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5 Ways to Earn High School Credits in Homeschool


High school can be scary for middle school kids and parents alike. Check out these ways to earn high school credit to help ease some of your stress. What is interesting is that there’s not ONE right way to earn high school credit for the homeschool transcript. There are several ways and this post will […]

Online Learning Opens Doors

Online Learning Opens Doors

As we dive deeper into an age of technology, it is encouraging to see how technology can be used for good in the education sector. Though it’s difficult to track, iNACOL estimates there are millions of students across the U.S. who use supplemental online learning and hundreds of thousands of students who attend a full-time […]

Real World Math Practice for the Pythagorean Theorem


Are you looking for some real world practice to teach the Pythagorean Theorem? This set of Pythagorean Theorem practice is a great way to help kids see its importance and relevance in life. Kids do well with math problems that they can relate to, or at least ones that would make sense in their worldviews. This […]

FREE Printable Noah Webster Study for Dictionary Day (Oct. 16)


October 16 is National Dictionary Day. This date was chosen because it is also the the birth date of Noah Webster, the Father of the Dictionary. Many Americans are unaware of Noah Webster’s role on the Christian History Timeline. But it’s so important as American Christians to know about him and his contributions to our […]

Teaching High School Literature (FREE Printable Book Choice Checklist)


If literature is not your passion, check out this ultimate guide to teaching high school literature to help you. I love literature; it is like peeking into someone else’s imagination and thoughts, and implanting them in your brain for absorbing knowledge. I know that is intense, but literature is beautiful, and thought provoking, and stimulates the […]

Teaching Financial Literacy for Teens


It is so important to equip our children with real life lessons to apply to their everyday lives. Teaching our children about financial literacy is essential and this post will explain just how to do it. I remember as a young adult, already in the military, not knowing how to write a check, let alone […]

Awesome List of History Themed Board Games


If you homeschool and love your family game nights, then you will love these history board games to help make learning fun! You can totally help your child understand history by playing games and piquing their interests. This awesome list of history board games covers everything from pre-history to modern day, Check out the list […]

U.S. Presidents’ Quotes- FREE Printable Writing Prompts


With all these talks buzzing around about the mid-term elections, I thought I might as well share these super cool writing prompts for the sake of politics.These FREE set of creative writing prompts and notebooking pages from the quotes of U. S. Presidents will be a good way to get kids interested in being informed. […]

Preparing Your Middle Schooler for High School


Is this this your child’s last year of middle school? Do you wonder if your child will be fully prepared for high school? If so, these essential skills to prepare your middle school student for high school will come in extremely handy throughout the year. I think it is nerve wrecking for most of us, […]

Teach Kids to Code with these 6 Genius Ideas


There are a few super genius ways kids can learn to code in their adolescent years. This super mega post is filled with information for why and how a kid should learn to code. Many techie kids are curious about learning to program and code. Technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in […]