31 Fun and Easy Printable Farm Coloring Pages for Kids

May 9, 2022

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Your children will love learning about farming while they complete farm coloring pages. The following free printable farm coloring pages for kids are perfect for younger children in preschool, kindergarten, or early elementary grades.

A landscape view of a farm with sunlight shining down on the field and home with title overlay, Printable Farm Coloring Pages for Kids .

Farm Coloring Pages

Coloring is a great activity that will reinforce lessons that they learn about farms, farming, and farm animals. You’ll also find free pdf coloring sheets for farm equipment, tractors, barns, and baby animals that live on farms. So, whether you live off the land and have your own farm, or your kids just love learning about farms, you are in for some fun. 

Print Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great print-and-go activity that will keep your kids occupied while you learn about farming. All you need to do is print off some farm coloring pages and your kids will have some fun!

Printable Farm Coloring Pages for Kids

Farm coloring pages for kids are a good tool to use to introduce farm living to kids at home. Life on a farm for adults and kids alike is full of many challenges and hard work.

There are several things that children can learn from farm life living. Here are just a few benefits of teaching a farm unit.

Farm life teaches responsibility.

Farmers raise and grow their own food and animals. Observe any farm-life family and you will notice that children do their fair share of chores and have responsibilities even before the break of dawn. The knowledge of life skills learned is priceless.

Country farm living teaches children where food comes from.

It is surprising how many young children think that foods come from a grocery store alone. Teaching about farms and farm life is a great way for families to learn exactly where their fresh foods come from.

Farming teaches children how to properly care for animals. 

Children gain an understanding from farm life about how animals need food, shelter, and good care. Animals require a lot of attention to their different food needs, shelter, and more.

Free Farm Coloring Notebook Pages and Farm Quotes Copywork

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to get access to our printable pdf farm coloring pages that can be used for creative writing and notebooking. Bonus farm quotes copywork is also included for handwriting practice

Free Farm Coloring Notebook Pages and Farm Copywork

Free Printable Farm Coloring Pages

Farm Animal and Barn Coloring Page – This adorable printable download is full of different barn animals in a small barn. Children can also color this cute barn with animals online for an interactive coloring activity.

Country Farm Coloring Book – Grab 6 pages of Creative Haven Country Farm Scenes Coloring Book pages. These coloring book pages show the beauty of country living on a farm homestead.

Free Farm Coloring Pages – These no-prep farm coloring pages are great to go alongside your farm unit or while learning the Old MacDonald Had a Farm song. The coloring pages include watering crops, adorable barns, silos, and more.

Farm Coloring Pages

Adorable and Fun Farm Coloring Pages – These free farm themed coloring pages are adorable images having everything to do with farm life. The coloring sheets include farmers, barns, horses, chickens, and more.

Barnyard Chicken Farm Scene – This farm coloring scene page is of chickens being fed in a barnyard. It is detailed and wholesome for kids to color.

Farm Life Coloring Pages – Check out these amazing Farm Life at My Uncle House Coloring Pages. There are several coloring images.

Learning About Farming – A Notebook Companion to Farming by Gail Gibbons

Are you interested in teaching your kids about farming? You can use Learning About Farming alongside Farming by Gail Gibbons to tech your kids about farm life, farm chores, farm animals, and more! Perfect for students in K-3. 

Learning About Farms - A Notebook Companion to Farming by Gail Gibbons

Farmer Coloring Pages

Arbor Day Coloring Pages – Arbor day is celebrating the mission of inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. Grab this farmer coloring page to help kids understand the importance of farming.

Farmer Harvest Coloring Page – These adorable color sheets are for the autumn time but it also has farmer images for your kids to enjoy. Grab the farmer with basket vegetables harvest coloring page for your farm unit.

Detailed Farmer Coloring Page – This coloring page is called the Breakfast Time on the Wilder Farm. Your older kids and a lot of people even adults will enjoy this calming and detailed farmer in a field busy coloring page.

Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages – These unique pages include coloring sheets for horses, pigs, sheep, goats, cow coloring pages, and more. Your child can be as conservative or as eclectic as they want with these printable farm coloring pages.

