Complete Living Book List for Teaching Ancient History


Explore a list of over 150 living books for teaching Ancient History, Geography, Archaeology, Geology, Missionary Stories, and much more. The master list of all the living books will provide a great guide/plan to use for your study of ancient history and a few other corresponding subjects (geography, archaeology, geology, and missionary studies, as well as […]

FREE Printable Story of the World Ancient and Middle Ages Timeline Noteboking Pages

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A study of ancient history can be cumbersome for students. The dates and events become jumbled and don’t seem to relate to each other. You can help your student overcome this difficulty with these free, printable Ancient and Middle Ages Timeline Notebooking Pages. They’re different than the average, separate timeline or notebooking pages. Each page […]

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus DVD Giveaway


The Bible’s Exodus account is under attack from many of the world’s leading experts who say there is no evidence for this foundational story – they claim it’s just a myth. Faced with the skepticism, filmmaker Timothy Mahoney experienced a crisis of faith. Mahoney had been investigating the Bible’s Exodus account, and this controversy forced […]

FREE Ancient World Notebooking Pages


These notebooking pages are great to go along with Story of the World or an Ancient History Study.These notebooking pages review a few facts about Ancient Egypt, Sumer, Akkadia, Babylon, and Mohenjo-Daro (in the Indus River Valley). These would be a great addition to any Ancient History Curriculum or History Notebook.Grab these FREE History Notebooking […]

FREE Printable Ancient Lands Map Set


These maps are perfect for complimenting a study on ancient history! There is a version of blank maps as well as the full color version. Both cover areas such as China, Mesopotamia, Canaan, Early Greek Civilization, and much, much more! Print yours out today!Click here to download your free printables! Need An Affordable Approach to […]

New Ancient Egypt Unit Study


Loving Learning Freely is offering the Daily Life in Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study for free to subscribers. With this online course, your homeschoolers will discover how the Ancient Egyptians dressed, ate, and played. They’ll complete hands-on and digital projects as they experience Egyptian life. Visit Loving Learning Freely today to learn more and enroll. […]

Ancient Greeks ~ FREE History Resources

Ancient Greeks ~ FREE History Resources Grab these free resources to teach about the Ancient Greeks!

If you’re studying the Ancient Greeks then you will appreciate this information. Chock-full of free resources – flashcards, matching cards, lined notebook pages, and more – study the Ancient Greeks with ease! These resources look to be perfect for the upper elementary to middle school age range. FIND YOUR ANCIENT GREEKS ~ FREE HISTORY RESOURCES […]