Free 50 States Coloring Pages for U.S Geography

July 26, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you learning about the 50 states and U.S. geography this year? Give your kids 50 states coloring pages with a United States Map on it to help them learn where the different states are located on the map. We also have free 50 states coloring pages with state symbols that you can download and print.

Free 50 States Coloring Pages for U.S Geography

50 States Coloring pages for U.S. Geography

Coloring is a fun learning activity for kids of all ages and can be incorporated into your geography studies. It is  great way to visually remember something and where it is located as you are coloring it in. This is especially helpful if you are studying geography as there are so many things to remember.

You may be learning about the states in your US geography curriculum. Perhaps you are studying the famous landmarks in U.S.A. or even learning the state symbols. Your kids may also want to explore more than just North America and take it a step further and learn about the continents of the world.

We also have a printable world map for kids if you are also studying world geography.

Coloring Sheets for United States Maps

Free coloring pages for geography and United States map coloring pages will get your children excited to learn U.S. geography. They are a great addition to geography lessons and also look great in geography notebooks and homeschool portfolios.

USA Country Coloring Pages

Outline Map of North America – This outline coloring map of America shows the continent of North America with the countries surrounding it.

United States Country Coloring Pages – Read, color and learn all about the country that includes the United States of America with country coloring pages, free USA coloring pages, fun facts and more. These are perfect for a USA and social studies unit study.

USA Country Border Map – Do your kids know what countries the United States border? This map shows the borders of Canada and Mexico and also shows Hawaii and Alaska at the bottom.

USA Outline

Get your children familiar with the shape of the United States with an outline map coloring page.

USA Outline Map – This blank map shows the outline of the USA map with no states, only the shape of the continent and the countries that border it.

Free Coloring Pages for Each State

You can use these free coloring pages for your state studies. Each of the 50 states has 2 pages of symbols that you can color or cut and paste to use with a state report template. Scroll to the bottom to download. 

50 states coloring sheets

USA with State Outlines

Map of the United States of America – This USA map coloring page can be used to color the states shapes that are outlined on this state map. You can use a different color for the states that are located in the specific regions of the United States.

Printable USA State Outlines

Print off one sheet per state and teach your kids the shapes of the states. These united states coloring sheets would be great for a cover of a state report. You can also have your kids trace them and make their own maps. Scroll to the bottom to download. 

USA states shapes outlines

USA with State Names

American States Map Coloring Page – This United States of America map shows the state abbreviations for the different states on the map.

Location of Capital Cities Marked

United States Map with Capital Cities – Practice learning the names of the states and their capitals with this map that shows both the state name and capital cities of each state.

State Map Coloring Pages

U.S. States Coloring Pages – These free printables come with 4 different state coloring pages to choose from for each state. There are fun coloring doodle pages with the state name, a coloring page with the shape of the state, a state bird doodle coloring pages and one that shows fun facts for each state.

United States Map Coloring Sheets

Print off these free coloring sheets of United States maps for inclusion in your U.S. geography studies. Included is a blank USA map coloring sheet, a labeled USA map, time zone map, regions of the USA map outline, and three different U.S. flag coloring pages. Scroll to the bottom to download. 

USA map coloring sheets

Free Printable Blank United States Map Coloring Pages

Blank maps are a great way to help quiz your children on where the states are and what they are called. They can color the states in and also write the names or abbreviations in the proper locations.

United States Map Coloring Page – This blank united states map coloring page can be colored online with the paint tool, then printed out.

United States of America Coloring Page – Color the states on the map and practice your handwriting skills by customizing the coloring page with a handwriting space.

Blank Map of the United States – This blank map shows the 50 states without any names so your kids can practice locating them onto the map.

Coloring Sheet United States Map

Map of the United States Coloring Page – This is a very simple map of the United States for your kids to color. They will also learn how to read the words Map of the United States and color the bubble words in.

American Flag Resources

You might also want to download some free printable american flag worksheets. We also have a bunch of flag day crafts that would be a great way to incorporate some hands-on fun. If you want to use individual flags for each state, we also have some free state flag printables.

yellow background, worksheets and fact cards for state flags with text overlay American flag graphic small flags and red and blue stars

More Map Resources

50 States Worksheets

Free 50 States Coloring Pages PDF Download

Download our free United States map coloring sheets, printable USA state outlines, and coloring pages for each state below.

In Conclusion:

Coloring is a calming activity that can also help your children to stay engaged with what they are learning. When you are studying U.S. Geography with your kids cute coloring pages will help them recognize the state shapes as they are coloring them in.

There are many different ways to incorporate color pages into your geography studies. Use gel pens, colored pencils or markers and your kids can turn all their pdf file coloring pages into their very own U.S. Geography coloring book.

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