Free Polar Bear Printables Activity Pack

January 3, 2021

Sarita Harbour

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Are your kids fascinated by Arctic animals? Mine are. Now that could be because we live in Canada’s far north. That’s why I decided to create this free polar bear printables activity pack for my youngest children to use. 

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Want the pack? You’ll find the link to sign up for your own free polar bear printables activity pack down at the bottom of this post. ⬇️⬇️

Homeschooling in Canada’s Subarctic

I’m teaching my two youngest of seven children from our off grid home in Canada’s Northwest Territories. We live about 250 miles south of the Arctic Circle in a cabin on a lake. And yes, we do see the Northern Lights regularly!

Our closest neighbor tells us he remembers seeing caribou herds crossing our lake as recently as 10 years ago. In recent years, polar bear sightings just to the north of us have increased slightly as polar bears migrate south to find food. The warmer temperatures of climate change have impacted their patterns.

Honestly, homeschooling off the grid isn’t always easy. We sometimes struggle with feeling isolated – and that was long before all the challenges of 2020 arrived.

Polar Bears And Other Arctic Animals

While we do hear about polar bears wandering into some of the remote communities searching for food, in the area where we live, near the territorial capital of Yellowknife, we don’t see them. However, there are many other animals of the tundra and taiga that we do see. Or at least, we see evidence of them from their tracks. This includes lynx, pine martens, wolves, foxes, arctic hare, muskrats, otter, and squirrels. 


Life Skills for Kids in the Arctic

Hands-on homeschooling outdoors in nature is a HUGE part of our lifestyle. We homestead, garden, forage, and focus on teaching self-reliance life skills. However, since the weather gets so very cold here in January and February (as in down to the -45F range) we tend to focus on indoor studies during these months.

Some of the fun free resources we’ve found to supplement our winter animals studies include:

We’ve also really enjoyed taking classes on the online platform Outschool – they currently have over 40 classes on polar bears!

Free Polar Bear Printables Activity Pack + 20 More Polar Bear Resources

This free polar bear printables activity pack includes 9 fun activities for children between the ages of about four through eight.

Grab yours by heading over to An Off Grid Life. You’ll find the signup form down at the bottom of the page. You’ll also find over 20 more polar bear resources to use in your homeschool studies. 

Get your free polar bear printables activity pack and resources by visiting An Off Grid Life today!

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