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April 7, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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Do you have early learners in your homeschool? I love teaching preschool and kindergarten to my homeschoolers. It’s a time when I, as a homeschool teacher, actually feel energized and excited to teach them what they need to know. As they get older, I tend to worry that I am not so great at teaching certain subjects, like math.

Some parents choose not to teach preschool, and that’s okay, but chances are, if your young ones have older siblings that you are homeschooling, they want to “do school” too. If you are looking for some free early learning printables, then you have come to the right place.

For a limited time only, you can get access to 20 free early learning resources for your preschooler or kindergartener – over $150 value. Offer ends 4/12/19. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get access.

free early learning bundle

Take a look at the resources included in this FREE Early Learning Bundle:

Included are resources for preschool and kindergarten (and some can be used even for early elementary students). There are phonics, spelling, early grammar, math, and essential skills products for early learning success. Scroll down to see everything that’s included in this free bundle of early learning resources! You will claim it when you get to the end of the post. 


ages 4-5 kindergarten success basic skills lapbook

Kindergarten Success Basic Skills Lapbook

If your children get bored with worksheets and and workbooks, the Kindergarten Success Basic Skills Lapbook may be just what you need! It provides a hands-on activity in which children can practice and strengthen many of the basic skills taught in Kindergarten.

You get not only a list the skills needed for your Kindergartener, but also all the templates needed to create this lapbook, which requires 3 folders. 


my first spelling book

My First Spelling Book

This spelling workbook will be a great addition to your homeschool when introducing your early learners to phonics and basic letter sounds. This spelling workbook contains fun worksheets with black and white pictures so that you can help child associate pictures of objects with sounds. 

Don’t let learning how to spell be intimidating – introduce it early with these fun worksheets and start teaching beginning phonics skills to your beginning reader.

10 frame math

Developing Number Sense Using Ten Frames

Help your children learn how to count and do simple addition and subtraction problems using interactive activities based on using ten frames. This downloadable ebook takes students from beginning math (counting and understanding numbers) through adding and subtracting double digit numbers. 

Because our number system is built around groups of 10, it is important for children to learn from the start how to identify and manipulate numbers within our base 10 system. 

Children thrive with hands-on activities and Developing Number Sense Using Ten Frames will be a great addition to your homeschool.

color printable packs

Colour Printable Packs

The author, Stacey Jones lives in Queensland, Australia, thus the spelling of “colour.” Color and colour are different spellings of the same word. In American English we spell it as “Color,” however, in all other main varieties of English it is often spelled as “colour.”

Colors! What child doesn’t like learning about colors? You can do so many fun games naming colors and picking out things with a particular color. This BIG colour-themed printable pack contains tons of pages of fun, educational activities all about colors. 

Teach your early learners all about the following colors:  black, brown, green, gray and grey (both spellings), brown, orange, pink, purple, red, white, & yellow.

Literacy activities: flashcards, shapes, word tracing, fingerprint activities, word matching, vocabulary cards, handwriting, missing letters, word searches, sentence building, coloring pages, and more

Hands-on activities: coloring pages, puzzles, sequencing cards, what come next activities, do-a-dot pages, tracing, cutting, sorting, matching, and other fun color games

Math activities: shapes, counting, graphing, simple addition, sorting, number cards, sumple subtraction, and math puzzles

mastering handwriting at any level

Mastering Handwriting at Any Level

This beginner’s handwriting curriculum starts at prewriting, the beginning stages of teaching your child how to properly hold a pencil, to manuscript and cursive writing side-by-side.

Included in Mastering Handwriting at Any Level:

Prewriting – 24 pages of prewriting practice. From lines to shapes, your child will have plenty to practice and work on strengthening their pencil skills.

Lower & Uppercase Letters – combined teaching of manuscript and cursive letters, as well as separate lessons for teaching both lowercase and uppercase letters.

Review – there are review worksheets every three weeks to reinforce the letters that were learned by the student.

