Free Resources for Learning About Historic Earthquakes

October 28, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If you have ever weathered through an earthquake, you know that it is an experience you’ll never forget. These free resources for learning about historic earthquakes will be a great addition to your earthquake lessons or unit.

Free Resources for Learning About Historic Earthquakes text with black and white image background of a destroyed building

I am from the East Coast of the United States of America, New York, to be specific. We just don’t have earthquakes. I moved to Florida, and still no earthquakes.

Little did I know that the Lord would bring my family to an earthquake-prone country. When we first moved we did what any new citizens of an earthquake-prone country would do… we packed an earthquake/tsunami bag to get ready to flee to higher land.

We have grown to know now that earthquakes are commonplace and a siren will sound should there be a tsunami coming.

However, our first earthquake experience was pretty hilarious. It was about 5 a.m. in the morning. My husband and I dashed out of the bed, he grabbed the emergency bag at the side of our bed. We grabbed the kids out of the bed and sprinted to the car and waited for the siren.

We are looking around, neighbors still sleeping, no sirens. It turns out we SERIOUSLY overestimated the earthquake. It’s definitely a funny memory now, when we think back.

However, it was a perfect drill for us and we are grateful for taking the precaution overboard – just in case we need it for the real thing.

Our Christ Church, New Zealand  Friends.

After a few years in Tonga, we met a beautiful family from New Zealand, who came as missionaries for a year and a half to the island where I live.

They eventually retold the stories of their experience with the devastating earthquakes in Christ Church, New Zealand. The memories were still fresh in their minds. Their concerns about the casualties were evident in their expressions.

Her husband is a green home contractor/master builder. He builds amazing and breathtaking eco-friendly homes. After the earthquakes, his company quickly began to help families affected by the earthquakes in September 2010, only to face another devastating earthquake just a few months later in February 2011.

Can you imagine the devastation? They knew people who just were gone, unaccounted for after the first earthquake.

They began to rebuild and shortly after another earthquake brought more deaths, damage, and casualties. Lord, our hearts beak for such horrific natural disasters and those affected. We also are able to understand the magnitude of God’s perfect sovereignty.

It either turns people away from God or throws them headfirst to follow Him.

If you are studying earthquakes in your homeschool, be sure to pray for people around the world who are probably still trying to recover and those who need to turn to the Lord for salvation.

Explore these reading materials and free resources for learning about historic earthquakes:

FREE Historic Earthquakes Notebooking Research Journal

Historic Earthquakes Free Notebooking Research Journal text with image background of destroyed buildings

464 BC Sparta, Greece

City of Sparta destroyed by the earthquake of 464 B.C (FREE Printable) | Research Gate

226 BC Rhodes, Greece

226 BC Rhodes earthquake audio article | Wikipedia tts

62 Pompeii, Italy

Article 62 A.D. Pompeii Earthquake | Politics of Disaster

The First Destruction of Pompeii 62 A.D. and Video | Napoli Unplugged

December 22, 856  Damghan, Iran / March 23, 893 India and Iran

Earthquake History of Iran FREE Printable | Research Gate

Timeline: Major earthquakes in Iran | Aljazeera

Earthquake History of Iran | Science Direct

October 11, 1138 Egypt and Syria

1138 Aleppo Earthquake | History Collection

Aleppo Earthquake – Syria – 1138 AD | Devastating Disasters

1138 Aleppo earthquake facts for kids | Kids.Kiddle

January 23, 1556 Central China

Deadliest earthquake in history rocks China |

The 1556 Shaanxi Earthquake and Map | History Collection

1703 Honshu, Japan

Japan’s Biggest Earthquakes | Live Science

1737 Kolkata (Calcutta), India

Earthquake Damage in Calcutta (Kolkata) (FREE Printables) | Sites.Google

The 1737 Calcutta Earthquake and Cyclone evaluated FREE Download | Research Gate

1755 Lisbon, Portugal

What Caused the Great Lisbon Earthquake? | Research Gate

1811 – 1812  New Madrid, Missouri

New Madrid Earthquake | TNHistoryforKids

December 8, 1812 Alta California

San Andreas |

December 21, 1812  Santa Barbara Channel, California

1855 earthquake rattled nerves and mission bells article | Daily Bulletin

January 23, 1855 Wairarapa, New Zealand (8.2 magnitude)

