60 Creative Valentine’s Day Box Ideas for Kids

January 2, 2023

Sara Dennis

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Stun your children this year by making one of these super fun Valentine’s Day box ideas. The boxes are a great way to collect Valentine’s Day cards and also a fun way to decorate for a Valentine’s Day party.

Valentine's Day Box Ideas

Valentine’s Day Box Ideas

You will find a wonderful selection of creative Valentine box ideas that your children will love. You might need to head to the craft store to pick up some supplies like pom poms, wrapping paper, or a hot glue gun. Then you’ll be ready to create an adorable box to collect cards.

What is a Valentine Day box?

Each year friends, family, and classmates hand out foldable printable Valentines Day cards to color to the various people in their lives. A Valentine’s Day box is a box, usually made from cardboard, that has a slot in the front of the box or on the top where people can drop a card.

While these boxes can be plain cardboard boxes, many people enjoy decorating Valentines boxes to create a unique box for the special day.

Valentines Day Cards and Mailbox

You’ll find a delightful selection of fun ideas for making various mailboxes your children will love. The boxes are so much fun to put together and will look amazing on your child’s desk. Don’t forget to add a fun Valentine’s Day Coupon Book to their mailbox!

Minion Mailbox

You will need a cardboard box, a little inspiration, and some yellow duct tape to create this fabulous minion mailbox for your kid. Everyone will adore the DIY Valentine box!

Despicable Me Minion Mailbox – This cute box is fun to make. Although you will need to make sure you have plenty of yellow duct tape and black plumber’s tape when you start to create this easy project.

Happy Camper Valentine Box

Your kids will go crazy over this Happy Camper Valentine Box. It will take about an afternoon and uses basic supplies you likely have lying around the house.

Happy Camper Valentine’s Day Box – This fun box is covered with red fabric, fabric trim, buttons, and ribbons.

Charmander Box

If you’re looking for a simple Valentine box your children will adore, then you’ll want to put together this easy Charmander box. It features a popular Pokemon character. Every kid in class will want a Charmander box just like this one!

Pokemon Charmander Valentine’s Day Box – Download the template for Charmander’s neck scruff and eye. Then grab some nesting boxes and start creating your child’s very own box featuring their favorite Pokemon character.

Charmander Valentine Box

Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box

All you need to create a Rubik’s Cube box is a square cardboard box, construction paper in a variety of colors, black duct tape, and some glue. Then grab a ruler and scissors and start putting together a fun box to collect Valentine cards.

Rubik’s Cube Mailbox – This square box looks just like a Rubik’s Cube with a hole cut on top of the box to collect all the cards your children with receive.

Taco Valentine Mailbox

Forget Taco Tuesday! Instead, make your kids a taco Valentine’s box to take to school. This box from Artsy Fartsy Mama uses a cardboard box, tissue paper, and yellow duct tape to create a creative mailbox.

Taco Valentine Box – Be sure to give this taco a smiling face to make it a super cute box for your kids to display.

Monster Valentine’s Mailbox

Are you looking for creative Valentines box ideas? Then you’ll want to check out this monster mailbox. It’s the perfect size for kids to gather their cards on Valentine’s Day.

Monster Valentine’s Day Box – This creative box requires an empty tissue box, an egg carton, and googly eyes. Then you’ll be ready to put together this unique box idea.

Eevee Valentine’s Day Box

Kids love Pokemon, but each child seems to have a different favorite character. If your child adores Eevee, then this is the box for you! It’s easy to make, and your kid will think you’re the best mom ever when they see it appear on Valentine’s Day.

Pokemon Eevee Valentine’s Day Box – Make sure that you print up the scruff and eyes before gathering up a few nesting boxes and brown paint. Then you’re ready to start putting the Pokemon Eevee together.

Eevee Mailbox

Bumblebee Mailbox

If you’re looking for a cut and easy box to put together for February 14th, then you’ve come to the right place.

Bumble Bee Mailbox – This easy craft needs yellow and black construction paper, a black paper plate, and a box. Then you’re ready to recycle an old box and transform it into a bumblebee!

Mailbox Valentine Box

What could be better than putting together an actual cardboard mailbox to collect the cards on Valentine’s Day? This mailbox includes a slot on top and a door on the side. Just like an actual mailbox!

Mailbox Valentine Box – Make sure you have plenty of blue paint when you get started making this blue mailbox Valentine’s Day box.

