How to Create a Homeschool Time Capsule Using Free Printables

May 19, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I can’t quite think of a better way to capture your child’s educational journey than to build a time capsule. These free resources and printables for a homeschool time capsule will help make the very best time capsule for your students.

Of course, we can use binders to capture our student’s progress in school. Some of us may even have state-mandated requirements. However, creating a homeschool time capsule is completely different.

Last day of school planning printables for grades pre-k through 12

What is a homeschool time capsule, anyway?

Making a time capsule for your homeschool is essentially an opportunity to preserve the happenings and ideas of a moment in time in your child’s school journey.

It is a fun way to reflect on the present time and even list aspirations for the future so kids can know where they want to be in the future.

Along with grades and school work or projects, a time capsule wouldn’t be the same without reflecting on what is going on in the world around them during the time.

What should be in a classroom time capsule?

First, it depends on why you are building a time capsule. Is it the last day of school time capsule? Is your time capsule for the beginning of school year or are you planning for a time capsule for the last day of school year?

There are some general items that can go in any time capsule, like:

  • Articles online about significant news stories
  • Research papers and reports
  • Photos of siblings, homeschool friends, and families
  • Writing prompt assignments of current events
  • Personal items, toys, pin buttons (in my daughter’s case she wanted a BTS pin in there.)
  • A favorite t-shirt
  • Toys
  • Teddy bear
  • a drawing from each sibling]

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post and download our Free Last Day of School Time Capsule Kit for Grades Pre-K-12.

Free Time Capsule Worksheet PDFs for varying times of the year:

End of School Time Capsule Questions Free PDF | Today’s Mama

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a woman sitting down and writing at a table with text A Graduation Time Capsule

How do you create a time capsule for a school project?

Whether you are creating a time capsule craft in your homeschool or you just want to learn how to do a time capsule for school, it will be a cool project for your learners.

Use a simple craft to create the keepsake, or you can use a sturdier item to use in the school project. Either way, your kids can capture memories that will last a lifetime.

Check out some ideas and crafts to create a time capsule for your homeschool.

Time Capsule For Preschoolers Craft | Building Our Story

Making a Time Capsule Treasure Box | Brilliant Little Ideas

Time Capsule Craft for Summer Memories | The OT Toolbox

Temple Time Capsules | A Little Crafting

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Check out virtual time capsule ideas for a more modernized version of a time capsule.

Kids can totally make a virtual time capsule instead of a physical one. In this digital age we live in, why not take our school project up a notch?

Have your kids explore some virtual time capsule ideas to view digitally.

Sites like Miigen and Dropbox are great for capturing items as a time capsule. You can also simply just upload the memories via photos and scan the documents, research papers, report cards, all in a folder.

Make sure to label the time capsule folder with the date you want your homeschool to open the time capsule.

How long should a time capsule be buried?

I don’t mean how “long” in duration, rather how far down should we bury the time capsule. From what I have read, 18” to 24” in depth underground is a good depth for a time capsule.

This depth creates a stable temperature for your time capsule. It is also best to be placed where the sun doesn’t shine too heavily. Read more tips for a time capsule burial.

How long should you wait to open a time capsule?

Ask your kids what a good time to open the time capsule would be in their minds; that is my suggestion. I know families who make a time capsule at the beginning of the school year, then open the time capsule on the last day of school.

Other families plan to open their time capsules at the end of 12th grade and do time capsules every two years. One family I know opens their time capsules as a family every 5 years.

I let my kids choose when they wanted to open their homeschool time capsule. My daughter is 15 and wanted to wait until graduation, so my 11 year-old son is willing to wait until then.

We will be creating a new time capsule every year until my daughter graduates high school.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the post and download our Last Day of School Time Capsule Kit for Grades Pre-K-12.

Worksheets & Printables to Add to a Time Capsule:

Explore these resources, worksheets, and printables for a homeschool time capsule this school year.

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kids sitting at a table making a time capsule

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Grab these free printable time capsule worksheets to add to your project:

Free All About Me Printable

three kids posing by a white wall pointing to text Free All About Me Printables

All About Me Templates

boy and girl template All About Me worksheets with a wooden background and text

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Your homeschool time capsule or time capsule(s) are important to make lasting memories for your kiddos.

Kids have a chance to be creative and express themselves, for themselves. The time capsules also depict just how much the times have changed or not changed.

Additionally, take this super fun and engaging activity to help your kids look forward to their future. These days can be troubling to your students, yet looking to their future keeps their eyes on the hope for tomorrow.

Last Day of School Time Capsule Kit for Grades Pre-K-12 Download

The school year is coming to a close for many homeschool families. Why not print off these year-end summary sheets to create a last day of school time capsule? Click the image below to download.

Last day of school planning printables for grades pre-k through 12

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