30 Mother’s Day Gift Baskets that Mom Will Love

March 16, 2022

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you’re probably searching for the perfect gift idea. Have you considered Mother’s Day gift baskets for that special mom or mother figure in your life? It’s a great way to customize a gift for your mom. You can purchase a ready-made gift basket or make your own. Here’s some inspiration and help to get you started.

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What should I put in a Mother’s Day gift basket?

You should include items in your Mother’s Day gift basket that your mom would love. This will look different for everyone. The best way to have a cohesive gift basket it to come up with a theme for the basket or a unifying color. Here are two examples.

If you decide to create a tea gift basket for your mom because she absolutely loves her morning cup of tea, then you might include a new teacup, her favorite flavor of tea bags, a stainless steel tea ball infuser and some loose tea. Pop in a small candle and a new book or journal to complete the look.

And now you have a coordinated tea-themed relaxation gift basket.

Another way to unify the basket contents is to do it by color. Maybe you go to your favorite store to pick up small gifts and notice that the color this year around Mother’s Day happens to be pink. Well, you can use that cue to pick up a bunch of small gifts mom will love that are all in pink.

Hopefully she likes that color too! So you might grab a cute pair of fuzzy slippers, a pink candle, pink candies, a pink mug, and so on. Once it’s all arranged together in a gift basket, it will look very cohesive.

How do you make a Mother’s Day gift basket?

The first part of this handmade gift is to find a great basket to form the base. The container or basket you choose will need to be the right size for the contents you put it in. If your gifts are all very small, then you don’t want an oversized basket, or the overall look will be unimpressive.

It’s okay to reuse a basket you already have on hand! Or check at thrift stores or estate sales for great options. If you can’t find any there, then the dollar store has some nice options too. The ones you find at the dollar store probably be wire or plastic rather than a woven basket, but you can still make it look nice.

The next step is to gather all your little gifts that you will be putting in the gift basket. We’ve already talked above about how to unify them around a common theme or color.

Here are some categories to consider when creating a Mother’s Day gift basket:

  • Gourmet snacks
  • Beauty products
  • Hobby items
  • Voucher booklets
  • Chocolate
  • Gift cards
  • Relaxation 

Gift Basket Fillers

Now decide on the basket filler. Usually crinkle paper filler looks the best. You can find this in almost any color you need. If the basket is large, you can add some tissue paper or packing paper to the bottom of the basket for support and to take up some space.

Then place the crinkle paper filler on top of that. Finally, set your gifts in a pleasing way where you can see each one and they’re standing up in the basket.

Finally, finish it off with some clear cellophane wrapped completely around the bottom of the basket and gathered above the gifts with a ribbon. Or, you can gather the cellophane around the top and secure it in the back with some tape for a less over-the-top look.

How do you decorate a box for Mother’s Day?

Instead of shipping a gift basket, you could send a decorative box or Mother’s Day care package to your mom. All you need to do is find a shipping box that will fit your gifts and decorate the inside of the box. It makes for a unique Mother’s Day gift!

Use scrapbook paper and lots of color, add in some Mother’s Day quotes on the box flaps. Then fill your box with crinkle paper filler and tuck in some surprises for mom to open. You can individually wrap each gift before tucking it under the paper filler. Finally, lay a thoughtful card on the top for mom to find when she first opens the box.

If you have children and are shipping this care package to grandma, encourage them to draw pictures and decorate the outside of the shipping box with doodles. Sending a thoughtful gift box of treats is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Some of you will want ready-made gourmet gift baskets that can be shipped directly to your mom. Here’s an awesome round-up of ideas and sources for you! You can find themed gift baskets to fit almost any style and price point. Be sure to order early enough so that your gift basket can arrive in time for Mother’s Day!

A few of these links will give you great ideas for those that want to create a gift basket yourself. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or to see some photos and you can likely recreate it yourself. Check out these unique Mother’s Day gifts.

Personalized Gift Baskets for Mom

Part of the personalized appeal of a gift basket is that the contents can be customized to the gift recipient. Do they have a favorite candle scent? Favorite tea or coffee flavor? Do they have a hobby that you can indulge? Make it personalized and thoughtful using these ideas. After all, the best gift baskets are those that fit your gift recipient.

24 Simple But Thoughtful Gift Basket Ideas – Includes 24 photos plus an explanation of how to put each gift basket together. Many of these are handmade and DIY gifts, so that makes it even more special.

Personalized Gift Basket for Mom

Tips for Creating a Personalized Gift Basket – This post will walk you through the steps to figuring out a list of complementary items to use for a custom gift basket. Plus, they’ll give you 7 specific ideas and what to include in each basket.

DIY Gift Baskets for Mom

11 Creative Combos to Craft DIY Gift Baskets – When you want a personalized gift basket for mom, it’s sometimes best to make it yourself. Here several specific ideas to try. Includes taco lover, cheese fanatic, chocoholic, and bookworm.

