Ways to Help Kids with Physical Fitness When You Can’t Get Outside

March 1, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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If you understand the importance of physical and mental health, then these ways to help kids with physical fitness when you can’t get outside can help.

Ways to Help Kids with Physical Fitness When You Can\'t Get Outside text with image of a little boy in gym gear

The importance of physical and mental health if you are stuck indoors for long periods of time is significant. Some people can’t even stand to stay home for over a few days’ time.

For instance, a day relaxing at home one day is one day too much for my husband. He just can’t do it for more than a day without going a little bit “loco” and restless.

On the other hand, I love staying home. However, I also understand that being stagnant and doing nothing but sitting around at home is not healthy at all and has been the downfall for my health the last few years.

When it comes to our children, we have to be that much more intentional. Kids can easily get lazy. They also can easily get frustrated over doing nothing. It depends on the child.

Since we are training our children in the way they should go, its important we are aware and are purposeful in helping our kids stay active, even in times when going outdoors isn’t a possibility.

Physical fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use items you already have at home, and it can be absolutely free. The only thing keeping you from encouraging physical fitness at home is you.

Surely, it can be challenging for some parents to get kids into physical fitness at home. This is especially true when we aren’t into physical fitness ourselves. However, it is worth it nonetheless, and it is exceptionally necessary for our children’s general health.

Physical fitness relieves stress:

We sometimes think that we are managing our stress levels well, and other times we get overwhelmed with stressors that affect us.

Seldom do we remember that our children face stressors as well. They may be different stressors or less impactful – so we may think. However, our children deserve our attention in this area. As a matter of fact, for some kids, it is crucial that we are attentive to their stressors during their childhood and especially their teenage years.

Improve focus with physical fitness:

Physical activity has a positive effect on concentration in your students. Check out this resource below for how I learned to help my high-energy son focus and do well in homeschool.

How to Homeschool High Energy Boys Who Cannot Sit Still

Physical fitness impacts physical development:

Physical fitness and staying active regularly help build strong muscles and bones while helping to maintain a healthy weight.

Creates memories and bonds within the family unit:

It is super easy for everyone to sit around on their mobile devices, basically not taking advantage of family time. I am not saying we shouldn’t let kids on their smart devices or that they are bad.

I am saying that physical fitness as a family while you are home can be a great way to make some fun and amazing memories at home.

Physical fitness impacts cognitive, social, and emotional development:

These aspects of a child’s developmental health (i.e. cognitive, social, and emotional) are just as important as physical health.

Physical fitness helps your kids get better sleep and helps them have a better outlook on life as a whole. It can increase a child’s enthusiasm and optimism and boosts self-esteem, school performance, attention, and behavior. Exercise can also reduce anxiety, tension, and depression.

One thing is for sure. Nothing will come to pass if you don’t take steps for them to happen.

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Make it a priority.
  3. Use the resources below to help you.

Check out these resources for various and fun ways to help kids with physical fitness when you can’t get outside:

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Dance all the way to physical fitness to your homeschool’s goals:

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Apps, sites, YouTube, and more to maintain physical fitness indoors:

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Give your child plenty of opportunities to try new things and find something they really respond to. Physical fitness does not have to be grueling. It can be totally fun.

No matter what physical fitness level your child is in at the moment, you can try many of these ways to get them up, engaged, and moving.

Our attitude, encouragement, and even participation, can make all the difference. By the way, I am speaking to myself here as well.

Ways to Help Kids with Physical Fitness When You Can\'t Get Outside text and image of a little boy in gym gear

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