Free Worksheets for the Muscular System

February 19, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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There are lots of different systems that make up the human body. This post covers the muscular system. The muscular system is so important because it provides the motor power movement for all of the body parts. Teach your kids all about the muscular system and what their muscles do with these free worksheets for the muscular system. 

free worksheets for the muscular system


Learning about the Human Body

We have been posting some amazing free resources for learning about the human body. If you are learning about the human body this year, or are planning to study it next year, we have got you covered!

The major systems of the human body are:

  • Muscular System
  • Skeletal System
  • Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • Integumentary System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Urinary System
  • Reproductive System (Female and Male)

Memorizing the Systems of the Human Body:

You can memorize the different systems of the human body using mnemonic devices, or even songs. This video shows a fun way to memorize 11 body systems: muscular, urinary, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, reproductive lymphatic integumentary, nervous, and circulatory.

Body Systems Songs

The Muscular System

Your children will enjoy learning about how important our muscles are, how they move, and how they help all of our body parts to move and function. Without muscles we could do nothing!

I have gathered up lots of muscle labeling worksheets and other printables that cover the study of the muscular system. These will be great to use if you are doing separate unit studies on the human body, or just learning about the muscular system on its own.

What are the 5 functions of muscles?

The muscular system works to provide support, movement, protection, blood circulation and to generate heat. 

What are 5 fun facts about the skeletal system?

  1. It takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile! You will use only 17 muscles to smile, whereas you use a whopping 43 muscles to frown. So paste a smile on your face – it’s easier!
  2. Up close muscles look like bundles of fibers.
  3. Your total body weight is made up of 40% muscle.
  4. The largest muscle in your body is the…butt! Yep, the gluteus maximus is the laregest muscle in your body (no matter the size of YOUR behind!).
  5. The smallest muscles are found in your eardrum and are called the Tensor Tympani and Stapedius.

Human Anatomy Notebook

Explore the body with this awesome human anatomy notebook! It’s an easy way for students in grades 5 and up to learn about human anatomy independently. 

human anatomy notebook

Free Muscular System Worksheets:

If you are searching for a muscular system worksheet that you can use to supplement your study of human anatomy, you’ll be glad to know we’ve put together a list for you. Whether you are looking for muscle anatomy worksheets, labeling, or diagrams, we’ve got you covered!

Learn the Muscular System Third Grade Unit Study Guide – This download schedules complete lesson plans for a whole week for 3rd graders to learn more about how the muscular system works. Including video lessons, website links, word searches, and quizzes.

Muscular System Notebooking Pages – 8 free printable notebooking pages on the muscular system for your student to write about different types of muscles, facial muscles, and skeletal muscles.

Anatomy Muscular System Lapbook – A fun project to make at home with your student while learning about the muscular system is to create a lapbook out of it. Download free printables here and follow instructions to make your own lapbook to show off everything you know now about how the muscular system works.

Inside Out Anatomy: Muscles Worksheet – Download a muscular system worksheet set to explore all the different types of muscles and how they help us move.

Muscle Labeling Worksheet – Label the different types of muscles on this free printable muscular system worksheet.

Movin’ to the Muscle Music Worksheet – This science worksheet, perfect for fifth graders, teaches them about the muscular system and coordinating pairs.

Human Body Systems Worksheets

Labeling and Diagramming is a great way for your children to memorize the different parts of the muscular system. We have created some printable anatomy labeling worksheets as an instant download for your students! This includes fill-in-the-blanks for your student to label some of the main muscles that are in the body.

human body systems labeling and diagramming muscular system 4th-7th grade

More Free Muscles Worksheets

Muscular System Wordsearch – Click this link to play a fun muscular system word search game.

Human Muscles Backview Coloring Labeling Page – Download and print this human muscles coloring worksheet that comes with a word bank and spaces to label the muscles. 

Muscular System Quiz – Click here to download and print a free muscular system quiz for 9th graders. 

What is Muscle Worksheet – Download a muscular system worksheet that explaind what makes up your muscles and how they work. There are actually multiple printables on the muscular system you can use.

Muscle Anatomy Wordsearch – Print this free muscle anatomy word search worksheet. Perfect for fifth graders learning about the muscular system, they will have to search for 14 important different muscles.

Free Muscular System Notebook Unit

We love using notebooking in our homeschool and it works very well when you are doing unit studies and delight directed learning. We created another awesome freebie for you to go along with the study of the muscular system.

The Free Muscular System Diseases Notebooking Research Journal is an instant download. This research journal will help your children to learn about the different diseases that can effect the muscular system such as: palsy, fibromyalgia, muscle strain, muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, tetanus, and a torn rotator cuff.

diseases of the muscular system free notebooking research journal

Human Anatomy Freebies

Free Human Body Systems Vocabulary Copywork Notebook – Here are 78 free printable pages of body systems vocabulary about to copy and remember.

Free Printables for Apologia’s Elementary Anatomy Book  – Enjoy tons of free anatomy and physiology worksheets to go along with Apologia’s Anatomy and Physiology book, perfect for kindergartners through 6th grade. 

Free Human Anatomy Coloring Pages for Students

A fun way to introduce your kids to anatomy is with coloring pages. We have listed out some science coloring pages that are great for kids of all ages. You’ll find human anatomy coloring pages for all the major systems of the body, as well as additional anatomy and physiology worksheets. 

free human anatomy coloring pages

Human Body Printables in our Subscriber Library

Discovering DNA, Cells & Heredity – In the Discovering Cells, DNA, and Heredity unit, students have more than 80 pages of information at their fingertips including: vocabulary cheat sheets, print copywork, cursive copywork, labeling diagrams, and more.

Human Body Systems Fact Cards & Cheat Sheets – Help your kids learn more than 70 anatomy-related terms with the Body Systems Cheat Sheets and Fact Cards.

Parts of a Cell Fact Cards & Cheat Sheets – Help your kids learn about the parts of animal cells and plant cells with the Parts of a Cell Cheat Sheet and Fact Cards unit. 

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