a touching message for Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Messages

You’re likely looking for the best Mother’s Day message and we think we’ve gathered quite the list! Check the links below for some unique Mother’s Day greetings to let your loving mother know that she’s a great mom.

Sweet Mother’s Day Messages

Melt your mother’s heart with some of these sweet messages. Put them on a card or with a bouquet of flowers for your amazing mom.

40+ Happy Mother’s Day Messages for 2022 – These positive message of love and appreciation make great sayings for creating custom gifts for mom. Use them on mugs, wall art, or cards. Includes specific messages from daughter or son, plus specific messages for in-laws and grandmas.

25 Mother’s Day Messages That Will Warm Her Heart – Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a sweet message when you’re staring at a blank card. Here’s a great list of 25 messages.

Mother’s Day Card Messages

Whether you’re looking for ideal messages for your mother, step-mother, or mother-in-law, then you’ll love these links for messages that let her know she’s an amazing mother.

What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card – Who knows card messages better than Hallmark? Here is a great round-up of ideas, including those for complicated relationships and other-mothers in your life.

60+ Mother’s Day Card Messages for Every Mom in Your Life – Here’s a massive list to cover every woman in your life this Mother’s Day!

Funny Mother’s Day Messages

Add a little humor to the holiday with a funny message to mom. From humorous reflections on motherhood to great lines for moms who enjoy a laugh, you’ll find it all here.

Funny Mother’s Day Quotes & Card Messages – Here are 51 funny messages to make your mom laugh on her special day.

Funny & Hilarious Mother’s Day Quotes, Messages, Images & Memes – Sometimes you want a serious reflection, but other times it’s more fun to include a hilarious message! Here’s your list of 25+ messages and memes.

Inspiring Mother’s Day Messages

Our mothers have done so much for us. If you are looking for just the perfect words to convey your love, respect, and appreciation, then these links are for you. Show her lots of love with these sweet messages.

Mother’s Day Messages: 56 Inspiring Messages for Mom – Since it’s hard to come up with great messages for the ones we love, check out this huge list. Includes messages for mom, grandmother, mother-in-law, long-distance mom, the new mom, mother-to-be, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. And as a bonus, you’ll find several messages for that person who’s been a mother figure in your life.

70 Best Mother’s Day Messages to Write in a Card – There are multiple dozens of sweet options here, including for stepmom, daughter, new mom, and grandma.

Biblical Mother’s Day Messages

If you’re looking for some beautiful Scripture verses to include in your Mother’s Day card, then here are some lovely options for the special woman in your life.

50 Christian Mother’s Day Messages and Bible Verses – This list includes 30 biblically-based messages for Mother’s Day. Then, you’ll find 10 quotes by famous people including Billy Graham, Martin Luther, and George Washington. Finally, check out the 10 best Bible verses to write in your Mother’s Day card.

40+ Best Mother’s Day Bible Verses – Bible verses make a beautiful addition to a Mother’s Day card if your mother is a Christian. Here’s a huge list of verses to choose from on Mother’s Day.

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flowers on a table with text Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts and Printable Cards

Mother’s Day Wishes from Daughter

Daughters can find beautiful ideas here for including in cards for mom. Personalized especially for daughters and daughters-in-law, you’ll love these lovely wishes.

Mother’s Day Wishes From Daughter – Show how special the mother-daughter bond is with these unique wishes to your mom. 

110 Loving Messages for Mom that Go Beyond “Happy Mother’s Day” – This massive list will give you so many ideas for great messages from daughter to mom. You’ll even find jokes, text messages, poems, and quotes if that fits your relationship better!

Mother’s Day Wishes From Daughter – There are almost 100 wishes here in this list for you. Writing any of these on a card will be special for mom.

Mother’s Day Wishes from Son

There’s nothing as sweet to a mom as receiving a Mother’s Day message from her son, no matter his age. Let her know that she’s the best mom ever with the perfect message.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes from Son – Celebrate your mom as your biggest supporter with these unique messages. Includes 10 unique options.

These 100 Mother’s Day Messages Will Melt Your Mama’s Heart – When you can’t think of what to say, this massive list of 100 wishes will help you. These are some of the sweetest things a son an tell his mom on Mother’s Day.

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Mother’s Day Quotes

Maybe you’re looking for famous quotes for a Mother’s Day event or to add to a card or gift. Here are some lovely options to celebrate the role that moms play in all our lives.

