Arctic Animals for Kids – Printables and Worksheets

December 9, 2019

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Winter is the perfect time to study arctic animals. Explore these free arctic animal worksheets that will help you teach your kids about arctic animals.

Free Arctic Animals Printables & Resources text with background image of two polar bears

Studying Arctic Animals

Kids who live in cold climates can relate to cold weather animals, they both live with snow on the ground. Teach your kids all about how they survive in colder temperatures. My kids enjoy learning about new arctic animals every year.

My kids all love animals and learning about them. In fact, the middle three have favorite types of animals. For instance, one of them says the walrus is her favorite arctic animal, while another says the arctic fox and still another, the beluga whale.

Arctic Animals Unit Study

This year I want to do an Arctic unit with the kids where they generally learn about all the different animals that live in that arctic environment. I want them to choose a specific animal to research more and dig deeper.

Free Arctic Animal Worksheets

Kids will enjoy learning about Arctic animals and their environment with these free printables and resources. The below resources can be used for young children and some for older kids.

Printable Arctic Animal Packs – These arctic animal printable packs for your preschool and kindergarten students will have lots of learning fun with favorite animals of the arctic. There are over 60 pages that include 3 part cards,  tracing pages, puzzles, cutting strips, sorting, mazes, and much more.

Arctic Creatures Preschool Printables – Teach your young children about these special animals that survive the coldest and harshest weather conditions around the globe. Even little ones can start learning about arctic habitats in a fun way with games, mini-books, arctic foxes coloring pages, and more.

Free Arctic Animal Worksheets

Arctic Pack – This arctic theme pack is for toddlers, preschoolers, PreK, and kindergarten learners (ages 2 to 7). The arctic pack has 45 pages of printable activities that include prewriting patterns, snowy owl page, tracing letters, beginning sound worksheet, and more,

Arctic Animal Update K-2nd – This updated arctic animal pack for kindergarten to 2nd grade. The pack includes 20 pages of math and language arts learning fun – alphabetical order, word search, subtraction, measuring, and more.

Arctic Animal Notebooking

Polar Animal Notebooking Pages – These winter polar animals notebooking pages are perfect for an arctic animal unit study. The notebooking pages highlight 10 different animals who live in the Arctic cold weather including the arctic hare, snowy owl, beluga whale, harp seal, and more.

Printable Arctic Animals Games and Activities

Free Arctic Animals Bingo Game – If your kids enjoy playing bingo then use this arctic animals printable bingo game to help develop their thinking skills. This arctic bingo game has ten different bingo playing cards in total as a fun way to learn about these cold creatures.

Arctic Animals Sudoku Printables – My kids learned to love the Sudoku game as part of their lessons for review. These Arctic animals sudoku free printables are fun brain exercises for kids to use when they are learning all about arctic animals at home.

Montessori Arctic Activities ~ Polar Regions – These printable polar regions arctic Montessori activities go great alongside arctic animal books. The free printables include polar counting cards, 3-part arctic region cards, and a printable arctic penguin page your student can label.

Arctic Animal Flashcards

Arctic Animal Flashcards – This free arctic animals freebie for kids is a fun review and engaging memory game for your lessons. Winter is the perfect time to teach kids about the arctic animal environment and habitats, these fun activities can help.

Arctic Animals Memory Game – This arctic animals memory game is perfect as part of your arctic animal unit study for preschoolers. You will only need the free printable, scissors, and a laminator is a great way for the memory game to last.

Arctic Tundra Playdough Mats

Arctic Tundra Playdough Mats – This arctic play dough mats printable for the tundra region include mats for 4 different letters and the numbers 1 – 10. Children will be able to work on counting, fine motor skills, and letter/number recognition.

Polar Animals D0-A-Dot Printables

Polar Animals Do-a-Dot Printables – These dot marker printables are a great way your young children can participate in your arctic animals unit. They will love dotting up their favorite polar animals like the walrus which swim in the arctic waters or the caribou that gallops across the snow-covered lands.

Arctic Animals Worksheets – These arctic animals worksheets are for preschoolers, kindergarten, and 1st-grade kids. Kids can trace how to spell arctic animal names like walrus, seals, whales, and so much more.

Arctic Animals Polar Bears

If you want to focus on polar bears this year, check out this super cool list of polar bear resources to explore. Where do polar bears live? What do they eat? Explore this topic more in with these freebies.

Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bear Facts for Kids – Did you know that polar bears live in the Arctic but NOT Antarctica? These interesting facts about polar bears will be a hit with your children. Did I mention this comes with a free printable? It totally does.

Polar Bear Coloring Pages

Polar Bears Coloring Pages – Your kids will enjoy handwriting, reading, and fine motor skills with this 36-page coloring resource. These coloring pages include printed words for toddlers, traceable letters, manuscript names to trace, and cursive names to trace.

Polar Bear PreK Handwriting Pack – Help your little ones with their fine motor skills with this polar bear preschool handwriting pack. Your students can practice writing their alphabet and numbers with a polar bear arctic theme.

Polar Bears Emergent Readers

Life of a Polar Bear Emergent Readers – Your young readers will enjoy these polar bear emergent readers. They will be tasked to read single words, short sentences, and more to learn about the life of a polar bear in simple text.

Polar Bears Emergent Reader – This polar bear emergent reader / homeschool easy reader ebook is for kids in the 1st grade. The emergent reader includes polar bear fun facts and cool polar bear images.

24 Page Polar Bear Activity Pack – Check out 17 different activities to use alongside your study on polar bears or the arctic. This activity pack includes a super cool polar bear craft

Arctic Animals Penguins

NOTE: Penguins aren’t technically “arctic” animals but are “antarctic” animals. Penguins live in the south poles, not the north pole. I am adding them here because… well, we all love penguins!

Penguin Printables: Preschool Activity Pack – This penguin printable activity pack includes scissor practice, sight word tiles, letter P coloring page, and even math activities like counting, ordinal numbers, and more.

Penguins Tot & PreK-K Pack – Who doesn’t love a penguin theme? They are adorable. With this toddler and preK activity pack, your young children will work on prewriting, word tracing, letter coloring, wall word cards, clip cards, and more.

Penguin Lacing Cards – My children have learned to enjoy lacing as it is very calming and develops hand-eye coordination. Lacing is perfect for early learners and older kids alike.

Penguin Life-Cycle Worksheets – Studying penguins as a part of your arctic animals unit study? Add this useful resource to the life cycle of a penguin.

Penguins Mini Puzzle Unit – This adorable penguin-themed mini-puzzle unit is full of fun including sudoku puzzles, word searches, matching games, and more. Your children will enjoy this as part of their arctic theme study and just for engaging learning fun.

More about Penguins

It’s hard to believe these adorable birds live in the cold climate year-round waddling their way through the snow.

Penguins even dive right in the icy water with no care in the world. Grab even more penguin resources and watch your kids have so much fun learning about them.

Don’t forget to share some educational videos and a fun video or two exploring animals of the arctic with your learners. They will be perfect to go with printables and worksheets that will help you teach your kids about arctic animals. Age appropriate videos really get learners intrigued about the arctic environment and the creatures that roam their lands and seas.

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