Create Your Own Custom Gift Basket or Care Package – This site allows you to personalize the gift basket or bag and build your own custom gift basket. They’ll do all the work and ship it to your mom!

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Spa Gift Baskets for Mom

Mom deserves a relaxing gift on Mother’s Day! Most women would love to receive a spa themed gift basket. These baskets usually include things like a candle, bath salts, nail polish, skincare items, and a book or magazine. Here are some great choices for mom.

Mother’s Day Spa Gift Set – Skip the work and let a small business send a beautifully curated spa gift set to your mom. This box is packed to the brim with bath bombs, soap, face towel, loofah, candle, bath salt, and various other skincare products.

DIY Spa Gift Basket – If you want to create a spa gift basket yourself, then this post will help you put it all together. Includes a printable and filler ideas.

Taking time to prioritize self-care can help reduce stress, improve mood, and increase overall well-being. One option for self-care is the Pamper Spa Box from Allure Spa Gift Basket. This box includes a variety of luxurious spa products, such as shower steamers, eye pillow, scented candle and more, that are perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day.

spa gift box

Mother’s Day Spa Gift Baskets

DIY Spa Day Gift Basket – Here’s another how-to-guide if you want to try your hand at putting together a relaxing gift for Mother’s Day. This post includes recipes for making your own bath products if you want a handmade option.

Spa Basket for Moms – These high-end spa gift baskets are beautiful! Find many ready-to-ship items here.

Mother’s Day Food Gift Baskets

Everyone loves a food gift and mom is no exception! Celebrate her by gifting her a box of specialty items or her favorite indulgent sweet treats. Here are some ready-made gift baskets that you can have sent to her, or try to create your own with the ideas below.

Gourmet Mother’s Day Gift Basket – Spoil mom with these yummy treats and savory snacks, including Blondie bars, mocha brownies, mini breads, chocolate covered organic coffee beans, plus coffee samplers.

Mother’s Day Macarons – How cute are these macarons? If your mom loves these tasty treats, then this is a great choice for Mother’s Day. 

Honey Gift Basket – For a mom that puts honey in her tea or loves to use honey on a regular basis, this is a fun and unique food basket idea.

Treat Your Momma to These 11 DIY Food Gifts for Mother’s Day – Here are eleven recipes to make your own food gifts for mom. Choose a few, then gather in a basket for your own DIY food gift basket.

Mother’s Day Fruit Baskets

Fresh fruit makes a great gift basket, especially for a mom who wants to eat healthier. Here are some great options that you can have delivered directly to mom.

Mother’s Day Fruit Arrangements – Who knew fruit could be so fun in an arrangement? From a fruit arrangement to chocolate covered strawberries, you’ll find lots of price points and options here for mom.

Edible Arrangements  – You can send mom or grandma some pineapple daisies, chocolate dipped strawberries, or other mouth-watering fruit pieces with these fun arrangements.

Mother’s Day Fruit Baskets & Gifts – These fruit basket options allow you to get very specific in what you send mom. You can send her some apple-themed baskets, or a mix of exotic fruits. Or choose the Oregon pear medley or maybe a Pacific bounty basket. They even offer dried fruit options. 

Mother’s Day Fruit & Snack Gift Box – Send mom a massive basket filled with favorites like fresh orchard fruit, chocolate-covered cherries, and sea salt caramel dipping sauce.

DIY Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

When you want to create the perfectly customized gift basket for mom (and save a little money too), then a DIY homemade gift basket is the perfect choice! It really isn’t hard to make a lovely DIY gift basket. Just use the instructions and ideas below to get started.

Spoil Mom with Any of These DIY Gift Basket Ideas – Want to make mom feel surprised and delighted this Mother’s Day? Here are 5 specific Mother’s Day gift basket ideas that you can make yourself. Includes pictures and a list of what to include for each basket idea.

DIY Dollar Store Gift Basket Ideas with Personalized Details – You’ll love these ideas for mom. Create a great DIY gift basket with items from the dollar store. Once you gather them together, it will look amazing! Includes these themed ideas: baking, relaxation, coffee, and cozy.

60 DIY Gift Baskets to Bring Happiness to Loved Ones – You’ll find a bunch of ideas here that you can use to get your creative juices flowing for a DIY Mother’s Day basket. The photos will really help you see the possibilities.

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flowers on a table with text Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts and Printable Cards

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mom deserves the most creative gifts! So if you want to break out from the norm, consider these ideas.

38 Wicked Cool Gift Baskets to Spoil Mom – Looking for oversized, epic, and gourmet gift baskets? Here’s your list! From meats and cheese to Godiva Chocolatier Collection, there’s sure to be an amazing gift basket here for your mom.