The 1855 Wairarapa earthquake |

The Day The Earth Shifted | NZGeo

Massive earthquake hits southern North Island | New Zealand History

April 18, 1906 San Francisco, California

The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake | USGS

Word Search for I Survived the San Francisco Earthquake, 1906 – FREE | Teaching Literacy

December 16, 1920 Central China

Terrible Earthquake in China | ARCGIS

September 1, 1923 Kanto, Japan

The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923 | SmithsonianMag

1950 India and Tibet 

The Great Assam Earthquake of 1950 | Sites.Google

1952 Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

How Long Did The Kamchatka Earthquake Last | Denvers Refrigeration

1960 Southern Chile (9.5 magnitude)

Just How Big Was the Biggest Earthquake? | Scientific American

Predecessors of the giant 1960 Chile earthquake FREE Download | Research Gate

May 22, 1960 CE: Valdivia Earthquake Strikes Chile | National Geographic

1964 Southern Alaska

Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami of March 27, 1964 | USGS

1964 Alaska Earthquake |

1965 Aleutian Islands

Aftershocks of the 4 February 1965 Rat Island Earthquake FREE PDF |

1965 M8.7 Rat Islands Earthquake | UAF

December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean (Sumatra)

The Sumatra Earthquake of December 26, 2004 | ThoughtCo.

2005 Pakistan

Pakistan: Impact of the 8 October 2005 earthquake | RefWorld

2005 Indian Ocean (Sumatra)

Mapping downgoing plate topography: The 2005 Sumatra earthquake | Science Daily

January 12, 2010 Haiti

2010 Haiti earthquake: Facts, FAQs, and how to help | World Vision

Before and After Photos | The Guardian

Haiti: Ten years after the earthquake | Prevention Web

2010 Pacific Ocean, Central Chile

1.5 Million Displaced After Chile Quake | New York Times

Earthquake and Tsunami in Chile: massive evacuation and building codes help to reduce loss of life | UNESCO

September 2010 Christchurch, New Zealand / February 2011, Canterbury, New Zealand

Christchurch shifts from concrete to steel in post-earthquake rebuild | Prevention Web

Lessons from the Christchurch quake | Immigration. Govt. NZ

Christchurch Earthquake Case Study | Internet Geography

FREE Resources and Lesson Plans – Christchurch Earthquakes | LEARNZ

Why Was New Zealand’s Latest Earthquake So Deadly? | Scientific American

March 11, 2011. Pacific Ocean (Japan)

Mar 11, 2011 CE: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami | National Geographic

The below resources will be a great starting point for you to teach all about earthquakes in a natural disaster unit.

All About Earthquakes FREE Research Journal

All About Earthquakes Free Research Journal, Printables and More text with image of a large crack in the ground

FREE Earthquake Terminology Copywork Notebook

Earthquake Terminology Free Vocabulary Copywork Notebook

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes…with snack foods! (Part 1) | Canadian Red Cross

What Is an Earthquake? | Educational Videos for Kids

Lego City Earthquake | Teach Beside Me

Lego City Earthquake text with image example of toy Legos constructed on a green colored Lego board

Ways to Create An Earthquake (STEM)! | Teachers are Terrific

Montessori-Inspired Earthquake Activities With FREE Printables | Every Star is Different

Earthquake Experiments | The Owl Teacher

Natural Disasters Lesson: Earthquakes! | The Usual Mayhem

Earthquake FREE Printables | ThoughtCo.

Geology 112 Earthquakes. Activity 1 Worksheet Introduction to the Course. What is a Fault? What is an Earthquake? | SILO

Earthquake Facts & FREE Worksheets | kidskonnect

Free Resources for Learning About Historic Earthquakes

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