Teddy Bear Mailbox

If you’re looking for a creative box that uses an old coffee container, then this is the box you’re looking for. The teddy bear mailbox is an easy box that you can make with your kids.

Teddy Bear Mailbox – You’ll need colorful construction paper and cotton balls when you put together this fluffy and adorable teddy bear mailbox for your children.

teddy bear mailbox

Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes

These homemade Valentine’s Day boxes are perfect for handing out Valentine’s Day treats to all of your family and friends. Use cardboard, cardstock, or construction paper to create the boxes. Then fill them with treats as fun Valentine’s Day gifts.

Emoji Pinata Gift Box

You won’t want to damage this fun emoji pinata gift box, but everyone will have a great time trying to break the box to get the treats!

Valentine Emoji Pinata Gift Box – You’ll need some yellow fringe paper, a cardboard box, and some treats to put together this free Valentine’s Day craft.

Flushing Toilet Treat Box

Do you have a boy who adores potty humor? Then this is the box for you! Your little boy will adore this flushing toilet filled with delicious Valentine’s Day treats.

Flushing Toilet Treat Box – This flushing toilet will keep your kids entertained on February 14th.

Animal Cookie Box

Put together this cute animal cookie box to collect all the treats kids are giving your kids. It’s a creative Valentine box that everyone in your family will love.

Animal Cookie Valentine’s Day Box – Instead of giving small animal cookies to your kids, make a giant animal cookie Valentine’s Day box to collect all the Valentine’s treats your kids will collect.

animal cookie Valentine box

Key to My Heart

Give family and friends the key to your heart. These creative Valentine’s boxes are fun to make from red and pink card stock and will wow the people in your life.

Key to My Heart – Be sure to fill the small heart-shaped boxes with candy before you hand them out!

Valentine’s Day Crafts

If you’re looking for quick and cute Valentine’s Day crafts, then you’ll need to check out this Valentine treat box craft. It’s a fast craft you can quickly put together before handing out the treats to kids of all ages.

Valentine Treat Box Craft – Grab your crafting supplies and start putting these treat boxes together. Don’t forget to pick up some small treats to fill the boxes before you begin.

Valentine Heart Boxes

Have the kids help you create paper mache heart boxes. These brightly colored treat boxes are fun for young and old alike!

Valentine Heart Boxes – You’ll need about an hour to create these creative Valentine’s Day boxes for the various people in your life. The conversation hearts are great to take to school or to the office on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Heart Box

Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes

This cute idea has you turning card stock into treat boxes to hand out. Everyone will love getting a small treat in one of these boxes.

Valentine’s Day Treat Boxes – Be sure to pick up pink, red, and white card stock so you can make these fun treat boxes in a variety of different colors.

Valentine Holder

These easy holders are simple enough for kids to make. You’ll need some printable card stock, twine, and a hole punch to get started!

DIY Valentine Treat Holders For Kids – Stock up on small treats so the kids can personalize the treat holders for each of their friends.

DIY Treat Boxes

Use cardstock and a Cricut to create these pyramid-shaped treat boxes. Your kids can take them to school to hand out to classmates and friends.

DIY Valentine Treat Boxes – Don’t worry if you forgot to stock up on colorful cardstock. These boxes look fabulous no matter what color they are!

Gnome Mailbox

Are you looking for unique Valentine’s Day box ideas? Then check out this gnarly gnome mailbox with little gnomes attached to the side.

Gnome Mailbox – Be sure to pick up some small treats to fill the mailbox before you hand it out to family and friends!

gnome mailbox

Valentines Day Box Ideas for Boys

These creative Valentine boxes will thrill all the boys in your life. You’ll find R2D2 boxes, dinosaur mailboxes, and even a crocodile box for your boys to proudly display on their desks.

R2D2 Valentine’s Day Box

If you have boys who love Star Wars, then this is the mailbox for you! Kara Lewis at The Joys of Boys has put together a creative R2D2 Box that you can make for your own Star Wars fan.

R2D2 Valentine’s Day Box – Grab a white garbage can and some craft foam, and you’ll be on your way to creating this R2D2 box for your son!

Rocket Mailbox

Put together a fabulous rocket mailbox to send to school with your son. It’s an exciting and unique box to gather Valentine’s Day cards.

Rocket Box – Grab your crafting supplies and an oatmeal container. Your kid will be over the moon taking this rocket to school.

Mickey Mouse Box

Grab an old tissue box and some craft supplies and create a Micky Mouse box your sons will love. It’s the perfect box for collecting cards.

