Family Bible Study Through James

September 7, 2020

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Homeschool families know the benefit of having multiple ages study the same content. Here’s a new resource that will help you family have a Bible study through the book of James!

James Bible Study


Inductive Bible Study Courses

Does it seem hard to know where to start when teaching your kids to study the Bible? Are you looking for resources that will do more than just teach Bible stories? Then these resources are for you!

If you like the idea of having the whole family study through James together, then check out the James Little Fishes Bible Study for grades K-4 and the James Self Study Workbook for students in grades 5-12.

These resources use the inductive method of study, which has these benefits:

student studying James

If you’re curious about the inductive method, then check out these resources:

Marking the Text in Inductive Bible Study

Inductive Bible Study Guide eBook

Inductive Bible Study Template

Little Fishes Bible Study Psalm 1 (grades K-4) Use the coupon code LITTLEFISHESFREE to get this for free!

Self Study Workbook Psalm 1 (grades 5-10)

Family Bible Study through James

While many of our children know the Bible stories, they need to learn how to dig into the actual text of Scripture and understand it. Especially in the older teen years and into adulthood, many of us are suffering from Bible illiteracy. How often do we expect our teens to dive deep into challenging subjects like math and science, but neglect to challenge them in their theological development?

This is where inductive Bible studies equip our teens with the life skill of Bible study. This method requires more than a surface-level approach to reading the Bible.

But what if you didn’t grow up learning these skills yourself? How will you teach your kids?

That’s the passion and heart behind Inductive Bible Study Courses. Starting with the book of James, your family can learn to study a book of the Bible straight through, with each child learning at the appropriate level.

Little Fishes Bible Study uses a gentle approach to introduce your kids in grades K-4 to the inductive method of approaching Scripture. You can even grab a sample of Weeks 1 & 2 of the Little Fishes James Study to see what it’s all about.

James Bible Study

Middle and high school students are ready for an independent journey through James using the Self Study Workbook.

Students will learn how to use the three steps of the inductive method:

  • Observation – What does the text say?
  • Interpretation – What does the text mean?
  • Application – What should be my response?

James Self Study Workbook

Then, your visual learners will appreciate the optional Video Lessons that go over the Self Study Workbook questions, as well as help with the marking of the text, which is a crucial part of this kind of study.

The benefit of having all your kids study through James together is that you can then have family discussions around the key words, interpretations, and specific applications of the text. And if you have multiple kids, you don’t need to teach them all the content (unless, of course, you want to!). This curriculum is open & go, with clear instructions for the students, so that the homeschool mom doesn’t have to facilitate every day.

You can use your family Bible time or family meal time to talk about that day’s text. You can also choose verses to memorize from the current book study.

Best of all, your high schoolers can complete all the assignments, including three theology and historical projects, to include this as ¼ credit on their high school transcript. Worried about grading the theology projects? There are rubrics and clear instructions included in the workbook!

If a Bible study through James sounds like what your family needs, then use the coupon code JAMES15SALE to save 15% until the end of September 2020. Follow Inductive Bible Study Courses on Facebook to keep in touch with current studies and sales!

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