24 Best Mother’s Day Gift Baskets for Every Type of Mom – Here’s a great round-up of two dozen ideas for Mother’s Day. You can narrow it down from here as you think about the gift recipient and which theme is the best fit for her. The heirloom vegetable seed kit and the tiny pie gift box are unique ideas! They even show a succulent gift box and a gluten free gift box. 

5 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Baskets – This post will help you put together your own creative gift basket for Mother’s Day. It includes pictures and specific item lists to create a customized gift for mom. From chic charcuterie to ready-to-go recipe, these ideas are unique and fun.

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas – If you want to create a DIY gift basket for Mother’s Day, but your creative juices are just not flowing, then you’ll love this inspiration post. It does include specific lists to create your own or it links to ready-made baskets you can buy.

Mother’s Day Flower Basket

You can’t go wrong with flowers for Mother’s Day! Here are some options to choose from, along with some out-of-the-box ideas to consider.

All Mother’s Day Assortment – Choose the best bouquet for your Mother’s Day floral gift. 

Mother’s Day Succulent Gift Box with Card – Break away from the norm and send mom this cute box filled with beautiful succulents. These plants will last for years and make a great alternative to cut flowers.

Felt Flower Bouquet – Another unique option instead of live flowers is to send mom a felt flower bouquet of handmade flowers. 

Mother’s Day Handmade Bouquet Pink Silk Flowers Gift – A silk flower bouquet is a fun option if you want your gift to last a bit longer. This one comes with chocolate!

Mother’s Day Chocolate Handmade Bouquet 

Gifting decadent chocolates on Mother’s Day is another long-held tradition in the United States. Show mom how much she means to you with some of these fun chocolate handmade bouquets.

How to Create a Candy Bouquet – This easy guide will show you how to make your own stunning candy bouquet for Mother’s Day. This tutorial includes great pictures and also tells you where to find all your supplies to make your own chocolate gift baskets.

Easy Mother’s Day Gift: Chocolate Bouquet – Even if you’re not crafty, you’ll be able to create this chocolate bouquet for Mother’s Day! You can find most of the supplies in the dollar store and the result is cute.

DIY Chocolate Bouquet – Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to make a chocolate bouquet out of tissue paper. Your cute flowers sit in a terracotta pot or other vase and you can customize the colors and chocolates to your gift recipient.

Belgian Chocolate-Covered Nibblers Bouquet – Finally, if you don’t want the hassle of a DIY chocolate bouquet, then here’s one option that will deliver a chocolate treat directly to mom!

Mother’s Day Self-Care Basket

Make mom smile and relax on her special holiday with a self-care and relaxation gift basket. Choose from one of these great options below, or use them as inspiration for making your own version.

Extra Cozy Hygge Box for Mom – Pamper mom this holiday with a lovely box filled with cozy gifts. She’ll get chenille socks, hand-painted cappuccino mug, honey sticks, wooden beads, chocolate bar, wooden ornament, spoon, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, and a personalized card.

Mother’s Day Spa Gift Box – Mom will love aromatherapy spa care package. It includes a lavender eye pillow, bath bomb, dry shampoo, soap bar, cozy socks, and free greeting card.

Self-Care Gift for Mom Box – This beautiful box comes with a handcrafted soy candle, pink rose soap, bath salt, organic lip balm, and a bath bomb.

What can I have delivered for Mother’s Day?

If you don’t live near mom, you can still have gifts delivered for Mother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day in 2021, the floral business was a $2.66 billion dollar industry in the United States. The top holidays for flower sales are Christmas and Hanukkah. After those winter holidays, Mother’s Day is the next most popular holiday for flowers.

In addition to flowers, you can have food delivered for Mother’s Day. Chocolates and chocolate gifts ship well and are popular. Subscription boxes for mom are always a great idea too. 

Of course, handmade gift baskets or purchased gift baskets can have any theme and are the perfect gift to have delivered to your mother on her special day.

Unique Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Your mom is special, so try and think outside-of-the-box. What would be a great unique gift basket for her? Does she love cheese? How about a cheese basket! Is she a tea connoisseur? How about a basket with some green teas and other delightful flavors.

Luxury Gift Baskets

There are some luxurious baskets for mom that contain gourmet food, New York cheesecake, and a bottle of white wine.

Spa Baskets

If you are looking for the best gifts for mom, consider a cozy care package. There are some fun gift boxes that contain spa essentials, herbal tea, and a cozy robe. I mean, who wouldn’t love spa-themed gift baskets?

Mother’s Day Food Gifts

Other unique Mother’s Day gift baskets might be great for the mom with a sweet tooth and contain things like milk chocolate, white chocolate, an assortment of cookies, or chocolate bars.


Gift baskets are the perfect way to tell the best mom in the world that you appreciate her! Whether you’re sending it to your own mom, your grandmother, or a best friend, these fun gifts celebrate the hard work of motherhood.

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