Free Printable Prepositions Worksheets for Grammar Practice

January 9, 2023

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Prepositions are one of the most important things your children will need to learn in grammar lessons. Giving your children a prepositions worksheet during their daily grammar time will help them to learn the different prepositions quickly.

Prepositions for Grammar Practice

What is a Preposition?

A preposition is a word or phrase that introduces another word or phrase in order to indicate certain relationships. Prepositions can show time, place, location, or movement. Some common prepositions are: in, at, beyond, above, below, and to.

Types of Prepositions

There are many different types of prepositions to learn and understand. Let’s take a look at the different types and how they are used in grammar.

Transitive Prepositions

Transitive prepositions are words that need a direct object to complete their meaning. An example of a direct object is: He drove the car over the railroad tracks. Over is the preposition and tracks tracks is the direct object. Railroad is an adjective here that descrives tracks.

Intransitive Prepositions

An intransitive preposition is one that is used without an object. If a sentence can end immediately after the preposition (“He should climb up“), it is a complete sentence. Up would be an intransitive preposition in this sentence.

Conjunctive Preposition

A conjunctive preposition uses the clause as the complement. For example: All of the mess occurred after I left the kids home alone.

Complex Preposition

A complex preposition includes two or three words acting together as one. Some examples are: apart from, by means of, contrary to, etc.

Prepositional Phrases

A prepositional phrase is a group of words that includes a preposition, its object, and any words that modify or change the object. An example would be “behind the house” or “under the table.”

Preposition Cheat Sheet
Scroll to the bottom to download this free prepositions cheat sheet!

Prepositions of Manner and Phrase

Prepositions of manner tell how or in what way something is done. Some examples: according to, as for, aside from, concerning, besides, contrary to, etc.

Prepositions of Movement

Prepositions of movement are sometimes referred to as prepositions of direction. These types of prepositions indicate how something moves compared to another thing.

Some examples are: ahead, amid, around, away, behind, beneath, in between, through, etc.

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of space are used to indicate where something is compared to something else. Some examples are: aboard, across, against, alongside, beneath, beyond, far from, etc.

Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of time are used to indicate a time. Some examples are: about, after, around, at, before, following, etc.

preposition examples
Scroll to the bottom to download this free prepositions chart.

List of Prepositions

Here’s a list of 146 prepositions. Some are commonly used and others are not as common. 


  • Aboard
  • About
  • Above
  • According to
  • Across
  • After
  • Against
  • Ago
  • Ahead
  • Along
  • Along with
  • Alongside
  • Amid
  • Among
  • Anti
  • Apart from
  • Around
  • As
  • As for
  • As per
  • As to
  • As well as
  • Aside from
  • At
  • Atop
  • Away
  • Away from
  • Bar
  • Barring
  • Because of
  • Before
  • Behind
  • Below
  • Beneath
  • Beside
  • Besides
  • Between
  • Beyond
  • But
  • But for
  • By
  • By means of
  • Circa
  • Close to
  • Concerning
  • Considering
  • Contrary to
  • Counting
  • Depending on
  • Despite
  • Down
  • Due to
  • During
  • Except
  • Except for
  • Excepting
  • Excluding
  • Far
  • Far from
  • Following
  • For
  • Forward of
  • From
  • Further to
  • Given
  • Gone
  • In
  • In addition to
  • In between
  • in case of
  • In face of
  • In favor of
  • In front of
  • In light of
  • In spite of
  • In view of
  • Including
  • Inside
  • Instead of
  • Into
  • Less
  • Like
  • Minus
  • Near
  • Near to
  • Next to
  • Notwithstanding
  • Of
  • Off
  • Off of
  • On
  • On account of
  • On behalf of
  • On board
  • On top of
  • Onto
  • Opposite
  • Other than
  • Out
  • Out of
  • Outside
  • Outside of
  • Over
  • Owing to
  • Past
  • Pending
  • Per
  • Plus
  • Preparatory to
  • Prior to
  • Pro
  • Re
  • Regarding
  • Regardless of
  • Round
  • Save
  • Save for
  • Saving
  • Since
  • Than
  • Thanks to
  • Through
  • Throughout
  • To
  • Together with
  • Toward/towards
  • Under
  • Underneath
  • Unlike
  • Until/till
  • Up
  • Up against
  • Up to
  • Up until
  • Upon
  • Versus
  • Via
  • Whether
  • With
  • With reference to
  • With regard to
  • Within
  • Without
  • Worth

Prepositions Worksheets

When your kids need some extra grammar help you can give them free prepositions worksheets and printable exercises pdf for extra practice. These can supplement your English or grammar curriculum, or you can use them by themselves for a break from the text books for a day.

