Demystifying the Homeschool Highschool Transcript with FREE Fillable PDF


I have spoken with many moms of highschoolers who are terrified of creating a transcript. It really is not that big of a deal!Keeping track of grades and recording them into a transcript does not have to be as daunting as it seems. The reason it isn’t that daunting is because of all of the […]

FREE Planner and Journal for Teens

March Planner

Encourage your teens to set goals, plan their days, and manage their time with a personal planner. This planner – adorned with colorful macarons – contains a monthly calendar, goal planner, activity tracker, journal prompts, and more. Hop on over to Embark on the Journey to download your Personal Planner for Teens: March Edition today!

FREE Printable Teen March Writing Prompt Calendar


The ability to creatively stretch one’s mind with skills that can develop a thought on paper is crucial to a well-rounded student. It’s important to set before our teens a writing program that encourages them to enthusiastically do so, and this March Writing Prompt Calendar will definitely do that! It purposefully offers five prompt types […]

Homeschooling Your Easily Distracted Teenager with FREE Printable


Do you have children that tend to get distracted easily? I have quite a few of these children myself! I am even one of them! There is always something going on in our busy home to pull people off of the task at hand!Teens have a lot more work load than their younger siblings do. […]

FREE Absolute Value Doodle Notes


Do you teach Algebra? If you’re looking for a new and engaging way to help students focus and retain what they’re learning, check out doodle notes. This free set covers Absolute Value Equations and combines text and examples with visual cues. This will help students remember what they’re learning and have better success later as […]

The Distributive Property – Cupcakes and Algebra FREE Lesson Plans


Before your kids can learn the mathematical definition and how to use the Distributive Property you need to make sure they have an everyday definition and understanding of the word distribute. This sweet lesson plan uses cupcakes to explain how the Distributive Property works. If you don’t have an actual Algebra class you are teaching you […]

How to Create a Paragraph FREE Chart for High School


Do your kids have trouble with writing paragraphs?Sometimes your older students can work so hard on coming up with an idea for a paragraph that when it comes time to finally writing it they draw a blank. This free chart will help your students to organize their paragraphs inside the body of their essay. This […]

FREE Basic Cozy Online Spelling Course


Spelling words can be difficult to be excited about for some students. The words don’t really take much time to write out, but the task seems so mundane. Check out this free Basic Cozy Online Spelling Course. Perhaps by using an online spelling curriculum, your middle schooler will take a renewed interest!Click here to check out this […]

FREE Printable Tongue Twisters for a Drama Class


Have you been thinking of doing drama with your homeschoolers?I found this fun idea for a drama game that would be perfect for your homeschool or for a homeschool drama class. This is a free resource full of printable tongue twisters that you can use in an improvisational game. The games turn out hilarious and […]

FREE Timeline of Events Leading to the Civil Rights Movement Packet


The Civil Rights Movement is such an important part of our American History.There are so many pivotal moments that led up to the Civil Rights Movement. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of all of it. I found a great photo timeline that covers:The First Slaves (Jamestown) picking tobaccoSlave TradeThe Declaration of Independence and […]