Free Printables and Resources About the World’s Fastest Animals

September 1, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Why not study animals according to their traits? Use these free printables and resources about the world’s fastest animals to study those animals which travel faster than most vehicles can drive.

Free Printables and Resources About the World\'s Fastest Animals text with image of cheetahs


It is no wonder that the top of the list of the world’s fastest animals consists of birds. They sore through the air so smoothly. However, birds aren’t the only animals that can zoom by us faster than a speed car.

God created these fast-as-lightening creatures with the skill to run fast for many different reasons. Mainly, because of their environment and their ability to thrive in those environments.

Part of this equation has to do with prey and predatory patterns.

Thankfully with technology, we can see videos of them and observe their speed, see their grace, and thank God for creating such beautiful creatures.

I am not fast at all. I can’t run to save my life. When I was in the United States Navy I would have to start practicing months before our fitness test in order to pass.

Running is just not my thing, but I admire people who can make it a habit. Our bodies can be formed to run fast and get even faster. For some reason, God saw it fit to make animals that could run way faster than we can imagine.

Below, I have listed some of the fastest animals in the entire world.

These free printables and resources about the world’s fastest animals will help you study them in your homeschool.

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Brown Hare (48mph)

A close up image of a brown hare
Image by Moraig deWitt from Pixabay

Although these hares are absolutely adorable, they also can run faster than we can drive on most major roads. The brown hare’s long back legs help it run away from its predator, the red fox, to reach speeds of 77kph (48mph).

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Blue Wildebeest (50 mph)

a close up image of an animal standing alone outside
Image by Letitia Matthews from Pixabay

I was curious about how the Blue Wildebeest got its name – obvious this huge animal is not blue and why beest and not beast?

The word blue is for the silvery-blue sheen of its coat and the word wildebeest comes from the Afrikaans wildebees, or “wild beast.”

This wild beast is also called a gnu and part of the antelope family. They can reach 8 feet in length, stand 4.5 feet tall, and weigh up to 600 pounds. It’s hard to believe this scary-looking gnu could go as fast as it does. However, with predators like the lion and hyenas, I surely understand why it does.

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Pronghorn Antelope (55mph)

a close up image of an animal standing alone outside
Image by Christo Ras from Pixabay

The Pronghorn Antelope is interesting in that as fast as it can run, it also can run for very long distances at that same speed. Can you believe that it can travel up to 300 miles with the same energy?

Although it can’t run as fast as it’s predator the cheetah (up next) that cheetah can never run the long distance that the Pronghorn Antelope can run.

They grow up to 3 feet tall with very long legs and typically live alongside riverbanks and grasslands.

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Cheetah (75mph)

an image of a cheetah running outside
Image by DrZoltan from Pixabay

Cheetahs are the fastest running land animal in the world. They are way smaller than tigers and lions, reaching only 3 feet in height. They make up for their size in speed with their extremely long legs that help them catch their prey in as fast as 40-60 seconds.

Let’s put this into perspective. The cheetah can reach the speed of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3 second’s time! Here is another cool fact. They are the only large cat that can turn in mid-air while sprinting.

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image cut out of a fish
Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay

The marlin or sailfish are the animals typically seen in the homes of avid fishermen. The marlin is the absolute fastest fish in the ocean and is found in the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Ocean. They can grow up to 11 feet long and their sharp pointy nose is super intimidating.

Their lengthy bodies and speed help them escape their predators like the dolphin fish and octopus. They surely are a beautiful sight to see with their silver-like color.

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Frigate Bird (95mph)

A bird flying in the air
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Frigate Bird is a unique looking bird with the largest wingspan in relation to body weight. They spend most of their lifetime in the sky, they can stay flying in the air for over a week’s time!

They rarely spend much time in the ground at all, other than their breeding times in nests near the ocean-side of South America.

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Golden Eagle (200mph)

A bird flying in the sky
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Yes. You read that correctly. The Golden Eagle can fly great heights at an amazing speed and uses its talons to catch its prey swiftly and easily

The regal-looking Golden Eagle is a powerful bird of prey and is the second-fastest creature on the Earth.

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Peregrine Falcon (242mph)

An image of a bird with wings expanded about to fly
Image by Kevinsphotos from Pixabay

Finally, the fastest species in the entire planet is the Peregrine Falcon. This incredibly fast bird lives in every region except Antarctica and is a fearsome hunter.

Each year, the Peregrine Falcon travels several thousands of miles to migrate from one continent to another. They can fly as many as 15,500 miles per year.

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These incredibly fast animals are surely a sight to see. Make sure you show your kids the videos above to see them in action and use these free printables and resources about the world’s fastest animals to study them with your kids.

Free Printables and Resources About the World\'s Fastest Animals text with an image of a cheetah

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