Goat Free Printable Coloring Pages – Did you know that the goat was one of the first to be domesticated by people? Check out these many goat coloring pages to use in your farm unit.

Farm Animal Coloring Printables – Cows, pigs, goats, chickens, and more can all be colored to help your young learners with fine motor skills. There are coloring options for first graders and older kids alike.

Baby Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Toddler Farm Animal Coloring Pages –  Your young toddler will enjoy these adorable baby farm animal coloring pages. Sheep, ducks, roosters, and pigs all grace the pages of this adorable resource.

Country Creatures Face Coloring Printables – These cute face coloring pages of farm animals also allows kids to write the name of the different animals on the coloring sheets. The farm animal coloring pages include a baby cow, a baby chicken, a calf, a baby goat, and more.

Adorable Farm Animal Coloring Pages – If you are exploring a farm unit in your homeschool, your young learners will enjoy these baby farm animals themed coloring sheets. Kids will enjoy these fun coloring pages for toddlers and preschoolers.

Tractors on a Farm Coloring Pages

Hands-On Tractor Coloring Clip Cards and Coloring Book – Your first graders or young learners will enjoy this fun activity coloring book reader about tractors and clip cards. Use the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple for the tractors.

Simple Farm Tractor Coloring Sheet – Grab this free tractor and lettering coloring printable for kids. It would be a great addition to the farm unit for your little ones.

Farm Tractors Coloring Pages – Tractors are huge vehicles used for agricultural purposes and hauling stuff. This resource has a slew of different printable farm coloring pages of tractors your kids will love.

Barn Coloring Pages

Barn Themed Coloring Pages – This free resource has a barn coloring page for kids of all ages. From the most intricate design or just a simple one as a fun activity, kids will enjoy coloring them.

Free Printable Peek-A-Boo Barn Activity – This fun activity is of a barn that kids can color, with a twist. The barn door is open and kids can draw barn and farm animals inside the barn door.

Simple Barn Printable Template – This simple barn printable template is for kids of all ages to color as detailed or as simple as they would like. Kids can even cut out the barn as a template for larger projects that need a barn on a poster.

Farming Coloring Pages

Different Farms Printable Pages – Have fun coloring these 6 types of farms including crop farms. Your kids will enjoy learning about growing crops and these growing crops printable coloring pages will help.

Tractor Farming Coloring Pages – Grab various images of farmers farming their fields in this resource. Sometimes farming is done by hand and feeding animals, other times they require large machines.

Farmer Farming Coloring Page – Grab this coloring page of a farmer farming his land. Farming is a lot of work and kids will grow to learn about it in your farm unit.

Growing Crops Coloring Pages

Farmers Gardening Coloring Page – Teaching about farming and gardening will help you talk about foods and where they come from. Grab these free coloring pages to print for your farm unit.

Fruits and Veggie Farming Coloring Sheet – Grab these printable plants that need water to grow coloring sheets. This is part of coloring page series that tells about how food is made at a farm and then ultimately gets to the grocery stores.

Farm Life Corn Crops Coloring Pages – These printable farm coloring pages show a young boy with his farm crop. This depicts a picture of a typical day on the farm.

Farm Scene Coloring Sheets

Country Living Coloring Page – This calming country living printable coloring page shows the simple life in the farm. So, the whole of a farm and what may go on in it with this lovely coloring page.

Farm Scene Coloring Pages – Enjoy these country farm scene-themed coloring printables. From an intricately lined hen house coloring page to complete farm scenes, there is a page for any child.

I Spy Farm Scene Coloring Page – This I Spy printable is a fun activity that helps students count all the objects in the scene that begin with the letters, F, H, and G. Once the activity is done, the child can color the farm scene.

PDF Download Farm Coloring Pages

Check out our free farm coloring pages that can be used for notebooking and creative writing. Also included are farm quotes that can be used for copywork practice. 

Free Farm Coloring Notebook Pages and Farm Copywork

How to Download Farm Coloring Pages

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In Conclusion

Not everyone can live on an Alabama farm, but learning about farm life is still important.

Farm living printable sheets will help students explore just how interesting farm life can be. Between working with animals to learning life skills to last a lifetime, farm living is super fun to learn about.

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