MAKE 10! New {FREE} Gumball Math Game – An HSG Exclusive!

June 30, 2015

Carrie Fernandez


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Have I told you lately how awesome it is to be able to share free activities with you, here at Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies? I love to give great resources away to amazing families and I REALLY love the chance to reach so many of you with them.

What’s With The Gumballs?

Okay… So this isn’t a theme you usually see a lot of creators go crazy for, but for some reason, when I came across these graphics, a million game ideas popped into my head. I had to stop everything else and scribble them all down, making paper sketches of some, before I lost them all. :)  That’s where this game came from.

And it has a lot of friends! ♥

So I want to give you this one FREE … ONLY on HSG! And if you’d like ANOTHER free one it’s super easy to go grab it while you meet all of their not-free-but-super-super-cheap-for-about-a-week friends.

The HSG Exclusive:

Does anyone else think that learning how to get to the next ten in math is incredibly important?

Once you have that down, all the patterns make a lot more sense. So when kids are little, or even not so little, I like to drill this concept as much as possible. My kids, on the other hand, like when I disguise that drill with fun games.

This “MAKE 10” game is a perfect example. Different age levels can play together, and the older kids can help guide the younger kids. Older ones can also be score keeper while little ones practice adding up to ten. 

Love it?

Want it for your own home?

Just click that download link below. BUT ALSO PLEASE CONSIDER SHARING THIS POST ON YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS! Because if YOU love the  idea of this game (and the fact that it’s free!) so will all your friends! ♥  Thanks for spreading the word! 

>>>  FREEBIE #1:  MAKE 10 (Free PDF Exclusively at HSG Created by Little Learning Lovies) <<<

The Extra Freebie:

I did tell you there was more!

Click on over to the Little Learning Lovies Blog to get the next free PDF shown below. It’s a similarly styled game, but it’s goal is to practice forming CVC words. Again, this is a super fun way to practice an otherwise rather dull skill :)  And this game is TOTALLY FREE (no email address required, even!)  

You’ll also have the chance to learn about a very special bundle of Gumball themed games designed for PreK through 1st grade learners.

>>> FREEBIE #2: CVC Word Builder Scrabble Style Game (by Little Learning Lovies) <<<

Happy Learning! Can’t wait to ‘see’ you next time… 

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