Free Printable Word Scramble Games for Kids of All Ages

January 23, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Word scramble games are fun for kids of all ages. Printable word scramble games are a great if you are working on building spelling skills, vocabulary skills and problem-solving skills all at the same time.

Free Printable Word Scramble Games for Kids of All Ages text with image of scrabble tiles and magnifying glass

Printable Word Scramble Games

Word scrambles can be a great addition to vocabulary curriculum . There are so many fun ways for kids to use word puzzles to help them to get a better understanding of the spelling and meaning of words.

Fun Word Scrambles

Road Trip Word Scramble Printable – This printable word game is perfect to take with you on road trips.

Ice Cream Cone Word Scramble – Everyone loves ice cream and your kids will have a lot of fun unscrambling the ice cream words.

Easy Word Scrambles

Party Themed Word Puzzle – These word scramble pages have 10 words that are party themed.

On the Farm Word Scrambles – Little ones will have so much fun unscrambling the words while they learn about farm anatomy.

Advanced Word Scrambles

Rocks and Minerals Words – Give your kids practice with these big science-themed words.

Big Dinosaur Words to Unscramble – Dinosaur words are hard to spell, practice spelling them with this advanced word scramble.

Seasons Word Scrambles

If you are learning about the seasons with your kids, why not throw in some fun word scrambles related to the seasons?


Super Hard Spring Scramble – This is word scramble has larger words of items you would see in the spring. There is also an umbrella to color.

Springtime Words – Unscramble the words that have to do with the spring season.


Printable Summer Word Puzzles -There are 3 different printable word puzzles with words with different difficulty levels that describe summer time.

Summer Word Scramble – Unscramble the letters to create summer themed words in the blanks, with a cute sun background.


Autumn Fall Word Scramble -Get your children guessing what these autumn themed words are as they work hard to unscramble them.


Snowflake Word Scramble – Unscramble the letters to find the winter words with a snowflake to color on the same page.

Winter Words Printable – Fun winter word scramble with a cute and colorful penguin.

word scramble

Animal Word Scrambles

If you are exploring animals in your homeschool, adding in fun word puzzles is a great brain break.

Pet Word Search and Scrambles – Kids are going to have a blast with these pet themed printables. There is a pet free printable word search a fun word scramble puzzle about animals in space and a pet crossword puzzle fun game.

Animals Word Scramble – This is a fun challenge to unscramble the names of 20 different animals. Some of them are tricky so there is an answer key included.

Nature Themed Unscramble the Words

Nature Word Scramble – Unscramble some of the most common items you will find when you go on a nature walk.

Unscramble Nature Trail Words – This activity is a fun way to talk about what you may see on a nature trail.

Going on a nature walk? Download a free nature walk activity sheet!

Sports Word Scrambles

Children that love sports will enjoy these sport themed word scrambles and printable worksheets to spruce up their spelling and writing skills.


Baseball Word Scramble – Learn about baseball vocabulary words with this themed scramble page.

Unscramble the Baseball Words – Practice building vocabulary and spelling skills by unscrambling these baseball words.


Football Word Scramble – This is a fun word scramble printable page for the football fans in your house.

Super Bowl Party Game – This football themed word scramble is a great activity to lay out at a Super Bowl party.

Bible Themed Word Scrambles

Are your kids working on learning and memorizing the books of the Bible? Grab a free books of the Bible printable to help them memorize all 66 books in order. 

What about some of the harder names that are presented in the Bible? These printable word puzzles will help your kids learn how to read and spell these more difficult names.

Names in the Bible

Names in the Bible Word Scramble – Learn some big Bible names by unscrambling them. An answer key is included.

People in the Old Testament – This word scramble puzzle gives you Bible questions to help you figure out the answers.

Books of the Bible

Books of the Bible Word Scramble – Unscramble 20 books of the Bible in this free printable. There is an answer key if you get stumped.

Scrambled Books of the Bible – This printable game will help your kids learn how to spell and write some of the books of the Bible.

Women in the Bible

Women in the Bible Word Scramble – Learn the names of 20 famous women in the Bible with this printable word scramble.

Unscramble the Names of the Women of the Bible – Write out 10 names of Biblical women with this activity.

Word Scramble Printables

There are so many names of countries, states and capitals to memorize when you are studying geography. These printables will help your children to be more familiar with the words and how they are spelled.

Geography Word Scrambles

Need some help with teaching your kids about state, capitals and countries? These geography themed word scrambles will help them to recognize and learn how to spell the words.


Countries of the World Word Scramble – Practice spelling and recognizing names of 20 different countries of the world.

Guess the Country – Unscramble the country names and get some spelling practice at the same time.

State Capitals

State Capitals Word Scramble – Learn how to spell state capitals by unscrambling 20 capitals with an answer key to help you out.

Unscramble the State Capital Names – This word scramble worksheet will help your kids learn which capital goes to which state by unscrambling the words and matching them up.

US States

US States Word Scramble – Practice spelling the names of 20 states by putting the letters back together to form the names. Answer key included.

Scrambled States – Unravel the words to name all 50 states. There are pictures at the bottom in case you get stuck.

Holiday Word Scrambles

Holiday word scrambles are a great activity to hand to your children during the holiday season. Even if you are taking a holiday break from school, your kids can still get some extra practice with reading, spelling and brain activation with a word scramble.


Christmas Word Puzzle – This Christmas word scramble puzzle is a fun themed activity to work on over Christmas break.

Deck the Halls – First graders will enjoy unscrambling these holiday themed words to practice their spelling skills.

New Year’s

Festive Scramble for Kids – This fun printable will have your kids unscrambling the festive words that you will be talking about on New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Word Scramble – Here is a fun activity to have out on a kids table for some New Year’s Eve fun.

Valentine’s Day

Word Picture Scramble – Unscramble the Valentine’s Day words with pictures available as a hint.

Valentine Vocabulary Scramble – Rearrange the letters to spell Valentine themed words.

St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day Fun Printables – These printables are a great addition to some St. Patricks Day fun, including a word scramble.

10 Words to Unscramble – Unscramble 10 words related to St. Patrick’s Day.


Easter Word Scramble – There are 20 Easter themed words to unscramble on a cute Easter themed page. Answer key included.

Easter Egg Word Unscramble – Fill in the Easter eggs with the correct words from the scrambled letters.

Memorial Day

Poppy Flower Word Scramble – Unscramble the poppy themed words that are symbols of remembrance for the fallen.

Memorial Day Celebration Scramble – Fun themed printable sheet of Memorial Day celebration words.

The 4th of July

4th of July Scramble – Encourage your kids patriotism with this fun themed word scramble.

July Fourth Word Scramble – Unscramble the words that relate to the 4th of July holiday and uncover a secret message.


Thanksgiving Words to Unscramble – Get some extra spelling practice over the holiday break by unscrambling the Thanksgiving words.

Cute Turkey Word Scramble – This thanksgiving themed word scramble will be a great addition to a kids table at your next Thanksgiving feast.

Make Your Own Word Scrambles

Reading Worksheet Generator – Create your own word scramble reading worksheet of a list of words that you want your children to practice knowing how to read, spell and write. There are different background themes to choose from and you can create a title and type in the words you want them to work on.

Word Scramble Maker – This word scramble generator gives you the option to choose from a premade list of words, or choose your own. You can even customize the backgrounds to make them more exciting and fun.

Benefits of Word Scrambles

The benefits of word scrambles are endless. These fun activities are basically a spelling worksheet in disguise. They will get extra practice with spelling and vocabulary as well as critical thinking skills in a fun way.

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