Free Printable Homeschool Record Keeping Forms

June 28, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Whether you have homeschooling law requirements or not, there are benefits to keeping records of your student’s progress at home. These free printable homeschool record keeping forms will provide the tools you need to keep track and documentation of homeschool progress, grades, and more.

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Homeschool Record Keeping

Learn about homeschool record keeping, why you should keep records, the benefits of record keeping and lots of free forms to help you get started.

Should I keep homeschool records even if the law doesn’t require it?

While I was doing research about keeping records in homeschool or whether I should even do it, I came across a saying from C.S. Lewis that one of the moms shared with me.

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?” – C. S. Lewis

Of course, keeping records in a state or country that requires you to is a given. However, why do it when you don’t have to? Because one day you might wish you did.

Benefits of Homeschool Record Keeping

Record keeping in your homeschool is an excellent way for you to evaluate, review, test, improve, and keep track of your child’s learning progress.

Whether you choose to keep digital homeschool records or yearly binders, keeping what you need in one place will prove essential in long-term record-keeping needs.

Keeping a record of your student’s homeschooling also:

Maintains a level of accountability for your student.

It provides a set of goals to achieve and motivation to do better and improve.

Particularly in high school, the benefits of record keeping are extremely important. Whether your child enters a trade or college and needs a transcript or they want to apply for some internships or programs and need proof of their education and courses are taken.

Keeping a record of community service hours and volunteering become also increasingly important for these very reasons.

What records do I need to keep for homeschooling?

If someone is living in America and tells you what to keep a record of,  take the advice but also visit the HSLDA. They will direct you to your state’s homeschooling laws for where to begin.

Here are some ideas of what to keep for your homeschool records:

  • Correspondence from your local school board. (Communication and Letter of Intent if you needed one.)
  • Homeschool attendance records
  • Report cards, grade records, and progress reports
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Curriculum used if any or lesson plans
  • Your students homeschool work portfolios
  • Reading logs
  • Field trip logs
  • Extracurricular activities and electives
  • Records of various clubs or sports they participate in
  • Community Service and volunteer logs, records, and letters of recommendation
  • All high school courses, especially those that account for college credits
  • Documentation of any awards, accomplishments, certificates, contests, etc.
  • On the job training of any sort

NOTE: We have some free resources below for you to explore for most of these areas.

Free printable homeschool record keeping forms

These homeschool record keeping printables are a great way to keep your homeschool organized!

Homeschool Record Keeping Forms

Easiest Homeschool Record-Keeping System – If you are unsure where to start record keeping in homeschool, this resource can help. Grab this free record keeping system-free template in Word that is interactive and writable.

Free Record-Keeping Forms for Home School – You need it, this resource from ThoughtCo. has it. This free homeschool documentation can help you keep organized, keep track of attendance, educational progress, and so much more.

Homeschool Record Keeping Printables to Get Organized – Grab some homeschool printables to keep records of attendance, progress, community service time, and more. Also gets some tips like what should go in homeschool portfolios, attendance records, and homeschool transcripts.

Printable Recording Keeping Forms for Homeschool – Grab this collection of homeschool record keeping printables to get prepared and organized for this homeschool year. The blank versions are customizable in an Excel format for your student’s record keeping needs.

Free Homeschool Portfolios Resources for Student Progress

Portfolio Review Preparation and Printables – Get ready for a portfolio review with a perfect tool to help you gather your homeschool paperwork. These portfolio must-haves include a Portfolio Review Checklist to help you put things together.

Free Homeschool Portfolio Printables

Homeschool Portfolio Printables

Creating a Homeschool Portfolio with Printables – Many of us (yes, myself included) have waited until the end of the school year to create our student’s yearly portfolio. Attempt to set up your portfolio and add projects and work as the year progresses with these free portfolio printables.

Printable Portfolio Organization Bundle – This simplified portfolio organizer tool will help you create amazing portfolios for your students and homeschool. There are over 15 pages of organization, tips, and subject divider pages to create the perfect record keeping binder.

Homeschool Portfolio Binder Printables – Does your state require a record of your homeschool year or progress? Create a homeschool binder and keep a portfolio of work of your children throughout the year with these portfolio printables.

