ACT Math Test Practice Printables

December 13, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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The ACT can be a matter of stress for any student – and parent. Encourage an early start to allow much time for studying and prepare your students with these ACT Math Test Practice Printables.

A student's hand with pencil filling out a test bubble sheet with text overlay.

What is the ACT?

The ACT (American College Test) is a standardized test like the SAT. It is an entrance exam reviewed by colleges and universities to make a decision on whether a student should be admitted or not into their school. So, the ACT score is a component of an admissions process and college application.

The purpose of the ACT is to determine whether a student is ready for college and provide the college an idea of their knowledge level compared to other students.

The maximum score for the ACT is 36, but the average score is 21. Basically, if a student scores 21, they have scored higher than 50% of their peers.

6 Question Types on the ACT Math Test

This standardized test has 60 multiple-choice questions that need to be completed within 60 minutes. There are 6 types of questions to be found in the ACT math full test. The 6 areas of knowledge in the ACT Math section are broken down to the content areas below:

  • pre-algebra (14 questions)
  • elementary algebra (10 questions)
  • intermediate algebra questions (9 questions)
  • plane geometry (14 questions)
  • coordinate geometry questions (9 questions)
  • trigonometry questions (4 questions)

How to Prepare for the ACT Math Test

Just to think the ACT is timed at 60 minutes, gives me slight anxiety. I am kidding, not kidding.

Once a student decides to take the ACT, there is much preparation to be done. Here are some helpful tips that will prepare students for the ACT.

  1. Know what score is needed for your desired university.

What minimum ACT score meets the college application requirement? How high of a score do you need, in addition to your current application content, to make your admission portfolio attractive?

  1. Start studying pronto.

The most effective way to start early is to make a study plan for the time you need. There are study plan freebies below for 1-month, 2-month, or 3-month study schedule time.

  1. Memorize ACT math-type formulas.

The exam does NOT have formulas on the exam written for test-takers of the exam. Yes, students need to understand the math problems, but memorizing the math formulas is a necessity.

  1. Grab LOADS of practice.

There are tons of practice materials both for a paper practice test or for digital official ACT practice tests. I have provided some free printable math practice test act exam worksheets for you below. You can use a math cheat sheet for concepts that need to be referenced.

  1. Take full test timed exams.

Create a testing environment similar to how the ACT test might be. Grab a full-length practice test bubble sheet, grab a pencil, sit in a room at a desk, set the timer multiple times in order to build stamina and gain comfort for test day.

Grab these free ACT math resources to help your child’s preparation for the test.

ACT Math Test Practice Printables

If you need some study guides for ACT preparation, browse this list below. Everything listed is free to use and/or print and will be helpful for your student when studying for their ACT test. 

Studying ACT Test Prep Printables

ACT Study Guide Free Ebook – Check out this free ACT study guide free ebook with access to practice test tips, and membership to a private ACT study group. This test prep tool kit is a great tool in preparing for the ACT test day.

Math Formula Sheet for the ACT – Grab this free printable pdf of math formulas to help your students for their high schools ACT exam. One of the best ways to help your students in their ACT mathematics test is to make sure they know all of the formulas needed to get the correct answer.

Must-Know ACT Math Formulas – Of course, free ACT practice tests are a great way to help students get comfortable with different types of questions. Paying special attention and studying math formulas for solving math problems is also a great test prep.

ACT Test Prep Resources – You will not want to miss these free ACT resources to prepare your students to do well in this exam. From the ACT Academy for official ACT practice tests or Khan Academy for choice questions and thorough answer explanations, your student can start studying now.

Free Study Plan Study Guide, Schedules and More – Grab these awesome study schedules, an official ACT prep guide, ACT flashcards, free study timer app access for beating time limits, and more. Check out the 1 month, 2-month, and 3-month study plans according to ACT test dates laid out for you perfectly.

ACT Math Test Printables

ACT Math Practice Test Questions – In these ACT prep resources, find ACT math practice test questions for varying math skill content areas like elementary algebra, basic operations with absolute value, geometry (including plane geometry and coordinate geometry), fraction word problems, measurements, and even other subject areas like ACT Reading, English, Science, Essays, etc.

Math ACT Practice Worksheets – This resource holds an official test for the 2015-2016 ACT. From an equilateral triangle equation to square roots, you will also find over 200 practice test questions and solutions.

ACT Practice Test Math Solutions – Practice tests help your students get acquainted with the real thing. Just print out the practice test questions for the 2019/2020 pdf and try the test out for size. There is also a video to check wrong answers and a scoring guide.

Printable ACT Math Worksheets – Grab this collection of pdf worksheets to practice all ACT Math topics. This is the right place to be for the math sections of the ACT.

ACT Mathematics Test and Question Samples – These ACT Math tests and sample ACT math questions are from This resource includes ACT directions, calculator tips,  and more for the ACT math section.

In Conclusion

Of course, brief your children on little mistakes that others make. This article describes in detail the top careless mistakes students make in the ACT. These are mistakes that you may not have thought about like parentheses distribution,  misreading questions, and more.

Then make sure they rest well the night or even the week before the exam, provide a healthy breakfast, and rock the test.

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