Plan More Adventure In Your Homeschool

February 15, 2020

Shannan Swindler

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3 Totally Awesome Digital Tools to Plan Adventures for Your Homeschool Family

Keeping your homeschool on an even keel is nothing short of a miracle most weeks, isn’t it? There’s plenty to keep a homeschool mama busy each week. Who has time for planning adventure in your homeschool? Look at this list!

  • Ensure the core subjects are touched on every. single. day.
  • Find resources that engage, inspire, and educate based on each individual child.
  • Character-building activities and lessons.
  • Life skills – including but not limited to, cleaning up after themselves, controlling their emotions, focus,  driving lessons, riding the bus or train, career counseling, the art of being a good friend. (It seems like this list continues to grow rather than shrink as they get older).
  • Out of the house activities that include anything from community learning (co-op), field trips, or volunteer work,
  • Interest-specific lessons like music, sports, or dance.

This list quickly becomes a math lesson in exponents usually ending in overwhelm, discouragement, and loss of focus.

The answer quite often is, “I need a day off!”  

And let me tell you … You deserve it. You’ve earned it. Your homeschool will be better because of it. So make sure you add that to your schedule, K?

Travel and homeschool –  Beautifully crazy when it’s all swirled together.

Equally as often, you realize you need a new tool for this new phase of crazy to keep everyone organized, including you. When that happens in your homeschool, there is little room for thinking about field trip adventures, planning family vacations, and taking days off together.

Get ready to enjoy meaningful activities as a family. Would you agree that activities that count as schoolwork are the best? There are so many homeschool families creating great memories and getting school credit all at the same time. But, it takes the right tools to pull it all together, doesn’t it?

A planner’s just a planner, right?

There is a cornucopia of amazing planners out there that you can print and fill in. But if you are a minimalist or a digitally wired family, tools that go with you anywhere and everywhere are what you want. Nobody’s got room in their carry-on or backpack for a planner binder. 

Here’s a list of top tools that you can use anywhere to plan your homeschool, your vacation, and your life. They work well together with so many curricula. They are digital (but some can be printed if your kiddos need it that way too). It’s a shortlist because, frankly, there are only a few resources out there that work well together and actually make it easier to plan your homeschool, your life and your family’s time together all at the same time.

Homeschool Planet

Seriously, it’s everything you need for planning your homeschool lessons, activities, shopping list and even more. When you use Homeschool Planet’s digital planner platform, you can use it anywhere you have a wifi connection. Your kids don’t even have to be in the room! This homeschool planning tool is perfect for traveling families that pack light and are on the move regularly.

Make Vacation and Learning Fun for Everyone

Planning a family vacation and incorporating your lesson plans is a daunting task, to say the least. Honestly, it’s another area of overwhelm and confusion for so many families who want to get out and use the world as their classroom but aren’t sure where to begin.

Is there such a thing as family travel and homeschool planning tool to rescue homeschool families passionate about travel?

The How To Turn Any Homeschool Subject into A Family Travel Adventure is the only resource out there that helps you tailor-make your vacation in such a way that you can get homeschool credit! Included in the course is the “This? Or That?” Family Travel Planning Game. Your family will have so much fun playing it! And you will love all the insights you gain for making the perfect family field trip, a weekend away or epic family travel adventure for your busy crew.

3 Easy Steps For Planning Adventure In Your Homeschool.

  1. Read more about Homeschool Planet
  2. Learn about planning more adventure in your homeschool
  3. Get your FREE  “This? Or That?” Quiz/Game for family travel planning based on learning styles. 

Have an epic family travel adventure for your homeschool this year!

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