Back to School Elementary Hacks

August 14, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Equal parts anxiety, equal parts excitement. That is what back to school time is for most families. These back to school elementary hacks will help you get your homeschool ready for the year.

Back to School Elementary Hacks text with image of kids using computers

Unlike high school kids, elementary kids are still getting used to homeschool changes and routines. We are changing right along with them.

My kids were polar opposites in elementary school. On one hand, my daughter loved school so she did very well and worked independently a lot of the time.

My son, on the other hand, was a very high energy boy and just couldn’t stay still very often. I am pretty sure I added to his frustration until I learned to adjust my teaching style to a child-centered style.

We adjusted to how he liked to learn. We moved often and tried various hands-on activities until we found what worked best for him.

Just like us, over the years, families learn some tips and tricks that help their year go smoother. These hacks are more like must-dos to prepare for the elementary homeschool year.

These back to school elementary hacks and tips help us begin our school year and may help you as well.

Go over the school day routine.

As an early learning teacher years ago, I learned that practicing a daily routine at the beginning of the homeschool year set the stage for a smooth year.

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Prepare for first day of school morning work and activities.

Be prepared for the first day or even first week of school. Trust me, sometimes we think we have enough to fill our day, but sometimes things go by faster than we would like. Morning work and activities will help make your first day of school fun.

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Write emergency lesson plans.

Lesson plans to fill in any gaps will get rid of any anxiety for unexpected events and out-of-the-ordinary days.

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List homeschool events on a school planner/calendar.

Planners and calendars help you keep on track. Visual goals give kids something to look forward to.

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Plan More Adventure in Your Homeschool

image of teens launching chinese lantern into the sky.

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Start getting kids to sleep several weeks before starting school.

If you are able to get kids ready for a bedtime routine before school starts, you will find it much easier to tackle your lessons. Kids will be better adjusted to school if they are used a nighttime routine.

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Nightly Routine That Sticks text with image of two girls and one of them is holding an alarm clock

Plan your lunches for the first week.

Planning lunches means less stress for you when you get back to school. Make it easy for yourself and create an assembly line lunch process so kids get what they want then go to eat. It is quick easy, and stress-free.

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Make a snack station.

Free up some space in a section in your pantry or your kitchen. You can use baskets or Tupperware to keep your weekly snack in order and easily accessible.

It is guaranteed that your kids will want to snack throughout the day. Being ready means less distraction from lesson time.

Back To School with a DIY Snack Station | Southern Mom Loves

Command station to keep organized.

Keeping a command center creates organization in your homeschool. You can place schedules there, calendars, supplies, and more in this area so your students know where to go for all things homeschool.

NOTE: Take pictures of your command center, so that your students know exactly how it should look when cleaning up at the end of the day.

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These back to school resources will help you get your elementary school-age kids ready for the year.

FREE Back to School Printables

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How to Get Into a Back to School Routine

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Back to School Gifts for Homeschool Moms & Students (FREEBIE prints!)

Here are some fun back to school gifts to celebrate the new homeschool year. Grab the freebie prints too.

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Get ready for this homeschool year with these back to school elementary hacks and start your year off well.

Back to School Elementary Hacks text with image of girls using computers

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