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6 Reasons Why Your Kids Don’t Want to Write

6 Reasons WhyYour Child Doesn'tWant to Write JPEG

This is a guest post by by Cathy Canen from cathycanen.comMany kids say they don’t want to write but they can’t really tell you why. They usually just say, “I don’t like it” (or worse), and then demonstrate their feelings with a bad mood, tears, or both. That leaves us in a predicament. We can’t […]

FREE Phonics Sentence Activities


When you work on phonics and digraphs and words your children may get confused if they aren’t reading them in the proper context. There are so many sounds and things to remember it can get confusing. This is why in phonics, practice makes perfect. I love these free sentence reading printables from A Teachable Teacher. There […]

7 Book Report Alternatives to Get Kids Excited

7 Book Report Alternatives to Keep Kids Excited

This is a guest post by by Katie Hornor from When it comes to reading comprehension, written book reports are often the most common evaluation method. Depending on your child’s learning style, book reports can be one of the most dreaded assignments and one of the reasons many kids hate to read. If you want […]

Easy To Use Diphthong Wall Cards (FREE Printables)


Wall card diphthong cards are great for hanging up visual cues to review sounds and word building. Learning diphthongs (a sound formed by the combination of two vowels in a single syllable, in which the sound begins as one vowel and moves towards another) are key in sounding out words. These printables have two different types […]

FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Activities for Families


Want some free Valentine’s Day activities to enjoy with your family? First, for the little ones in your life, you can download and print this free activity packet: Valentine’s Day Activities for Elementary Students This packet brags that it makes grammar fun – because it actually does! Who knew? There are activities which include Valentine […]

Lego Creative Writing Contest – Ends 2/20


Writer’s Brick is a new monthly writing contest for children grades K-8th grade. Participants are entered into a random drawing for prizes. At least one winner will be selected on merit and their story will be animated Each month’s contest encourages kids to write a short story based on a provided writing prompt. This month’s […]

100 FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens

FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens

Grab 100 FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens today! From the Byzantines to the FBI, take your writing – and knowledge of history – a step further with these writing prompts from history. Get 100 FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens today! Need An Affordable Approach to Learning? Save time, money and stress with […]

FREE: Journal All Year! Writing Prompt Calendar Bundle ($7.00 Value)


This bundle includes a total of 480 writing and essay prompts to inspire both elementary and teen students for an entire calendar year! You get two different products with a total value of $7.00. This FREE Journal Kit offer includes:240 prompts for elementary children (grades 3-8)240 prompts for teens (grades 7-12)In three formats:calendarsstripscardsSubscribers get a whopping […]