FREE Weapons in History Notebooking Activity

April 6, 2021

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Are your kids fascinated by weapons and historic battles? Fuel that interest and help them learn about history with this FREE Weapons in History Notebooking Activity

Free Learn About Historic Weapons text and image background of medieval times building


Sadly, since ancient history, mankind has found ways to create weapons to inflict harm. But learning about these weapons can teach our kids a lot about the time periods they were used in and the cultures who invented them. Help your kids learn more about ancient and medieval weaponry with this FREE Weapons in History Notebooking Activity.

Students can do independent research on 47 historic weapons and record: 

  • what type of weapon it was
  • when and where it was commonly used
  • how it worked
  • other interesting facts they discovered

They can also draw or cut and paste a picture of the weapon on the research page. 

They’ll have a chance to learn about the: 

  • anelace
  • arbalest
  • ballista
  • bardiche
  • battering ram
  • bec de corbin
  • bombard
  • bow and arrow
  • broadsword
  • catapult
  • corseque
  • crossbow
  • falchion
  • fauchard
  • flail
  • francisca
  • glaive
  • halberd
  • horseman’s pick
  • javelin
  • katana
  • khopesh
  • knightly sword
  • lance
  • longbow
  • longsword
  • mace
  • mangonel
  • morningstar
  • petard
  • pike
  • poignard
  • quarterstaff
  • rondel dagger
  • sabre
  • sagaris
  • shotel
  • shuriken
  • siege tower
  • singlestick
  • sling
  • soliferrum
  • spear
  • stiletto
  • tomahawk
  • trebuchet
  • war hammer

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Instant Download: FREE Weapons in History Notebooking Activity

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