Nutrition 101 FREE Homeschool Unit Study


This fantastic unit study will capture your student’s attention as it explores nutrition. He will start with the basic biology and anatomy of the digestive system, and continue onto how what we eat affects our health and from where our food comes. He’ll even study basic farming practices, organics, and GMOs. This study was designed […]

FREE Transcript Template for Homeschool Highschoolers


Creating a transcript for your highschooler while you are homeschooling can be overwhelming and scary, but it doesn’t have to be!There is no need to fret over creating a transcript for your highschooler when there are wonderful templates like this one! This template is already done for you! All you need to do is input […]

How to Write Like Mark Twain FREE Middle School Writing Activity


Here is a fun activity to inspire your middle schoolers to write like Mark Twain! Mark Twain is a classic author and a master of satirical comedy. Your student will read a few famous authors who may have influenced Twain’s writing, and then they will create a found prose passage, combining famous author’s words with their […]

FREE Printable High School Course Record Form


If your high schooler has a lot of non-standard courses, you need this form! It will allow you to log your his time which you can turn into course credit. This is not for courses that use standard textbooks or curriculum. It’s a simple form, but it will make your life so much easier!Click here to download your […]

FREE January Writing Prompt Calendar for Teens


This January Writing Prompt Calendar will help your teens to get into the habit of writing daily.There are twenty writing prompts in this calendar which will provide the perfect amount of structure to stimulate your high schooler while allowing for plenty of creative expression!The calendar is not dated, so you can use it year after year […]

FREE Printable 36-Week High School Spelling Program


Spelling programs can seem dull with no clear direction. This free, printable 36-week program is based on research, and each week it covers specific trouble spots. It’s geared for the high schooler, but might even be appropriate for some eighth graders.Click here to download your free printables!

2017 Reading Challenge for Teens with Free Printable + a Kindle Paperwhite/$25 Gift Card Giveaway

Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway sq

Who’s looking for ways to get your teens reading more? You may have noticed a few reading challenges popping up in social media this past week. Ben and Me decided that one for teens was in order. The list of book options for this challenge is fun and somewhat outside the box, and interesting enough that […]

FREE Middle School Music Writing Prompts


Here are some fun music writing prompts for your middle school aged children.These music themed writing prompts would be great to accompany a music unit study. They are also great to give to a student who loves music, but isn’t too fond of writing. Music can spark creativity in all of us, and these are […]