How to Build Your Homeschool Binder

Homeschool Planning Resources for Good Record Keeping

High School 4-Year Homeschool Planning Forms – High School is such an important time period in a child’s homeschool. Not that other years aren’t important, but record keeping during these years carry over to technical schools, college, and other adult opportunities. These forms can help for your full 4 years.

Homeschool Planning Pack – Prepare your homeschool year with some guidance. This homeschool planning pack will keep everything started on the right foot and ready for record keeping. It includes everything from a homeschool calendar to a homeschool Bible plan.

Printable Planning Pages and Resources – These planning pages can be used for basically all of your homeschool needs. Some of the printables include an attendance record, course of study page, extracurricular activity tracker, grade record – with 4 different formats to pick from, reading log, and so much more.

20 Printable Planners for Your Homeschool – One thing I know about myself is that I like order and I like to keep things organized when it comes to homeschool. Choose which of these 20 printables suits your liking and get planning for a year of organized record keeping.

Volunteer Hours for Homeschool Students

Homeschool Log for Student Volunteer Work – This simple volunteer hours log can be downloaded easily. The log contains spaces for the date, volunteer work performed, hour slogged, and more.

Community Service Calendar Log Download – Keeping track of community service hours is a simple printable for students to use as they log their hours. Kids can capture their activities performed and the numbers they have performed community service.

Service Projects Planner Printable Pages – Many times families can focus on a large service project. This resource has 8 different pages that can provide a means to capture all parts of the project for your students and family as a whole.

Homeschool Grade Templates

Use our free grade book template to keep track of grades easily!

Free Printable Grade Book Templates for Educators text with image of printable grade book

Progress Reports, Transcripts, and Report Cards for Homeschoolers

Progress Report Templates & Report Cards Pack – This free set of black and white progress report sheets and report card templates is perfect for all ages.

Homeschool Record Keeping Spreadsheet and Gradebook – It is especially important for your kids to have good records as they get older in homeschool. The recordkeeping spreadsheet and grade book includes attendance records, grading scales, space for recording grades, book lists, credits capture, and so much more.

Student Transcript Record Keeping Grade Report – I understand some families aren’t big with grading or record keeping, especially if there aren’t state requirements to adhere to. As kids grow older, you may find that need to keep these transcripts and record keeping grade reports handy.

Homeschool Report Card Template – Whether you have young learners or older students, these free homeschool report card templates are for EVERY grade level. So, grab some cute report cards for elementary-aged kids or detailed reports for high school students.

Free report card templates

Reading Lists for Your Homeschool

Student Printable Reading List (also for any Book Lover) – If your kids are a fan of reading, this reading log will work perfectly. The reading list plans your reads for the year or term, lists the books you’re reading, and rates the books that have been read.

Printable Reading Log Planners – These reading log printable planners come in two different versions, one super simple and one with flowers. They contain 10 pages for a book review, reading journal, favorite quotes, reading log printables, and more.

Records for Homeschool Field Trips

Planning Forms and Field Trip Record Keeping – The priority of planning field trips is either at the top of your planning list or almost non-existent until random ideas spring up. Be more intentional about your travels and field trips with this super useful resource for homeschool field trips and homeschool travel recordkeeping.

Homeschool Field Trip Log – Tracking field trips is something that many homeschool families may not think much about. It is important to keep track of field trips for homeschoolers and even record information from virtual tours and virtual field trips.

Field Trip Worksheet Templates and Logs

Printable Homeschool Attendance Records

Homeschool Attendance Tracking Sheet – Keep track of your days and even hours with this printable homeschool tracking sheet. You would be able to track your students’ attendance for the whole year at a glance.

Attendance Forms, Charts, and Records – There are times when we just don’t have homeschool. That is the beauty of homeschooling that we can develop a schedule that works for us. However, the recording of attendance is still important for most of us… even with taking time off as needed. These different attendance formats will suit various family’s needs.

Homeschool Record Keeping Forms

If you are new to homeschooling, these posts may be super helpful to you:


Record keeping in our homeschool is surely not just for others. Whether it be to show the progress of your student’s journey or for proof that prepares them for the future, you will thank yourself for keeping your homeschool organized.

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