Word practice – the practice of writing words in both manuscript and cursive will help students begin working on making connections from letter to letter. These words correspond with the images that represent each letter, so there are two words per letter. Students will write them in both manuscript and print.

cut and arrange creative writing stories

Cut and Arrange Stories-Set of 10 Story Starters

Sometimes early learners need choices to help them put together a story using their imaginations. That’s exactly what Cut and Arrange Stories provides your preschoolers.

With Cut and Arrange Stories, your child gets a selection of word choices to create ten fun stories.

Each of the stories include 10 pictures and 25 keywords that they can arrange and rearrange until their story sounds just the way they want it!

They will be working on their fine motor skills by cutting out the words and pictures. You can laminate the pictures and even put Velcro stickers on the back so they can “re-write” their stories whenever they want to! Sounds fun, right?

teaching your kids to cook for parents of kids ages 2-12

Teaching Your Kids to Cook

What preschooler doesn’t like being in the kitchen with Mom or Dad? Take advantage of the early years when they are so eager to learn and teach them some basic cooking skills!

Teaching Your Kids to Cook is for parents who are looking for a way to spend time helping their children learn their way around the kitchen. Filled with instructions, tips, activities, printables, and over 45 simple, kid-friendly recipes – you and your kids will have many opportunities to make messes together and get chocolate in your hair. 

The recipes in this book include only wholesome, easy to attain ingredients. Teaching Your Kids to Cook is perfect for families with young children – oh the memories you will make!

ABC tracing

ABC Tracing

Ready to put some FUN into your Kindergarten lessons? These NO-PREP workbooks are perfect for introducing new concepts and for extra practice work.

The ABC Tracing printables include a black and white sheet for each letter of the alphabet. You will find handwriting practice for the individual letters as well as a picture to color that accompanies each letter. You can print as many as you like so you can use them over and over with your children.

capitalization pages


When teaching kindergarteners about phonics and how to write, helping them understand about the rules of capitalization is very important.

The first thing they learn how to write is their name…and they have to know how and why to capitalize the first letter. The Capitalization pack contains a cheat sheet you can laminate and refer back to for years to come. 

You will also find worksheets that reinforce some basic capitalization rules, sentence re-writing to fix missing capital letters, and more. If this is too advanced for your young learner, just hang onto it until they are ready – it will be a great learning tool when the time comes.

rhyming words pages

Rhyming Words

Teaching children about rhyming is fun. This is an integral part of developing phonics skills because it helps them look for specific letter sounds and blends. 

You will find lots of coloring, matching, and word connecting. These fun rhyming worksheets will get your children excited to break out their crayons and practice rhyming words!


CVC word fluency pages

CVC Word Fluency

CVC is yet another important part of teaching your beginning readers early phonics skills. CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words help new readers understand letter sounds and how they can be put together to for new words. 

Your young learners will delight in the “write a rhyme” pages that are included in this printable pack and probably even more with the “draw a rhyme” pages. There is also cutting, pasting, hidden word finds, and more.

time telling pages

Time Telling

I struggled teaching one of my children how to tell time for some reason, maybe because our main clock has Roman Numerals? 

Teaching your kids how to tell time can be fun and using free printable telling time worksheets can be a lifesaver! The Lets Tell Time worksheet pack has some fun “telling time” printables, such as:

  • Color the clocks that show same time as one in box
  • Draw the time on each clock
  • Finish the clock picture
  • Circle the clock that shows the correct time
  • Draw a line to match the correct times
  • And more

Your kids will have fun matching schedules to times of the day, cutting and pasting clocks and making their very own clock with the template included. 

my soundscape work book sound exploration for ages 4-7

My Soundscape Workbook: Sound Exploration for Ages 4-7

My Soundscape Workbook will set your child on an adventure in sound exploration on the pathway to music literacy!