Best Mother’s Day Quotes

Celebrate the value of motherhood with a quote. From famous celebrities to ancient proverbs, you’ll love these perfect words to celebrate mom on this beautiful day.

120+ Best Mother’s Day Quotes for Mom – You’ll find quotes for every category here, including caring, funny, inspirational, and sweet. Then, you can even find unique quotes for mom, sister, or grandma.

25+ Best Mother’s Day Quotes – When you can’t find just the right words, borrow someone else’s! From famous writers to notable figures, here are some beautiful quotes to use this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Card Quotes

When a mass-produced card message just won’t work, grab a beautiful blank card or notepaper, and write a lovely message and quote in your own handwriting. Moms will love this personalized sentiment! It will be a keepsake for sure. Here are some great quotes you can include in a card.

Here’s What to Write in a Mother’s Day Card to Best Describe Your Love for Mom – Check out some of these messages and customize them for mom. Then be sure to grab some flowers or her favorite things to add to your sweet note.

32 Heartfelt Quotes for This Year’s Mother’s Day Card – Don’t worry if you can’t think of what to say in your Mother’s Day card. You’ll love these ideas from some famous people from the past and present. There’s sure to be something here that is perfect for mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day Friend Quotes

Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate all the women in your life! If you’re sending a card to your best friend this holiday, then you’ll want some personalized quotes for that. We’ve got you covered! Have a good laugh about the rigors of motherhood with some funny quotes or be more serious with an inspiration line or two. 

20 Wonderful Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day to a Friend – You can use these ideas for greeting cards, social media posts, or even a text message to your friend.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for Friends – Whether you’re sending greetings to a childhood friend who is now a mother, or a new friend you met at the playground, you’ll find something here for all the girlfriends in your life who share the bond of motherhood. Twenty Mother’s Day sentiments included.

Free Mother’s Day Printable Stationary

Download our pdf printable stationary for mom that you can use to write your own personalized Mother’s Day message on for this special day – or any day!

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The History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was first celebrated in the United States in 1907 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. Ann Reeves Jarvis is credited with the early roots of Mother’s Day in the U.S. when she organized “Mothers’ Friendship Day” for mothers to gather with former soldiers of the Civil War.

Mother’s Day Proclamation

Julie Ward Howe, famous suffragette and abolitionist, also had a hand in gathering mothers to unite. She wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation” in 1870 to promote world peace. She campaigned for a “Mother’s Peace Day.” This was especially important for mothers of soldiers who fought on opposing sides of the U.S. Civil War and also for those in Europe who had been divided over the Franco-Prussian War.

Mother’s Day Becomes a Holiday

Finally, Ann Reeves’ daughter, Anna Jarvis, is credited with helping turn Mother’s Day into a national holiday. Anna Jarvis helped organize the first official Mother’s Day celebration in May 1907 at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. Jarvis popularized the idea of wearing a white carnation in honor of one’s mother. Later, the white carnation was used to honor a deceased mother, while a pink or red carnation represented a living mother. 

The Second Sunday in May

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson helped establish the holiday on the second Sunday in May. The holiday was not meant to celebrate all mothers in the entire world, but as Wilson said, the holiday is for honoring your own mother – “to the best mother in the world, your mother.” 

Marketing Mother’s Day

John Wanamaker, the department store owner, saw a great opportunity in marketing Mother’s Day as a retail event in his Philadelphia store. Mother’s Day has grown to be a $25 billion holiday in America. The average amount spent on one’s mother is about $200. Surprisingly, Anna Jarvis spent the last several years of her life trying to put an end to this holiday because she did not like the extreme commercialization that had developed around it. But she was not successful, as Mother’s Day continues to be a large holiday, especially in the United States.

When is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May in the United States. 

Versions of Mother’s Day are observed throughout the world. Families in Thailand honor their mothers with a holiday in August on the birthday of the queen. In Ethiopia, families celebrate motherhood during a fall feast.

Mothering Sunday is observed in the United Kingdom, while some countries prefer to celebrate International Women’s Day instead or in conjunction with Mother’s Day.

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve found a special way to communicate what a special place a great mother holds in your heart. A mother’s love needs to be honored all year, but especially on this wonderful day. Dear mom, thank you for your unconditional love.

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