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Capturing Likeness How to Draw Better Portraits FREE Online Class


I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I do however, have a very creative teen who is always begging me for art and drawing classes. With multiple ages and various activities, it’s been difficult to find an art class that fit our schedule and was affordable. This is where I love to find […]

FREE Printable Checklist for Teaching an Effective Revision


While teaching writing, one of the most important tasks we can teach our teens is learning how to revise papers. One of the things I dreaded the most when I was teaching writing in our homeschool was all the editing. I was constantly reading and marking up papers with a red pen and handing them […]

FREE Career Exploration 4 Week Unit Study for High School


Career Exploration is such an important thing to go over with our homeschooled teens. Most of them may already know what they want to be, but others may have no idea. This is where exploring different careers comes in quite handy. I love career exploration. It can be a lot of fun, and a nice bonding […]

FREE Homeschool High School Planning Sheet (and Some High School Help)

Free-Homeschool-High-School-Planning-Form-@-Tinas-Dynamic-Homeschool-Plus (1)

Having high school students truly is a completely new dynamic. As you kick off the high school years, you may find just how different things really are. Your teenager needs to be more involved. There’s no working around that, and that can be a challenge in and of itself. Although, we have been able to […]

FREE Online Basic Quilt Making Skills


Have you been thinking about learning how to quilt? Maybe your teen is interested in sewing and learning more sewing skills, quilting is really fun and addicting. A quilting class would be a great addition to a DIY Home-Ec elective class for highschool as well.I found an awesome online class from Craftsy that is completely […]

FREE Middle and Highschool Cursive Copywork for The Hobbit


I have found copywork to be important even into the middle school and highschool years. I have one middle school daughter who still writes messy and copywork is the only thing that has caused her to slow down and focus. My oldest who just graduated last year, was still doing copywork occasionally as a quiet […]

FREE January Math Calendars for Grades K-8


Ready to kickstart 2018 with fun and easy daily math review? Try this January Problem of the Day Calendar from Math Geek Mama! This download includes 3 different levels of calendars, meaning there is a fun daily math problem for all kids in grades K-8! But if you’re not looking for something daily, there are […]

Teen Life Skills: Prayer


My favorite part of homeschooling is teaching my teens life skills that normally wouldn’t be taught in a regular school setting.The most important life skill than anyone needs to learn, well before they leave the home is the life skill of prayer! Did you know that prayer is actually a life skill? I know that […]

Teen Life Skills: Living Expenses


My favorite part of homeschooling teenagers is all the close one on one time I get with them. I am able to teach them so many life skills by working along side them everyday. One very important life skill that I wish I learned about when I was a teen is learning about Living Expenses. Teaching […]