Simple and Special Gifts Kids Can Make for Mom and Dad

April 29, 2021

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Kids love to make handmade gifts for Mom and Dad. If you’re looking for some simple projects for that purpose, then check out these inspirational and creative ideas.

a child sitting at a table using scissors to cut a piece of paper and text Simple and Special Gifts Kids Can Make for Mom and Dad

As Mother’s Day and Father’s Day draw near, gather the craft supplies and show one or more of these cute projects to your kids. Let them pick their favorite and get right to work creating a meaningful handmade gift for mom and dad. Don’t forget the grandparents – they’ll love these gifts too!

And the best part is, many of these projects use materials you probably already have on hand. Here’s a few ideas to get the inspiration going. Then scroll down to the end to find additional posts with dozens of other gifts that kids would love to make!

Glue Batik Father’s Day Banner

Dad and Grandpa will love these handmade Father’s Day Banners. They make the perfect decoration to hang near the garden.

Batik is an ancient art form of Indonesia made with wax resistant dye on fabrics. Your kids will create a glue-resist on fabric with the blue glue gel and then paint over with acrylic paints or fabric paint. 

Here’s your materials list for this project:

  • fabric
  • glue gel
  • acrylic paints
  • cardboard – a little larger than your fabric; this is your work surface
  • wood dowels or twigs
  • fabric adhesive tape
  • yarn
  • pencil

This cute project will take your 6-9 year olds an hour or two. It produces a great final effect and your smaller kids will be amazed at how this works! Batik crafts are fun gifts the kids can make.

Resources for Learning About Indonesia

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Butterfly Coffee Filters

Your 4-8 year olds will really love creating butterflies out of coffee filters. 

The results are beautiful, but kids love the process of making them too! 

The supply list couldn’t be simpler:

  • coffee filters (2)
  • markers – including dried-out markers that you were about to throw out
  • spray bottle – you can also just sprinkle on the water but the kids love using the spray bottle
  • chenille stems / pipe cleaners (1)
  • fishing wire – if you want your butterflies to float through the air

Here are additional coffee filter resources:

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Clay Vessels

While your little ones are exercising their fine motor skills, they’ll also have a blast forming and decorating these adorable Clay Vessels. They make such special gifts kids can make for mom and dad.

The materials list is short for this one:

  • air dry clay
  • pony beads, buttons, shape sequins… – any embellishment you’d like!

This project is the perfect way to use up the last bit of some art supplies like sequins, beads, and buttons. 

Mosaic Frames

Gifts kids can make for mom and dad usually include a photo. But instead of just gifting a cute photo, your kids can design a mosaic frame! It’s a fun way to be creative with varied craft supplies while also making a great gift.

mosaic frame with a picture of a child\'s face in the center

Here’s the materials list:

  • wooden or cardboard frame
  • wax paper
  • drywall compound
  • spatula or old gift cards for spreading
  • mosaic materials – sea shells, buttons, beads, ect… – whatever you’d like to decorate with!
  • kleenex
  • brown acrylic paint
  • water
  • mod podge
  • paintbrushes

In fact, the sky’s the limit on finding great mosaic materials. What about using painted eggshells, buttons, squares of colored paper, or even broken pottery or tile?

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a child sitting at a table using scissors to cut a piece of paper and text Simple and Special Gifts Kids Can Make for Mom and Dad


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