Concepts covered in the My Soundscape Workbook include:

  • Vocal experimentation
  • Rhythm notation
  • Dynamics
  • Musical instruments while learning about three natural habitats: My Homeplace, The Woodlands, and The Cattail Marsh

This workbook is a companion to the Musik at Home video class series, Family Music for Ages 4-7

preschool skills fun book

Preschool Skills Fun Book

The worksheets included in Preschool Skills Fun Book are arranged into 7 themes:

  • Fruit
  • Animals
  • Shapes
  • Construction
  • Birthday party
  • Weather
  • Sports

Preschoolers will explore: rhyming words, number recognition, number words, shapes, seasons, color words, animal recognition and fine motor skills.

Activities include a range of color by activities, such as color by rhyme, color by shape, color by number, color by animal, and color by number word or color word, as well as mazes, tracing, patterns, counting, matching, dauber activities, and sequencing. 116 pages total.

ABC animals in art

ABC Animals in Art Collection

The Enrichment Tots collection is designed to help you bring the arts into your family culture easily and organically, making the joy and beauty of the arts a normal part of your home life.

Combine letter learning with art and animals in this beautiful collection!

You’ll receive 4 different versions of this beautiful set:

  • Traditional Fine Art Pages format, each page with an interesting fact about featured animal
  • A half-page Fine Art Pages version, if you want to save space
  • Full page version of the art with no words
  • Fun ABC Animals in Art banner version

life skills for littles pre-k through 2nd

Life Skills for Littles

The Life Skills for Littles set includes Manners for Kids, Telling Time Craft, and I Know My Phone Number.

Manners for Kids

Teaching good manners to your kids is essential. This section of the bundle includes: “good manner cards” that you can cut out, laminate, and place in a recipe box, or a handy storage container. All it takes is 5 minutes a day to help your young learners develop good manners. 

Telling Time Craft

Learning to tell time is an essential life skill. While most clocks today are digital, there is still a need to know how to read the good old fashioned “analog” clocks.

These fun clock faces make learning to read a clock more engaging for your students.

Themes include:

  • Hobbit
  • Star Wars
  • Minions
  • Emojii

I Know My Phone Number

Teaching your early learners their phone number is vital. Gone are the days of having to memorize phone numbers due to the use of smart phones and built-in address books, but what if your child needs to call you? Teach them important phone numbers with this fun activity!

Activities include:

  • Choose a “practice” phone from the templates
  • Make foldable booklet
  • Practice their phone numbers
  • Learn a rhyme to help them master their phone number

tracing letters workbook

Tracing Letters

Tracing Letters is a fun workbook for preschoolers designed for the youngest writers, teaching preschoolers how to properly form the letters of the alphabet.

Beginning writers are encouraged to trace the letters of the alphabet with fun dot-to-dot letter tracing activities. Eventually, they are encouraged to trace smaller sized letters.

summer fun activity book

Summer Fun Activity Book

Summer is coming, but the learning doesn’t have to stop! Practicing new skills for the upcoming school year can be done in just a few minutes a day.

This workbook for kindergarteners – second grade has activities that include:

  • Handwriting
  • Early reading
  • Mazes and puzzles
  • Letter recognition
  • Writing prompts
  • Math
  • Seasons

Also included are activities based on  logic, place value, simple word problems, pattern recognition, map skills, the water cycle, rhyming, skip counting, American history, Independence Day activities, reading comprehension, nouns and verbs, spelling, a word search, and money counting skills. Answer key included.

handwriting workbook

Handwriting Workbook

Are you looking for additional handwriting exercises? The Handwriting Workbook teaches students to print the letters of the alphabet. They will practice their handwriting skills and will end up writing sentences towards the end.

story time calendar set weather cards included

Story Time Calendar Set

Looking for a calendar set you can print and use that also fosters a love of literacy?

The Story Time Calendar Set does that and more. This set will introduce children to twelve stories, show them the days of the week, teach them the seasons, and encourage them to identify weather conditions.

It comes with date cards in seven different colors. This is so that you can choose the color you want for the month or create a pattern of alternating colors for pattern recognition practice.

The components of this set can also be used to reinforce color and number recognition. Just use the date cards for scavenger hunts, matching activities, Memory games, or sorting activities.

As you can see from the list of 19 FREE early learning resources above, you really shouldn’t miss out on adding these fun early learning products to your homeschool.

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