Mickey Mouse Mailbox – This box is easy to make once you’ve gathered all of your supplies. Make sure you give the paint enough time to dry before your kid carries it to school.

Mickey Mouse Valentine Box

Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Box

This is the best Valentine’s Day box if you have a dinosaur lover in your house. The box includes teeth and tiny arms. Your children will be thrilled to give the dinosaur a place of honor on their desks.

Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Box – Be sure to grab two boxes and egg cartons before you start putting this fun dinosaur together for the party on February 14th.

Star Wars Darth Vader

While some kids love R2D2, Darth Vader is also a popular character. This Darth Vader box even includes a lightsaber! You can add some fun Star Wars snacks to your kid’s box!

Star Wars Darth Vader Box – This great idea begins with a popcorn bucket that is transformed into a Darth Vader box for Valentine’s Day.

Pugs and Kisses Puppy Box

Everyone will love this pugs and kisses puppy box. That features a pug’s face, googly eyes, and red hearts.

Pugs and Kisses Dog Valentine’s Day Box – This is an easy box to make once you’ve found an oval box to use.

pugs and kisses mailbox

SpongeBob Valentine Box

Who lives in a pineapple? SpongeBob Squarepants! Your sons will love displaying this creative Valentine box at the Valentine’s Day party.

SpongeBob Valentine Box – This SpongeBob Valentine Box requires cereal boxes and crafting foam, along with a pink and black marker.

Football Field Valentine Box

Your sons will enjoy putting together this simple football field Valentine box for the party on February 14th.

Football Field Valentine Box – You will need to pick up a small amount of astroturf as well as a cardboard box before creating this simple mailbox with your sons.

Crocodile Mailbox

What’s not to love about a green crocodile mailbox sitting on your son’s desk? Be sure to cover the reptile with lots of red hearts to make sure it has a festive look.

Crocodile Box – This crocodile uses an empty Cascade dishwasher soap container, plenty of green paint, egg cartons, and peel-and-stick foam.

Lego Brick Box

The Lego lover in your house will be proud to collect cards with this Lego brick Valentine’s Day box on their desk. It doesn’t require a cardboard box, just some thick paper, like card stock.

Lego Valentine’s Day Box – Be sure to download and print the Lego brick template before you start.

Lego brick box

Valentines Day Box Ideas for Girls

Are you looking for some creative ideas for Valentines Day boxes for girls? Then check out these great ideas that include a unicorn valentine box, a castle, and even a flower garden mailbox!

Frozen Valentine’s Day Box

This mailbox features Olaf on a festive Valentine’s day box. The mailbox is white and includes an outline of Olaf and sparkly hearts.

Frozen Valentine’s Day Mailbox – Make sure you have plenty of glitter before you begin, as this box sparkles!

Vanity Box

Pick up a child’s play makeup set and beauty accessories before you begin putting together this vanity box to collect Valentine’s Day cards.

Vanity Box – The box works best if you have a medium-sized cardboard box and a glue gun to attach the various beauty accessories!

Unicorn Box

Every little girl will adore showing off this Unicorn box on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun to make and looks adorable sitting on a desk.

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box – Be sure to download the printable Valentines Day cards to print on white paper as well!

Unicorn box for Valentine's Day

Owl Valentine Box

This cute yellow owl will be the life of the party and delight your daughter on Valentine’s Day. It’s made from a cereal box and white construction paper, and includes craft foam flowers as well!

Adorable Owl Mailbox – Don’t forget to pick up some red glitter cardstock for the bow when you’re out shopping for craft supplies.

Gnome Card Box

Everyone will talk about the creative gnome card box when your daughter takes one to school. The gnome even has a pointed hat to wear!

Cute Gnome Card Box – You will need some tissue boxes, pink acrylic paint, and craft supplies to create these cute gnome card boxes.

Unicorn Valentine Box

This unicorn Valentine’s box is easy to make but looks fabulous sitting on a table. It even includes a rainbow-colored mane and tail.

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box With Duck Tape – Make sure you have a shoebox and plenty of colorful duck tape on hand before you begin creating this beautiful unicorn box.

Unicorn Valentine Box

Flower Garden Box

The flower garden box features a green tissue box with pink and orange flowers sticking out of it. It’s a box that looks fancy but is easy to make.

Flower Garden Mailbox – This cute flower garden box includes instructions that are written for kids. Your daughters will need a hand to cut the slits into the tissue box for the flowers.