If you are wondering how to improve kids writing, teaching the proper use of prepositions will definitely be beneficial!

Memorize the Prepositions
Scroll to the bottom to download these free prepositions memorization cards!

Prepositions Worksheets Practice

There are a lot of prepositions that need to be memorized. Worksheets will give them lots of extra practice with identifying and memorizing prepositions quickly.

Identifying Prepositions

Practice Identifying Prepositions – This activity will help your children to identify prepositions and the object of a preposition.

Identify Prepositions by Underlining – Read the sentence and find the preposition. After finding the preposition they will then underline it and show the prepositional phrase.

Circling Prepositions Worksheets

Circle the Preposition – Children are directed to circle the prepositions in each prepositional phrase.

Prepositions Showing Direction – Learn about the prepositions that show directions, find them in the sentence and circle them.

Writing Prepositions Worksheets

Preposition Writing – Write a sentence using the prepositions that are listed. 

Grade 6 -8 Writing Prepositions – This is a more challenging preposition worksheet for middle school students.

Writing Helps & Printables

Underlining Prepositional Phrase Worksheets

Secret Mission Prepositions – Children will read the spy story and identify and underline the prepositions throughout the story.

Underline the Prepositions – There are multiple sentences given with prepositions. Identify which words are the correct preposition and underline them.

Worksheets for Choosing the Preposition

Time and Position Prepositions – Choose the prepositions from the word bank to fill in the blanks on the sentences related to place and time.

Choose the Correct Preposition – Students will have to determine and choose the prepositions that best fit the context of the sentence.

Prepositional Phrases as Adjectives

Describing a Noun – Prepositional phrases can be used to describe a noun which can also make them adjectives. This worksheet will help your kids better understand how they work.

Adjective Prepositonal Phrases – When a prepositional phrase has an adjective in answers questions. Identify the adjective phrase in the given sentences.

Prepositional Phrases as Adverbs

Describing a Verb with a Preposition – Prepositions can describe verbs just like an adverb can. Students will identify the prepositions and verbs in the sentences.

Is the Adverb a Particle or Preposition? – Determine which adverbs are being used as prepositions.

Prepositions Worksheet

These free worksheets will give your students additional practice with prepositional phrases, identifying prepositions and their objects.

Prepositional Phrases

Funny Prepositions – Use funny prepositions to fill in the blanks to complete the prepositional phrases.

Create Your Own Prepositional Phrase – This is a fun activity to create your own phrase from the lists of prepositions.

Practice with Prepositional Phrases

Prepositional Phrases with Monster Trucks – This fun themed worksheet is about a league of monster trucks. There are 30 questions to go along with the story to get more practice with prepositional phrases.

Preposition Reveal – Practice grammar by revealing the prepositions to create a mystery picture.

Identifying Prepositional Phrases

Practice Identifying Prepositions – Read and review prepositions and practice identifying them in the sentences on the worksheet.

With the Police Identification Worksheet – There are 30 multiple choice questions about a police force chasing a cat burglar. These fun questions will help your kids identify the prepositional phrases in the story.

Objects of Preposition

Prepositions and Objects – Identify the prepositions and their objects in different sentences on this worksheet.

Identify Objects of Prepositions – Practice identifying the objects of prepositions in the sentences.

Preposition Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzle of Prepositions – This crossword puzzle shows six different prepositions to help your kids make the best word match to complete the puzzle. 

Online Preposition Crossword Puzzle – Get lots of practice with prepositions in a sentence by completing the online crossword puzzle. When you are finished with it you can check your answers and even get hints if you get stuck.

Pick the Preposition

Choose the Preposition – Pick the correct preposition in the parts of a sentence to complete each sentence given in the exercise.

Lower Elementary Pick the Preposition – Use these worksheets for your 1st and 2nd grade students to pick the correct preposition that fits the sentence the best.

Diagramming Sentences with Prepositions

Practice Diagramming Prepositional Phrases – Get some extra practice with diagramming sentences that have prepositions in them. 

Prepositional Phrases Diagramming Practice – There are lots of different diagramming worksheets to get help with simple sentences, and sentences with prepositional phrases. These worksheets also include answer keys for the more confusing sentences.

Prepositions Cheat Sheets PDF

Download these free preposition cheat sheets and memorization cards to help your students master some of the very basic prepositions.

Free prepositions cheat sheets

In Conclusion

Prepositions are such an important part of learning grammar. If your kids struggle with memorizing them try giving them some printable preposition worksheets for extra practice. The more they familiarize themselves with prepositions, the quicker they will be able to recognize and memorize them. 

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