20 Free Homeschool Planners for Kids

May 10, 2015

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you haven’t started already, it is about that time to plan for a new homeschool year. This is also the best time to start teaching your children how to plan with their very own planner. These free homeschool planners for kids will help your children to take control of their own education.

I like having a personal planner for myself. Homeschool moms know that a good planner is the best tool that they can have. It can help you to efficiently run your home, your homeschool and the busy schedules for your family. It can also be a lot of work to keep up with everyone’s individual schedules.

This is where homeschool planners for kids come in so handy. It helps them to learn organization and time management skills. My children really enjoy keeping their own personal planner, and even the youngest ones like checking off boxes as they complete their work. 

Why are homeschool planners for students important?

  • They create good habits. A child that learns to check off their work as they go along will be better organized as an adult.
  • Reduces stress. When your children see what they have to do in front of them, they can create a plan that works best for their brain, and they won’t be as overwhelmed.
  • It helps hold them accountable to the work they need to complete, as well as their extra curricular responsibilities.
  • Teaches your kids to keep good records. This is especially important for your older students and is a great life skill to learn now.

Free Homeschool Planners for Kids

These planners will help your kids to take responsibility for their work. There are many different types of planners to choose from. There are simple ones with everything laid out, basic checklists to laminate and use again and again.

There are also more elaborate planners with customizable sheets and planners for older students too. The best part is that they are free. If you don’t find one that is a good fit, you can try a different one. 

Simple Student Planners

These simple planners are great when you want something open and go. They have exactly what you need without any extra bells and whistles.

Homeschool Student Year Planner – This planner has simple year at a glance, month, weekly and daily goal sheets.

Mindfulness Simple Student Planner – One page printable graphic organizer with days of the week, goals for that week and to-do list.

Student Planner Printables – These simple pages have spaces for each day of the week with spots to jot down the class, assignments and dates.

Daily Student Planner – Daily planner to track assignments, grades, evening activities and a to do list for that day.

Cute Free Planners and To Do Lists – These adorable planner pages have a doodle theme to them.

Simple Homeschool Planner – This simple homeschool planner is colorful and simple with exactly what you need to plan and organize your entire school year.

Easy Printable Elementary Homeschool Planner – Colorful easy printable weekly planner pages.

Daily Assignment Checklists

The checklists are easy to print off and put into a student binder, or to laminate and hang on a clipboard in a school area.

Picture Daily Schedule for Kids – Daily schedule printables for visual learners that can’t read yet. Also designed for children with Autism.

My Daily Lesson Printable Checklist – This printable checklist is on a bookmark! I love that it can be laminated and used over and over again. It is simple without taking up a lot of space. 

Student Daily Plan Printable Checklist – Keep track of daily assignments for your student with this simple printable.

Homeschool Routine – This checklist is perfect to make sure that your kids keep track of what needs to get done each day of the daily routine.

Simple Pre Designed Checklist – This is ready to go and print off for your students. No extra planning needed on your part.

Customizable Planners

Many of these planners have editable forms so you can type in exactly what your student needs. Others have different options of printable pages to choose from and even different styles.

Create Your Own Homeschool Planner – These are really cool planners, there is so much to choose from, to make it personalized for your kids, including editable covers.

Customizable Homeschool Weekly Assignment Planner – This weekly assignment planner is completely editable. You can download it and customize it, then print it for your students. 

Editable Student Planning Binder – This editable student notebook has close to 50 pages of organizational helps. Everything is customizable for your child to make it their own.

Planners for Older Children:

These planners are great for upper grade students. There are even some college planners that would be wonderful for dual enrolled students to get used to to keeping track of a college schedule alongside their high school work.

Mini Accountability Binder  – I like that this is called an accountability binder. That’s exactly what I love about student planners, that they help hold your student accountable to their work. There are pages to track money, chores, daily activities, class schedules and more. Great for all ages including high school.

Donna Young Free Planners and Calendars. The choices are endless. There are mix and match planners, weekly planners, semester planners, planners for high school subjects and more. You can easily find one for your students to make as their own.

College Organizer Planner – These would be great for your students that are dual enrolling at their local college.

Four Year High School Planning Forms – There are 4 different layout available and you can choose from blank subject pages or pages with the subjects already printed on them.

Simple Homeschool Middle School Planner – Teach your middle schoolers to be independent by helping them create their very own planner out of a notebook.

If you need some planning help yourself, you won’t want to miss these just for moms:

Best Planners for Homeschool Moms – Homeschool mom, are you looking for a planner that is the perfect fit for you? You don’t want to miss out on these free homeschool planning downloads just for moms!

a notebook, pen, and coffee cup on a wooden table with text Best Planners for Homeschool Moms


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