Butterfly Mailbox

Make a red, white, and pink butterfly to collect all the cards your daughter will receive on Valentine’s Day. The butterfly even has pink heart antennae!

Butterfly Mailbox – You’ll need an old oatmeal container, doilies, and a glue stick to make a butterfly mailbox for your daughter.

Elephant Box

This Valentine’s box includes a grey nose, pink and red ears, and a pink bow on top of the elephant’s head. It’s a fun box to collect cards or fill with treats.

Cute Elephant Valentine Box – A Keurig cup box is the perfect shape to create the elephant box for your Valentine!

Princess Castle Box

This detailed princess castle box only takes an hour or two to put together using supplies you probably have at home. And it’s a box your daughter will be proud to show off to her friends.

Princess Castle Valentine’s Day Box – You’ll need some construction paper, medium-sized boxes, and toilet paper rolls in order to put together a castle mailbox for your daughter.

Princess Castle Valentine Box

Easy Valentines Day Box Ideas

Detailed and time-consuming Valentine’s Day boxes have their time and place. But sometimes you need a quick and easy idea for a box that you can put together at the last minute. If that’s the case, these boxes are just what you need!

Hippo Card Box

Put together a Hungry Hippo box with your kids to collect all the cards they’ll receive on Valentine’s Day. It’s an adorable box that’s super simple to put together.

Hippo Card Box – You will need to grab an old cracker box as well as a tissue box to create your hungry hippo.

Penguin Box

This black and white penguin box features a cute face, yellow feet, and black wings. You can even label the penguin’s tummy with the name of your child.

Penguin Valentine’s Day Box – Make sure you have an empty cereal box as well as black and white construction paper on hand before you start putting together this penguin mailbox.

Minecraft Creeper Valentine’s Day Box

Your Minecraft lovers will adore displaying this easy creeper box on February 14th. It’s easy to put together and requires basic craft supplies you likely have lying around the house. If you have a Minecraft fan, be sure to print some free Minecraft worksheets.

Easy Minecraft Valentine’s Day Creeper – Start with a cube box for the head and a medium-sized box for the body. Then you’re ready to start putting together a Minecraft creeper mailbox your kids will be thrilled to show off.

Minecraft Creeper Valentine's Day Box

Cupid Valentine Holder

What says Valentine’s Day like Cupid? So this year, make Cupid’s quiver for your kids to collect all of the Valentine’s Day cards they receive at the party.

Cupid Valentine Card Holder – You’ll need some Mod Podge and an old Pringles container to get started. And then it’s an easy mailbox to create!

Bucket Valentine Card Holder

If you’re putting together a Valentine’s Day card holder on the fly, then this bucket is the one you need. You’ll decorate a small metal bucket and send it to school with your kids. It’s perfect for collecting cards!

Easy Bucket Valentine Card Holder – If your kid tells you on Valentine’s Day morning that they need a card holder to take to school, it will only take you a few minutes to prepare this holder for the party.

Heart Valentine Box

Even little preschoolers want to make a Valentine’s Day mailbox to collect cards. This super simple Valentine’s box is one your youngest children will be happy to make and proud to display.

Heart Mailbox – All you need is some white paper or even some scrapbook paper to create this heart mailbox to collect Valentine’s Day cards.

Heart Valentine Holder

Frog Prince Valentine Mailbox

What says Valentine’s Day like a frog prince mailbox sitting on a desk? It’s a box that will have kids filled with giggles galore as they fill his green mouth with cards.

Frog Prince Valentine Box – This box is easy for a beginner to make using a cardboard box, paper plates, and some green paint.

iPod Mailbox

This cute, pink iPod mailbox is an easy box to put together. The best part is that you can change the color to feature your child’s favorite color if they’d prefer something other than pink.

iPod Valentine Box – You’ll find super simple instructions on how to put together the iPod Valentine box that will make it a breeze to make.

Cereal Box Mailbox

This preschool craft involves covering a cereal box with brown paper. Then you can add a heart dolly or have your child paint the box. It’s a fun craft to make with kids of all ages.

Cereal Box Valentine’s Mailbox – Don’t forget to grab some glitter so that your child can make a super sparkly mailbox to hang on the back of the chair.

easy cereal Valentine box

Valentines Day Shoe Box Ideas

A shoe box is an easy way to put together a Valentine’s Day mailbox to send to school with your kids. While many of these instructions specifically state shoe boxes, others don’t. Don’t worry about it. Just grab an old shoe box and put together one of these creative Valentine’s Day boxes!

