50 States Resources – Songs & Videos to Learn the States & Capitals

May 10, 2020

Annette Breedlove

Annette Breedlove

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Since starting our full-time traveling, it has become easier to teach my kids U.S. Geography. Prior to our travels, we did maps and worksheets to learn about the United States. But they still struggled to remember the state names, capitals, and even where they were located. The more we did worksheets, the more they got confused and even less interested. That’s when I decided we needed to change things up and do something different. Checkout these songs and videos you can use to learn the states and capitals.

Songs and rhymes worked for the alphabet and numbers, so why not geography?

Flag with text

Songs that Teach the States and Capitals

My husband remembered learning the “Fifty Nifty United States” son in elementary, but I never did. So I set out to find more songs that taught the states, their capitals, and more about U.S. Geography. I was afraid I would only find a few songs and those would just be different recordings of the same thing.

However, I was surprised to find quite a few different tunes and even some fun rap songs about not only the 50 states but their capitals too! While I don’t recommend using all of these, I’m confident that at least one or two of them will ‘click’ with your child and have them singing about the 50 states very soon!

Learning the 50 States and Capitals doesn’t have to boring! Add some fun tunes and catchy lyrics to encourage memorization in your children.

NOTE: YouTube can be a wonderful tool when used correctly. We encourage parents to review channels first before your child views it. We do not make any claims to know what is appropriate for your child(ren), that is totally your call. Please review these channels to make sure they align with your homeschooling goals and values.

Songs to Teach the 50 States

All of these videos are uploaded on various channels by various users. I have not pre-viewed all of them. Are they cheesy? Most likely. Do they stick in your head? Probably. Will they help your kids learn? I hope so!

50 States That Rhyme

50 States in Rhyme – Carrie said she knows all 50 states in alphabetical order from this song that she learned in 4th grade! It’s super fun to do with a group of kids and you sing it really fast at the end. You can find the 50 States That Rhyme Lyrics at the bottom of this post. 

Fifty Nifty United States

Fifty Nifty United States – This is probably the most popular song kids learn to remember the fifty United States. This video has cute animation, which will make kids giggle and hopefully learn their states along the way.

Recommended U.S. Geography Curriculum (keep scrolling for more freebies!)

You can learn tons of U.S. geography through our Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography curriculum. Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography goes beyond capitals to help kids learn when each state became a state, the state flower, state bird, state tree, and much more. Includes notebooking, mapwork, fact cards, labeling, and more. This full year curriculum is geared to 3rd-6th graders and includes answer keys.

U.S. Geography pages and workbook

Fifty States Songs

Fifty States Song Alphabetical Order – This is a fun and different song about the 50 states. It is in alphabetical order like the others and another fun tune!

50 States of the USA by Mr. R’s Songs for Teaching – Sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” this is a fun song with cute (albeit a little fuzzy) graphics!

Cute 50 States Song by Raggs TV – Sung to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw” this cute 50 States song has some rhyming to it that kids will enjoy. And the tune is so catchy, they’ll be singing it in no time!

U.S State Study Resource Pack Bundle

Do you want to bring your United States study to life like never before? This State Symbols Worksheets and Fact Cards set is full of nearly 400 pages of material you can use to learn about state flags, birds, flowers, and trees. Print just the parts you need.

This set can stand alone or makes a perfect companion to our Daily Skill Building: U.S. Geography.

printables for learning about the United States of America

Each of these four sets includes:

  • key information about the symbol
  • worksheets where students can color a picture of the symbol and fill in the information they’ve learned
  • matching worksheets
  • 50 full color flash cards with the key information
  • 50 black and white flash cards where students can fill in the key information and color the pictures if they choose

For the State Flags Worksheets and Fact Cards, students will learn when each flag was adopted along with the meaning of:

  • colors used in the flags
  • motto and inscriptions
  • dates on flags
  • symbols used
  • and more depending on the elements of each flag

For the units on state birds, state flowers, and state trees, students will learn:

  • scientific name for each symbol
  • key information such as size, color, etc.
  • other interesting facts about the symbol

 It’s a fun way to learn things about the United States—and maybe even your own state—that you’ve never learned before. 

State Capital Songs

Tour the States – Official Music Video – This is a fun video to watch as the artist literally draws the United States in front of you. Then he locates each capital with a fun iconic graphic to help you remember them!

50 States and Capitals Song for Children– If your kids like a little country, honky-tonk, they’ll love this fun rendition of a 50 States and Capitals song.

States and Capitals Song in Alphabetical Order

50 States and Capitals Video from Silly School Songs – This song is done as a rap. But they mix it up by reciting the states starting in the Northeast, rather than in alphabetical order. Give it a listen!

Wakko’s 50 State Capitols with Lyrics – If you’re “older” like me, you likely remember the cartoon Animaniacs. My brother used to rush home to watch it every day. This is a fun little video of all the states and capitals set to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw”.

Learn the State Capitals by Song

State Capitals Song – This is a little country-ish in its delivery, but it is simple and easy to understand.

Learn the 50 US State Capitals and 50 State Abbreviations – This song is done in a rap format, not my style, but a little catchy so kids will probably like it.

50 States and Capitals Rap – Learn By Lyrics – This fun little rap video will capture your kids attention and have them rapping the states and capitals in no time!

YouTube Channels for U.S. Geography

50 States – American History & US Geography by Socratica – Unfortunately, there are only 25 of the 50 states in this playlist, but the ones they have are fantastic. They give a brief history of the state and how it became a state and more!

US States Videos for Kids | Learn the 50 States! by Homeschool Pop – This playlist includes a video for each of the 50 states. “Learn key facts about each of the states in a dynamic, interactive video format that maximizes retention and memory!” (from YouTube description)

50 Birds, 50 States from National Geographic Kids – These videos are super cute and fun with a rap twist. Sadly, there are only 27 in the playlist, but they are still great for the kids to learn about each state bird.

Learn the 50 states with Ms. Alexander – What a fun way to help kids memorize not only the state names but their location on the map too! This has some fun tricks with words to help kids.

The Exploring the United States Coloring Book series from WriteBonnieRose.com combines many of these facts with fun coloring pages and copywork in print or cursive, making it a great complement to your daily geography work. Check it out and save 30% on all Exploring the United States titles with coupon GEO30 just for being a Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies reader!

Want more 50 States Resources?

If video streaming is your thing, check out these other subject-related posts for videos and YouTube Channels:

Educational Movies & Shows for Individual Subjects:

50 States That Rhyme Lyrics

When I was young, I studied US geography.
The teacher said, “Would you stand up and list the states for me?”
My knees began a knockin’,
My words fell out all wrong;
Then suddenly I burst out
With this silly little song

Alabama, and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
California, Colorado, Connecticut, and more
Delaware, Florida and Georgia and Hawaii, Idaho
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, so 35 to go

Kansas, and Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine
Maryland and Massachusetts good old Michigan
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana
Nebraska’s 27, number 28’s Nevada
Next, New Hampshire and New Jersey, and way down, New Mexico

There’s New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio
Oklahoma, Oregon and Pennsylvania, now let’s see
Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee
Texas and there’s Utah, Vermont, I’m almost through

Virginia and there’s Washington, and West Virginia, too
Could Wisconsin be the last state, or is it 49?
No, Wyoming is the last state in the 50 states that rhyme!

To make it more fun, I remember singing this at the end:

When I sat down, all out of breath,
The teacher said, “That’s great!”
I’m quite impressed, you were the best in listing all the states;
But if you wanna get a 4 for that silly little rhyme,
Stand back up and sing that song, but do it double time!

Then, you sing the song as fast as you can!

Final Summary

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