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January 8, 2015

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Did you know that you can count your field trips as school hours or a even a full school day? I like to keep track of all of our trips with a homeschool field trip log and keep them in each student’s portfolio.

We like to track all of our field trips and add them to our end of the year portfolio. Not only does it document what we have learned it is fun to look back on and see the places we have gone. Then it becomes a scrapbook of sort.

I like to include any pamphlets, maps or educational handouts that we received at our field trips. This really helps add to the learning experience of the field trip.

Field trips enhance learning.

Field trips are amazing learning experiences. I enjoy finding field trips that accompany whatever we are studying in our homeschool. I make a point to make sure I plan a few learning field trips throughout the year that go with what we are learning.

It helps to make learning come alive for my kids. My older kids have fond memories of visiting historical sites, museums, zoos, even our local fire station. They learn so much when they can be immersed into a specific place or location.

Their senses are enhanced and they seem to soak up all of the information and retain it. I love watching their brains click when they can see something right before their eyes that we read in a book

Printable Homeschool Field Trip Logs:

If you are wanting to start tracking your field trips you must check out this list of field trip logs.

Printable Field Trip Log – There are two versions of this log. One that you can print out and write on, or an editable version where you can write directly on the computer. 

Field Trip Log – This field trip log has spaces for 11 field trips. You can record them by subject and by how many hours you spent on that field trip for that subject. 

Homeschool Field Trip Log – Simple log great for early elementary aged kids to record their thoughts about the field trip they just took.

Scrapbook Style Log – This log looks like a personal scrap book page and will look darling in a portfolio.

Student Field Trip Form– There are even spots for kids to draw pictures of what they saw and like best about the trip.

Printable Field Trip Journal – Your kids will get a chance to share what they did and did not like and even sketch a few things about their experiences.

Free Printable Field Trip Journal

Our subscribers have access to a field trip journal pack that is full of worksheets that you can use to record your homeschool field trips. You can download it as well as dozens of other homeschool freebies in our subscriber library

Field Trip Notebooking Pages:

Since I like to make sure most of our field trips are educational, notebooking pages are always a great idea. Do you take a whole day off from school to take a field trip? If so, then you can pull these notebooking pages out at the end of the day.

Your children will enjoy reflecting on what they have learned and recording it for “school”. 

Field Trip Reflection Notebook – This free notebook has portrait and landscaping field trip pages for your child to record in.

Zoo Fieldtrip Worksheets  A zoo is a popular field trip location. These individual worksheets and notebooking pages are for toddlers up through sixth grade.

Create your own Field Trip Notebook – Have your kids learn how to create and keep their very own notebooking journal just for all the fun field trips they will take.

Field Trip and Travel Journal – These notebooking pages create a wonderful keepsake to record what your children have learned and where they went, the places they traveled and what they saw along the way.

Virtual Field Trips:

Have you ever used the computer to go on a virtual field trip? With most of the world shutting down for a year, many families took advantage of virtual field trip opportunities. You won’t want to miss all these fun ideas!

List of amazing virtual field trips – This is a great list that also comes with printable virtual field trip logs and a map to mark where you have visited online.

10 Virtual Field Trips for Elementary Aged Children – Another great list of virtual field trips to take from the comfort of your own home. 

How to Make the Most of Virtual Field Trips – Be encouraged to take virtual field trips and find out how to turn them into amazing learning experiences in this article.

32 Virtual Field Trips for American History – Are you diving into American History this year? Use this list of field trips to add to your history learning experiences.

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