Basketball Valentine Box

Create a simple basketball Valentine box using an orange shoe box and some black lines. Use a pipe cleaner and a small orange ball, and your child will have a fun basketball court Valentine shoe box to collect cards.

Basketball Shoe Mailbox – You will need to make sure you have some black plumber’s tape to create the black lines on the basketball court to make this creative box.

Mickey and Minnie Valentine Box

These matching Mickey and Minnie Valentine boxes are perfect for any couple you’d like to make boxes for. Plus, they’ll look fabulous sitting together on the kitchen counter.

Mickey and Minnie Valentine Boxes – While a red card box is used in the instructions, you can easily substitute a shoe box instead. And use red paint or paper to turn the box red.

Pete the Cat Valentine Box

This kitty cat box features Pete the Cat, a cat that’s featured in the Pete the Cat books. Grab an old shoe box and some scrap paper to begin creating this adorable kitty cat.

Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day Box – Make sure you use a utility knife to cut a slot that’s large enough for Valentine’s Day cards in the top of the shoe box.

Pete the Cat Mailbox

Heart Garden Valentine Box

If you’re looking for a creative box to make for Valentine’s Day, check out this heart garden box that features hearts instead of flowers. You will need to pick up some pipe cleaners for the stems

Heart Garden Valentine’s Day Box – Use brown and green paint for the box to create the ground and let it dry before sticking the heart flowers into the box.

Lego Valentine Box

Put together these Lego Valentine Boxes using a shoe box and some cardboard. They’re fun to make and give the kids a good excuse to paint the boxes their favorite colors.

Lego Mail Boxes – If you want, you can use large bottle caps to help create the legos and some scrap or crepe paper to cover the boxes as well.

Croquet Mailbox

This Alic in Wonderland Themed box includes playing card wickets and flamingo mallets. It’s a mailbox your kids will proudly display on their desks during the Valentine’s Day party.

Croquet Valentine’s Day Box – While the instructions don’t specify a shoe box, you can use a shoe box to create the croquet mailbox.

Croquet Valentine Box

Batman Exchange Box

Kids will love displaying this Batman car Valentine exchange box when it’s time to hand out the cards. Be sure to add some red tissue paper to bring the car to life.

Batman Valentine Exchange Box – Shoe boxes make the perfect foundation for this Batman car mailbox. You’ll need to paint it black using some black tempera paint.

Foxy Valentine Box

While any rectangular box will work, a shoe box is the perfect size to create this foxy Valentine box to collect cards on Valentine’s Day. It will look adorable sitting on your kid’s desk.

Foxy Valentine Box – Pick up some decorative paper in your child’s favorite color to create the bow on top of the fox’s head.

Love Train Box

Use some basic household supplies to create a Valentine’s Day love train for your kids to take to school. Make sure to grab some toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, and crafting supplies to put this train together.

Valentine’s Day Love Train – This creative train will look amazing sitting on your child’s desk, collecting Valentine’s Day cards on February 14th.

love train mailbox

More Valentine’s Resources

Valentine’s Day Box FAQ

Valentine’s Day boxes are simple to make, but you likely still have a few questions. Here are some of the questions frequently asked about making an exchange box for a Valentine’s Day party.

How do you make a simple Valentine’s Day box?

You can make a simple Valentine’s Day box using an old shoe box. Cut a slot in the top of the shoe box, and then use paint, stickers, and paper to decorate the box for Valentine’s Day. Be sure to add a bunch of pink and red hearts!

How do you wrap a Valentines shoe box?

After you cut a hole in the top of the shoe box, cover the box with paper. Make sure the slot is not covered so that kids will have a place to drop the Valentine’s Day cards into the box. Use tape or glue to hold the paper in place, You can use your children’s favorite color or white paper to allow them a chance to decorate the box before taking it to school.

How do you decorate your shoebox for Valentines Day?

You can use paint, crayons, markers, and stickers to decorate the shoebox for Valentine’s Day. Another option is to hand your child crafting supplies and glue. This will allow them to make unique Valentine’s Day boxes that showcase their personalities.

In Conclusion

Valentine’s Day boxes are used to collect Valentines that children exchange. Kids drop the cards into the boxes. And the boxes make it easy for children to carry their cards home at the end of the school day. While you can use a plain shoe box to collect the cards, it’s more entertaining to create a unique box for Valentine’s Day.

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