Free Homeschool Report Card Templates

October 8, 2019

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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In Florida we don’t have to report our grades, but sometimes it’s nice to have a plan and a way to keep track of our student’s homeschool grades. If you keep track of grades and want to give your child a homeschool report card, it can be very encouraging, and you can use these free report card templates. You can even create report cards that have comments and emojis instead of grades. Be sure to grab our free homeschool report card templates pack at the end of this post. 

Free Report Card Templates

Homeschool Report Card

It’s important for homeschooled students to understand their progress. Sometimes there are subjects that they are struggling with, and other times particular subjects in which they excel. Keeping grades isn’t always a priority for homeschool parents, but there are benefits to using a homeschool report card. 

Keeping Homeschool Records

Whether you believe in report cards or not, it is important to have some kind of record of what our children are doing. Report cards are a great way to keep track of your kid’s grades (if you need to keep track of them for your state laws).

Homeschool Report cards are also a useful tool in helping to hold our kids accountable to their work, and having a visual aid of tracking their progress in certain subject areas. Report cards are pretty easy to create, but if you are not tech savvy, there are plenty of free templates available online.

If you are wanting to help hold your children accountable for their grades, and keep a record of where they are at academically, then you will enjoy these Free Report Card Templates. All the work is already done for you, you can just print them and fill them out.

Homeschool Record Keeping Printables

If you are in need of other homeschool record keeping printables, we have a huge list of them. From homeschool planning, portfolio review printables, and planners for moms, or even homeschool planners for kids, we’ve got you covered!

Free Printable Report Card Templates

Browse our list of templates that you can use to make your very own homeschool report card. 

Cute Report Card Printable – A cute design for a free homeschool report card printable.

How to Make a Homeschool Report Card with Free Printable – This insightful post helps give ideas on what to include in your homeschool report card, also a cheat sheet how to grade by number or evaluation. 

Homeschool Report Card – This neatly organized, free downloadable report card couldn’t be any easier since it already has every subject listed. You fill in the name of your student, school year, the grade for each semester, and give teacher feedback.

Homeschool Report Cards – This free homeschool report card download is perfect for all grades. Split up into four parts to record academic progress, habits and attitudes, attendance, and it comes with a grading scale for those that need help with grading.

Tons of Report Card and Grade Templates in different styles – This link offers a variety of different styles of homeschool report cards and instructions to print and use. Take a look and choose the best one for you and your student to use.

Printable Homeschool Report Cards with different semesters, terms and amount of pages – This page has everything you’re looking for, with choices for 4-semester year report cards, 6-term year report card, and non-traditional report cards.

Free Report Card and Progress Charts text and image of pink chart with finger pointing at golden star stickers

Progress Reports Printables

5 Reasons Homeschoolers Should Track Progress– Learn 5 reasons why homeschoolers should use report cards to track progress along the way. It’s encouraging and rewarding for your student to see how they do. The download on this website offers several different free report card templates to use, blank ones to fill in the subjects yourself or ones that are already filled in.

Editable Progress Report Card perfect for Teens – This free homeschool report card printable is great for keeping track of your grades for every subject. This page also has an attendance section to write down days absent and present, which is an important plus since I know how it can be a struggle for some homeschoolers to keep track of at times.

Free Printable Progress Reports for Teachers – These free printables are great for semester check-ins and progress reports. 

Homeschool Progress Report Template

This homeschool progress report template includes room for more than just keeping track of your children’s grades.

There is room to note progress and specific skills that they have mastered. There are two different styles to choose from, and printables for progress, report cards, checklists, and student progress sheets for a planner. These are available in an instant download!

FREE Report Card and Progress Report Templates

Printable High School Transcripts

High School Transcripts and Report Cards – Download free high school report card and transcript printables for your older students to help keep organized this school year!

Student Record Keeping Grade Transcript – This homeschool transcript free printable has 10 sections for different courses; first, second, and final grade. At the bottom of the page is a grading scale from A to F.

Homeschool Highschool Report Card Templates – Click this link for a free, printable, easy-to-use student report card to make grading easier. 

Gradebook Printables

Free Gradebook and Record Keeping Spreadsheet – Check out this link for a free download that comes with a report card, reading book list, course list, field trip list, attendance record, and extra-curricular activities record to help keep track of everything for your student for the whole year. 

End of the Year Evaluations

Report cards can also help you with end of the year evaluations and portfolio reviews. If you are looking for more information on how to prepare for one, check out this post:

Get ready for a portfolio review with these homeschool portfolio printables – Keeping a portfolio homeschooling is just as important for the teacher as well as the student to track progress and also see what areas need some extra work. It’s satisfying at the end of the year to go over your finished portfolio and see all the things you’ve accomplished!

Portfolio Review Checklist Organize Your Homeschool Free Instant Download

In Conclusion

Giving your kids progress reports and a homeschool report card can be a great way to evaluate how far they’ve come or what needs more work. Reports cards for homeschoolers are also a fun way to encourage and reward good grades. Use these free homeschool report card templates and progress report printables to amke it super easy for you to track grades!

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