Ways to Have Fun with Bubble Wrap

January 21, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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I love bubble wrap. Yes, I am the one who asks for the bubble wrap right after someone has opened a box. It is hugely satisfying. My kids like bubble wrap as well, so making good use of it in our homeschool was a no brainer. These ways to have fun with bubble wrap are creative and engaging for children of any age.

Ways to Have Fun with Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day always falls on the last Monday of every January. This makes a great time to do some research about it. After all, it is a remarkable creation used for more things than we could ever imagine. 

Protecting our precious packages and being addictive isn’t the only reason why bubble wrap is used around the world. If you are scratching your head about it, you are not alone. My kids were shocked and even full of giggles learning what bubble wrap could be used for and to learn some cool facts about it.

Check out these interesting facts about bubble wrap.

  • Bubble wrap was initially made for —— wallpaper. Yes, wallpaper. Can you imagine?
  • It can be used as all types of insulation. For example, it was used as insulation for greenhouses, for homes, and even to combat hypothermia (in Norway).
  • If you see someone with a backpack on the movie screen, chances are it is full of bubble wrap. This makes the bag light so actors can act out their scenes without being weighed down.
  • For the T.V. show Wired, a contributor figured out that it takes 39 layers of bubble wrap to survive a six-story window fall. I have NO idea how this person could have come up with this statistic. 
  • The Boy Scouts have set a bubble wrap popping world record.
  • You can order bubble wraps in fancy shapes, like hearts. Hearts and bubble wrap seems like a perfect combination.
  • Someone has worn bubble wrap as a wedding gown.
  • Protect your fruit! You can place bubble wrap at the bottom of your fruit tray compartment in the fridge to keep fruit from bruising.
  • There is a Popping Bubble Wrap Facebook group that has a considerable following – 460K members!
  • Ever wanted to wear a bubble wrap suit? I know some moms who might love their children to wear one.

I got a little carried away there, but I am sure you get my drift. Bubble wrap is all-around cool and satisfying. I dare someone to sit next to a strip of bubble wrap and NOT be tempted to pop one or two, or 50. It may just be impossible.

Try some of these ideas for fun ways to use bubble wrap with your family.

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Bubble Wrap Activities

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The truth is that bubble wrap is not really addictive to me. It is a stress reliever, and it is oddly satisfying to pop the bubbles. Who needs stress balls when you have bubble wrap? I surely don’t, and it’s FREE.

Bubble wrap is calming, and soothing even. It takes your mind off of life and helps you focus – or maybe that’s just what it does for me.

Remember to save all the bubble wrap you can get and try these hands-on ways to have fun with bubble wrap at home.

Ways to Have Fun with Bubble Wrap.

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