All About Earthquakes FREE Research Journal, Printables and More

February 5, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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You may have been seeing a lot of posts and freebies on natural disasters, specifically earthquakes in the past few weeks. Learning about natural disasters can be a really fun science topic of interest for your children. Here in Florida we deal with hurricanes, but our children are not familiar with earthquakes except for seeing them on the news. The closest they came to understanding the devastation that can come from an earthquake was when my paramedic husband helped out with disaster relief after the earthquake in Haiti.

All About Earthquakes Free Research Journal, Printables and More text with image of a large crack in the ground

We love to delve deep into unit studies on specific subjects in our homeschool. If you are learning about earth science, geology or natural disasters in general, we have some amazing high quality resources we have created that you can use for your very own unit study on earthquakes. I have also rounded up some free printables that you can use with an earthquake unit study.


FREE Printables:

Explore Earthquakes Science Sheet

National Geographic Earthquake Webquest

Earthquakes Unit Study and Lapbook

Montessori Inspired Earthquake Activities with free printables

Learning about Earth’s Continental Plates

Learn about the Science of Earthquakes with

Homeschool Giveaways Exclusive Freebies and Instant Downloads:

We had a hard time finding enough printables for a complete earthquake unit study, so we created lots of tools that will be useful for you and your children. The best part is that they are all FREE!

This FREE Natural Disasters Notebooking Research Project is an instant download that will help your children to research and take notes on what they have learned about earthquakes. You are going to love that there are questions and a link for all the research and answers you will need. Sometimes when having our children answer questions with researching, it’s hard to know if the answers are correct without doing all the research ourselves! This is geared towards grades 4-7.

natural disasters research notebooking pages earthquakesOur free Historic Earthquakes Notebooking Journal will have your children researching 35  historic earthquakes from all over the world. The earthquakes that are covered range from 464 BC to 2011. This journal includes space for students to record the epicenter, magnitude, and more for each earthquake. This will also go along well with geography as you are researching the different countries that are effected.

FREE Historic Earthquakes Notebooking Research Journal


When learning about earthquakes your children will come across many new many vocabulary terms that can be hard to understand. We have put together a FREE Earthquake Terminology Copywork Notebook to help keep everything organized and in one spot during their unit study on earthquakes. This notebooking set has borders that can be colored in and copywork for print handwriting practice. The vocabulary words and terms they will learn are: earthquake, seismometer, magnitude, Richter scale, hypocenter, epicenter, fault, fault plane, seismic waves, and tectonic plates.

FREE Earthquake Terminology Copywork Notebook

As you research the different earthquakes and the people they effected, this would be a great time to pray for the different nations and people groups that are still struggling today because of the devastation. We hope you enjoy these studies!

All About Earthquakes FREE Research Journal, Printables and More


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